Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!
It’s definitely starting to heat up out there. At least where I am. Upper 90s all week and dry as can be. Not necessarily a bad thing. My garden never got planted so at least I don’t have to water it every day like I would with this heat.

This heat has been a good excuse to binge-watch shows. This week I caught up on Lucifer. SOOOO good. No spoilers from me, but if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t delay. Now I’m back watching Avatar The Last Airbender. Really enjoying the story telling in this animated series too. Great lessons for children too.

I hope you like boxed sets and free books and new releases. We have some of all of those this week which will equal to a lot of quality reading that you can spend in the cool indoors this week. Check them out!
Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

School of Necessary Magic Raine Campbell Complete Omnibus: Books 1 – 9

Heroes aren’t born; they’re made. But so are villains.

Grab the entire School of Necessary Magic Raine Campbell series at a great price!

Raine Campbell never knew she was special until her dormant magic unleashed to protect her friends.

But it couldn’t be contained or controlled.

Enter the School of Necessary Magic, where magical teens are taught to master their abilities and maybe learn some math.

During a forbidden trip into the massive underground city beneath the school –– off limits to freshman –– Raine discovers druids are disappearing. And no one seems to care.

Refusing to stand by and ignore it like everyone else, she dives into an increasingly dangerous plot to rescue them before the balance the druids maintain tips into chaos.

But doing so requires breaking rules that could lead to her expulsion and threatens to end her dream of working as a witch for the FBI, following in the footsteps of her father and uncle.

Join Raine on an action-packed adventure of magic and mayhem.

After all rules are just guidelines, right?

Say hello to old friends and meet the new freshmen class at the School of Necessary Magic.

This boxed set includes all nine books in the series: Ward Of The FBI, Orphan Witch, Special Witch Of The FBI, Oath Of The Witch, Cold Case of the Witch, Witch Fugitive, Untouchable Witch, Probationary Agent, and A Necessary Witch.

NOTE: While the series continues in the same world with some returning characters, it does stand alone. No prior experience necessary.

BOHICA Savage Brawl

“What do you know about the ZOO?”

Delve into the adventures and dangers The Zoo has to offer with two complete series set in an alien oasis in the desert. Get both The Bohica Chronicles and Team Savage in this 7-book boxed set.

Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle.

The BOHICA Chronicles:

Kicked out of the military for brawling, what can three friends from different countries do to make some needed money?

With nothing in their future, Former US Marine Charles, ex-SAS Booker, and ex-Australian Army Roo decide to give the Zoo a shot.

Without the contacts, without backing, without knowing what they are getting into, they scramble to get their foot in the door to even make rent in one of the most dangerous areas in the world.

With high rewards comes high risk. Can they learn on the job, where failure means death?

Relying on their training, they will scratch, claw, and take the most dangerous jobs to prove themselves, but will it be enough? Can they fight the establishment and the Zoo at the same time?

And what the heck’s up with that puppy they found?

The Bohica Chronicles includes:

  1. Reprobates
  2. Degenerates
  3. Redeemables
  4. Thor

Team Savage Series:

The former sergeant took in a deep breath, tilting his head as he looked at the man in front of him.

“Unofficially? It’s a military experiment gone bad, with all the pros and cons that come with it. No official word was shared, of course. This means that I don’t officially know the source of the damn jungle starting to cover the Sahara Desert nicknamed the Zoo comes from some goop that was found on a missile that may or may not have alien origins.”

He stopped his explanation a moment and eyed the Retired Colonel in front of him, “Remind me, what is the government’s official stance on aliens again?”

Anderson smirked, “The jury is still out on that one.”

Jeremiah Johnson needs a job, and Retired Marine Colonel Anderson needs a man with Johnson’s particular skills.


The Team Savage series includes:

  1. Kill Or Be Killed
  2. Dead or Alive
  3. Vengeance Or Deaeth

Trampolining With Dragons

What does a girl do when the it turns out the monster who killed her family ISN’T the worst thing out there?

Tara has finally cornered the vampire-bastard who killed her family, only to face a cold hard truth. This monster isn’t the only thing that goes bump in the night. There is something far worse out there.

Choose the lesser monster.

There is a great evil – one of the original evils, actually – and it also has Tara’s vampire in it’s sinful sites. Normally Tara would tell this new evil to get in line … the vampire is her’s to kill. But even she cannot deny that if this new evil gets its way, things would get a lot worse for the world. As in apocalyptically so…

To destroy it, Tara must fight by the vampire’s side.

But joining forces with her greatest enemy may prove to be too much to bear, especially when he revenge she craves so deeply is almost within her grasp.

If Mercy Thompson or Buffy ever managed to get a dragon, they’d be working with Tara Drake.

Blue Apocalypse

A father and his son. 2500 miles apart. A blue ribbon crosses the sky. The world starts to unravel.

No one knows what is happening, but everyone is trying to find out. Buck is running his big rig from the west coast. Garth is trapped in New York City with his high school friend.

With Marine training and an eighteen-wheeler, Buck heads east. With no training and no communication with his father, Garth fights just to escape New York City.

The Hadron collider in CERN. Its twin south of Denver. The Australian outback. What do these places have in common? Those who might be able to fix things are trying to figure it out while Buck doesn’t care. He is on a mission to find his son.

Is time the enemy of humanity?

Join us today in this fight for survival in an exciting new Post-Apocalyptic series.

Wyrmrider Vengeance

Zombie sharks! What the … ?

It’s not the first time I’ve faced a bokor…

But this dude (or dudette?) is on a whole other level of evil.

I mean, it’s not unheard of for bokors to raise zombies…

But sharks? Come on!

The wyrmriders are getting there…

They’ve been training. We’re becoming a force.

But the sharks move like torpedoes… these aren’t drag-your-desiccated-flesh-behind-you zombie creatures…

They are fast… think World War Z meets Jaws

And they’re hungry. Their population is growing… if they make it to the beaches… if they bite any humans, any merfolk… who knows what will happen.

But even if we manage to stop the sharks, if I can’t find the bokor behind it all, he’ll just make more. And I can’t figure out what his end-game is…

Will I be able to find him, and stop him in time, or will the oceans fall prey to a zombie-shark apocalypse?

Wyrmrider Vengenace is the second book in Theophilus Monroe’s The Fomorian Wyrmriders trilogy. If you like action-packed urban fantasy stories featuring badass snarky heroines, or dragonrider stories, you’ll love these books. Readers of Monroe’s Druid Legacy and Voodoo Legacy have met Joni Campbell before. But no one has ever seen her like this…

Anne McCaffery’s The Dragonriders of Pern meets Jim Butcher’s Dreseden Files meets Aquaman in this thrilling and action packed urban fantasy adventure.

P.S. This book has mermaids, dragons, vampires, zombies, and witches!

The Halfblood War

A sweeping story of love and war, prejudice and acceptance… Tirren, heir to the ruler of Thiery, has raised his half-Elven son in a land that hates and fears the Elves, but his son’s struggle for acceptance is only one source of Tirren’s pain. The other is his unfading desire for Yslaaran, the Elven woman who eighteen years ago captured him in a spell, seduced him, and vanished. She returned only once more—to hand him his infant son. When a neighboring ruler attacks the land of Thiery, Tirren rides to battle with his half-breed son at his side. Learning of the war, Yslaaran fears the conflict will unravel her long-laid plans for the boy. If she doesn’t interfere, he could die before his time, but if she reveals her hand by meddling, her own people could rise up against the humans they despise—and that will trap the land between two deadly enemies. The fate of two races hang in the balance, but only Yslaaran knows that both humans and Elves risk a future more devastating than war.

Resting Witch Face

Forbidden fruit is sweet until you’ve taken a bite.

Being the dud in my coven wasn’t a bad thing—until they decided to reevaluate our contributions. Without magic, I wielded a resting witch face and a smart mouth, but neither will save me on the next full moon. Having the last name Byrne could only get me so far.

I was doomed.

In my panic, I broke into the coven’s library, hoping to find a simple spell any idiot could do. Instead, I blew up half the building, destroyed the majority of the ancient texts, and ended up half naked in the office of the high priest.

I thought that was bad.

My stupidity unlocked the seals blocking my magic, and now I’m being hunted by every jerk in the supernatural world. With a price on my head, there’s only one option left if I am to survive:

Learn everything I can from the cursed book that caused my downfall.

Learn… or die trying.

My name is Hazel Byrne.
I am a witch.
And I’m totally screwed.

Grab your copy.

Pirates of Marz

The war between Erth and Marz has ended in a stalemate and both worlds have agreed to an uneasy truce.

But privateers — government sponsored pirates — still prey upon civilian vessels throughout the solar system.

Neo-technologist Benjamin Wrongpin has had enough!

Erther by birth and Marzian by choice, Benjamin has designed a unique spacecraft, The Folio, with the best hardware of two planets. And if one man cannot beat both sides at their own game, then he’s resolved to win by kicking over the game board itself.

Adopting a new identity as Captain Book, and secretly carrying letters of marque from both worlds, he will assemble a crew from the dregs of space as he creates a very different kind of pirate ship — one that preys exclusively on other pirates!

Hunting Ghosts


The Cabal was meant to have been defeated but there is still one person out there bent on rebuilding it to its former glory, but to do that they need money. One way of getting it is to deliver Raymond “Knocker” Jensen to a Middle East terrorist known only as the Ghost.

It is in Mosul when they strike, taking the former SAS man off the street in broad daylight.

With one of their people MIA, Team Reaper is hunting a ghost of their own – a woman who is as elusive as she is deadly. Proof of which was the way she brutally tortured and killed Brazilian Drug Lord, Alfredo Costa.

Now they have two ghosts to find. One who has their friend, and one who wants them dead.

The only problem is ghosts don’t exist…

West Of Whitechapel: Jack the Ripper in the Wild West


In the late 1880s, a series of grisly murders swept through the Whitechapel slums of London. The victims were all prostitutes, each found with her throat cut and her stomach sliced open. Sensationalized newspaper accounts of the killings spread throughout England and beyond to a horrified yet fascinated reading public. Heightening interest all the more were the taunting letters sent by the killer to Scotland Yard – boldly signed “Jack the Ripper”.

But then, abruptly, the killings stopped. The Ripper was never identified or captured, but the terror seemed over.

A few months later, however, on the American frontier in the raucous, rowdy mining camps that sprang up out of a silver boom in the Colorado Rockies, some eerily similar murders began to occur among the flocks of “soiled doves” who gathered to serve the men in those remote camps. With no law to speak of in such places and sudden death being all too common, no one seemed to take much notice.

Not until a sharp-eyed female journalist spotted the possible connection and became determined to find out the truth. Aided by a guilt-ridden though equally dogged frontier detective, the pair follow a bloody trail through the rugged mountains and boisterous mining camps to try and prove if Jack the Ripper truly ceased his killing ways … or did he merely move them out here – west of Whitechapel?

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