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Not everyone can see the ancient beings from myth and legend as they slip through the veil. 

Penny Hingston can’t just see them… she’s best friends with one.

Perhaps that’s how Penny and Boots landed a recruitment letter for the Academy of Myth and Legend.

Who’s Boots? She’s a serpent. Not just any serpent — she’s a Rainbow Serpent, an ancient Australian

Dreamtime legend come to life. It’s actually not so unusual these days. Mythical creatures are tumbling through the Veil every two seconds. The Academy not only teaches its students how to fight the bad ones, but to protect the good ones as well.

That’s why Penny joined. She’s only there to make sure Boots stays safe. Once she figures out a plan, she’s out. At least, that’s what she’s trying to convince herself — and her new friends, including Cisco. It’s only a coincidence that Penny blushes when he talks to her, really!

It’s exciting to be recruited as one of the first wave of students at the Academy, but it’s no joke. There’s the classes, of course. And then there are poltergeists, bigfoot hunting expeditions, and psychotic gnomes. Just staying alive is a challenge.

But together, Penny and Boots can face anything. And they will. No matter what happens.

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