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Tinseltown Trail e-book coverTinseltown Trail:

Ever since Mable was a young elf, all she’s wanted is to be a star.

Her parents would have been happy if her deepest desire was to become part of a constellation. Alas for them, Mable has her sights set on becoming an actress.


Mable’s yearning for the spotlight drives her to leave home. She ventures into the human world to chase her dreams, but finding stardom among the mortals comes with unique challenges.

Hollywood turns out to be less “human world” than she expected.

Mable soon discovers that she isn’t the only nonhuman in Los Angeles. The city is home to the many mythical creatures who have made their way to Tinseltown in search of fame and fortune.

In a world of glitz and glamor, what’s a little bit of magic?

The key to success, according to the Devil.

The literal prince of Hell wanting to be Mable’s agent is only the beginning. Her new roommate is the Greek muse Polyhymnia, and her roomie’s best friend is the sultry Minotaur of Minos’ Labyrinth fame.

Hollywood is a home away from home…until tragedy strikes and Mable is exposed to the truth behind the illusion.

When a young gnome goes missing, Mable and her friends find themselves drawn into the underbelly of the city.The investigation leads them into the dark side of La-La Land and a search fraught with danger, glamor, and intrigue.

Can Mable find the missing gnome without losing her way? Or will success come at the cost of selling her soul?

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