Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

It’s been a rainy week. Lots and lots of rain. I can’t complain because we were in a drought the last two years, but I know, talking with a few farmers, they’re wanting it to dry out just a bit so they can get out in their fields to plant corn and other vegetables. Makes me glad I didn’t plant any this year because they’d be too wet right now.

Toward the end of next month, I’m heading to a local comic con to run a booth. It’s always a lot of work, but it’s also quite rewarding. We’ll see who I get to meet while I’m there. I know I’ll be taking tons of pictures while there too!

Then, later this year, I’ll be heading out to Georgia for another convention before heading to Vegas for the new Author Nation convention.​ Do you enjoy attending conventions?​​​

We have plenty of books, including series sales, boxed sets, free books, and more down below. Check them out!​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

The Mage and the Veil

Do you enjoy urban fantasy? What about one where the end of the world is nigh and the other some college students find out paranormal creatures are real?

In The Shameless Mage series, join Thea as she breaks every rule in the book to free the werewolves from their ancient prison—and stirs up a tangle of tentacled trouble in the process.

In the Piercing the Veil series, three college students take a crash course in what happens when fantasy becomes a reality!

If these series sound interesting, this combined boxed set is for you!

Thea Muir is a typical Gen-Z teenager—except she has magic and a complicated family history stretching back centuries.

Raised in the Whole World, Thea rejected Other World and magic in favor of doing good for humanity. Returning to the Scottish wilderness where she was born puts the brakes on her dream of a life spent traveling the world as an environmental influencer.

It’s hard to make a name for yourself online when you don’t have an internet connection.

Thea is determined to live her best life and avoid the expectations that come with her family name. However, fate has other ideas in store and a chance encounter with a werewolf throws everything she thought she wanted into question.

Photojournalist, or warrior for werewolf justice? Choosing a career path is never easy…

Enraged by the werewolves’ situation, Thea finds herself drawn into the magical world despite the best efforts of her parents and her daemon guardian/mentor.

But there is a deeper plot in the works. An ancient evil is making his move to expose Other World with the intention of bringing about another apocalypse.

Can Thea save her new friends without igniting the end of both worlds?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Selfies and the End of the World
  2. Text and Monsters
  3. Photos and Prophecies

Three IT Nerds build the next big “AR” tool. Unfortunately, what they build uncovers the Magical Veil for those using their tool.

Natalie, Rich, and Lucas are two days away from being homeless and penniless when they realize their invention gives them the ability to see a world that has been hidden from humans.

Do they try to learn more about their discovery, or sell and fix their financial woes?

The decision is taken from them when Lucas’ prickly nature lands him in hot water with a rogue mage. There may be advantages to being a cat, but the inability to roll the dice puts Lucas out of commission is more than a curse…

He’s out of the D&D game until he can get back on two feet.

Help from the magical world comes in the form of Alia: an elf with an attitude…and a propensity for petty crime.

The three friends run into Alia while she is working on a way to take down the rogue. In the process, their eyes are opened to the dark reality of childhood myths.

Can Alia learn to trust the humans and free her people? Will the trio find a way to undo Lucas’ curse and solve their real world problems before time runs out?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dangerous Opportunities
  2. Dangerous Responsibilities
  3. Decisions To Make

Metamorphosis Online Series Sale
Book 1 free, book 2 and 3 99c KCD

U.S.: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R214KBL

U.K.: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07R214KBL

Turns out, punching zombie bears is fun.

Who knew?

Enter the world of Metamorphosis Online, a fully immersive video game where players compete for spots in the Global Top 10—ranks that actually pay you to play the game.

Gracie doesn’t play the game to make money…at first. 

Broke, single, and working a crappy job as a blackjack dealer, Gracie’s just blowing off steam and having fun.

Can playing a new type of immersive game help her overcome real-life issues, or will it cause more problems?

Before she knows it, Gracie has intervened in a generations-long war between the kobolds and the fae and started a ragtag guild, and her weird math abilities make themselves known in a way that most could not have imagined.

Can she deal with being pitted against the game developers?

For the first time Gracie can remember, she has something worth fighting for.

Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Complete Series


They say that behind every great man is a great woman…but what if that woman is a Werewolf?

This digital box set contains ALL 11 books of the best-selling Terry Henry Walton Chronicles series from Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle.

Nomad Found

Can Terry Henry Walton help bring humanity back to civilization?

He finds that he needs help and starts building his Force de Guerre, a paramilitary group that will secure this new world from those who would take and destroy.

When the enemies of peace appear before the FDG is ready, Terry partners with a werewolf to fight a battle that he must win.

Nomad Redeemed

Sawyer Brown is no more, but he was just the minor opening act…

Terry Henry and Charumati (Char) have to deal with her Alpha coming back, the new refugees getting settled in the town and .. Beer!

With the FDG doubling in size, Terry Henry needs to bring about a little organizational structure to the group.While also deciding how to have that conversation with Char about her lineage…

Not sure how that is going to go, Terry Henry had better figure it out, or he is going to be up to his armpits in Werewolves and won’t be sure if he can depend on his one ace-in-the-hole.

Or not.

Nomad Unleashed

The heat is unrelenting. The Wastelands are coming for New Boulder. Nature’s a total bitch.

And then there’s Werewolf heat.

Terry Henry Walton has to come to grips with the reality of his situation.

Civilization cannot return to humanity without help. More help than even an enhanced human can give. Terry and Char take their relationship to a new level before they head out to find a new home to save the people of New Boulder, to rally the survivors that the world is coming back…

And for themselves.

Nomad Supreme

Terry and Char cross the Wastelands returning to New Boulder carrying a message of hope. They’d found a better place. Could they move the whole town there, and would it be safer?

They have a lead on Terry’s white whale, a secure military facility.

What will they find and can they break in?

Nomad’s Fury

Settled into their new home of North Chicago, Terry and Char find more enemies than they suspected. Faced with their greatest threat, they put the FDG into action against a Forsaken who’s surrounded himself with a small army of loyal humans. With Akio’s aid, they go to war.

Nomad’s Justice

Nomad Avenged

Nomad Mortis

Nomad’s Fury

Nomad’s Force

Nomad’s Galaxy

Nomad’s Journal

** As noted in other series set in the Kurtherian Universe, there IS cursing in this book, occasionally, it’s funny, too. **

The Bad Company Complete


Grab this full series omnibus collection of The Bad Company series today!

Humanity’s greatest export—Justice.

Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea.

Here comes the Bad Company.

The Bad Company, book 1 –

Colonel Terry Henry Walton takes his warriors into battle, for a price, in this first installment of The Bad Company. He believes in the moral high ground and is happy getting paid for his role in securing it.

Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, Terry, Char, and their people—humans, Werewolves, Weretigers, and Vampires—form the core of the Bad Company’s Direct Action Branch, a private conflict solution enterprise.

Join them as they fight their way across Tissikinnon Four where none of the warring parties were what they expected.

Book 2, Blockade –

When the Bad Company learns of a human colony blockaded by aliens, they take the upgraded War Axe into battle. Once again, nothing is as it seems, but this time, they find a single enemy, evil to its core.

Ending that threat is a cause they are willing to die for. What would you do?

Book 3, Price of Freedom –

*** Price of Freedom is a 2018 Dragon Award Finalist ***

On Earth, parents told stories about the devil to frighten children. But devils exist and from time to time, they find their way here.

Terry and Char, take the Bad Company’s Direct Action Branch into combat to rid a world beyond the borders of a new incursion. All it will cost is the inhabitants’ most advanced technology, a miniaturized power supply that will revolutionize the Etheric Federation.

Nathan wants it, badly enough that he’s made the mission non-negotiable. Terry’s hands are tied as he takes the team into the hot zone.

Join Terry and Char as the War Axe delivers the team to a planet well outside of Federation space where they have to convince the local aliens that the Bad Company is from the government and they’re there to help.

Join the Bad Company as they fight an enemy from their worst nightmares.

This 7 book series omnibus includes:

  1. The Bad Company
  2. Blockade
  3. Price of Freedom
  4. Liberation
  5. Destroyer
  6. Discovery
  7. Overwhelming Force

Terry. Char. The last chapter. Read it now.

This is the final series with Terry and Char as main characters. If you haven’t followed Terry and Char’s adventures, you can start here, or you can go all the way back to when they first met in Nomad Found, Book 1 of the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles.

Go forth and conquer, just like Terry and Char.


*NOTE: If cursing is a problem, then this might not be for you.

Ghost Marines Series Sale
series sale, book 1 99c, books 2 and 3 $1.99

U.S.: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GRGFJ3S

U.K.: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GRGFJ3S

Human slavers attack. Despite trying to fight back, there is nothing the young Leefe can do to save his family and friends. But he doesn’t have to. The Imperial Marines arrive in the nick of time, and they hate slavers. Three tri-years later, when the new emperor issues a proclamation to integrate the imperial military with non-human citizens, Leefe is among the first to volunteer.

Integration to resurrect the empire as a force for good is challenged by centuries of prejudice against the “dung races.” Leefe and the other Wyntonans only want to prove their worth and fight for the empire, but their greatest battles are closer to home.

With threats to the empire from both within and without, this grand experiment has the potential to save it . . . or tear it apart.

Dragon Apparent Complete Series Boxed Set

The world is guarded by dragons. Lurking in the shadows and keeping out of sight, they keep evil at bay.

Or do they?

Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardian missing and strange events happening wherever she goes, she is forced to confront the truth and accept her true nature.

Will she become what she needs to be?

Hunted and adjusting to a new reality, can Scarlet find her friend and companion? Or will she be too late to save him?

Grab this complete 9-book boxed set to find out!

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dragon Missing
  2. Dragon Seeking
  3. Dragon Revealed
  4. Dragon Rising
  5. Dragon Defying
  6. Dragon Crowned
  7. Dragon Defending
  8. Dragon Unveiling
  9. Dragon Transcended

.45 Caliber Series: Volume One


Cuno Massey’s thirst for revenge runs deep. Deeper than his skills. But after Rolf Anderson and Sammy Spoon killed Cuno’s stepmother and father, nothing will stand in his way.

In fact, Cuno is determined to ride through hell for the bittersweet taste of revenge…

Saddle up and join one young man on a relentless pursuit of justice as he confronts his darkest demons and leaves a trail of blood in his wake. Grab your copy of this western fiction collection today!

“…truly epic. Brandvold’s writing is fast paced yet so richly detailed that you can smell the gun smoke and taste the dust. Not to be missed!” —Wayne D. Dundee, author of the Lone McGantry series

.45 Caliber, Volume 1 includes .45 Caliber Revenge, .45 Caliber Fury, .45 Caliber Manhunt, .45 Caliber Deathtrap, and .45 Caliber Widow Maker.

Rendezvous Volume One


So Wild a Dream
Spirited young Sam Morgan is driven by an insatiable thirst for adventure. As he navigates uncharted territories, crosses the treacherous Rocky Mountains, and immerses himself in the ways of Native American tribes, his journey becomes a captivating tale of exploration and self-discovery.

Following in the footsteps of the legendary mountain men who blazed trails through the wilds of the American West and conquered the untamed wildernesses—forever etching their names into infamy—Sam embarks on treacherous journey, where his spirit is irresistibly drawn to the call of the wild. And thus, he is propelled into a world where the unknown beckons and the extraordinary awaits.

Beauty for Ashes
In the unforgiving wilderness of the 1820s Rocky Mountain West, trapping beavers is the perilous path to wealth—and only the strongest survive. As Sam sets out on a harrowing seven-hundred-mile odyssey from the Sweetwater River in Wyoming to Fort Atkinson on the Missouri River, he forges himself into a true mountain man.

But with his loyal coyote pup, Coy, by his side and a band of fellow trappers—including the French-Canadian Gideon Dubois, the resilient mulatto Jim Beckwourth, and the Pawnee warrior Third Wing—Sam seeks more than just fur. His heart is set on finding the love of his life. As his quest leads him through epic battles, buffalo hunts, and tribal rituals, Sam’s quest becomes a heart-stopping gamble to win over love’s truest affection.

Get swept up in this gripping western saga of survival, love, and self-discovery, where every twist and turn reveals the untamed spirit of the true American frontier.

“An entertaining, vivid portrait of frontier America as seen through the eyes of an impressionable youth.” —Booklist on So Wild a Dream

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