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Did you get to watch the eclipse this week? It was something to see if you were in the area or even if you traveled to see it. I was not under totality this year, but it was still fun to watch what we could see. It was more fun to see my hometown on the national news for totality coverage. 

If you need new books to read, we have a ton of them available for you this week. And there’s also a bunch of free books in giveaways down below​​. We hope you find some you enjoy reading!

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This Week’s Special Deals

Pixie Rebels Complete Series Boxed Set

What happens when a gang of rogue pixies takes the troublemaking just a little too far?

They get noticed by the U.S. Army and playtime is over.

Now that they’ve been caught, they can either sign their lives away to enter an experimental new program for magical Army soldiers or accept a one-way ticket back to Oriceran.

Can Z and her cousins learn to rein in the chaos as new magical Army recruits?

Find out with this 8-book boxed set!

Z Thornbrook and her cousins are like any other Oriceran pixie on Earth. Mischief is their middle name, and for the last hundred and fifty years, that’s been their game.

But what happens when a gang of rogue pixies takes the troublemaking just a little too far?

They get noticed. By the U.S. Army. And playtime is over.

Now that they’ve been caught, it’s time for Z, her cousins, and the entire pixie gang to face the music, and they only have two choices. Sign their lives away to enter an experimental new program for magical Army soldiers – or accept a one-way ticket back to Oriceran for good.

For any other pixie, this would be a no-brainer. They don’t back down, and they definitely don’t take orders from anyone, even other pixies. But for Z and her eccentric cousins, returning to their home planet is a fate worse than death.

It’s time to lace up their boots and stand at attention—or not.

Because the Thornbrook pixies are heading off to magical Bootcamp run by humans, and the Army had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Z, Domino, and Echo must find the acceptable middle ground between being who they are, in all their chaotic pixie glory, and following the terms of their magically binding contract.

But training three Army pixies is no joke—if it’s even possible at all.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. The Rogue Regiment
  2. Rebel Squad
  3. Pixie Platoon
  4. The Pixie Squad
  5. The Pixie Soldiers
  6. Rising Storms
  7. Wings of Valor
  8. Warrior Pixies

The Zoo – Alien Invasion Start Pack

Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death?

The future of mankind is growing in the Sahara Desert. The government needs the best of the best military and scientific minds working out how to pull the secrets from the ZOO while keeping the deadly fauna and flora in check.

Join intrepid adventurers in book 1s of six series as they take on the ZOO!

Fight For Life and Death

Fighting hard, multiple countries band together to successfully pause the apocalypse.

So what did the military want with Dr. Christopher Lin?

By the time his helicopter ride was on the ground, he wasn’t a ZOO virgin any longer.

Join Dr. Christopher Lin as he learns about the ZOO, how to stay alive and the opportunities that being a part of the ZOO has brought humanity.

Kill Or Be Killed

Jeremiah Johnson needs a job and Retired Marine Colonel Anderson needs a man with Johnson’s particular skills.

It’s either a match made in Heaven or Hell, depending on which side of the gun you are standing on. Inside the ZOO isn’t the only place people are acting greedy. Doctor Courtney Monroe has taken control of her Dad’s legacy. Are Anderson and Savage the men she need to make it happen?


With nothing in their future, Former US Marine Charles, ex-SAS Booker, and ex-Australian Army Roo decide to give the Zoo a shot. Without the contacts, without backing, without knowing what they are getting into, they scramble to get their foot in the door to even make rent in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. With high rewards comes high risk. Can they learn on the job?

He Was Not Prepared

While eating his supper of microwave popcorn, PhD student-genius Salinger Jacobs is grabbed from his apartment in California, stuck on a C-130 military plane and sent to the Sahara Desert to witness the reality of the ZOO for himself. If he can stay alive long enough, he might be able to afford something besides packaged microwave popcorn to eat.

First order of business?

How do you shoot a gun, and just HOW MUCH is that plant worth?

Hired Killer

His name is Taylor McFadden, survivor of 83 trips into the ZOO. Now, he’s retired, and yet his country needs his skills to save people in the country he calls home. Can he build a company, put down roots and still bring the pain when the FBI calls? When they tag him as The Cryptid Assassin, they weren’t wrong. For monsters that go bump in the night, he is death incarnate.

An Assassin’s Accord

The world is different. An alien ‘infection’ of flora and fauna is contained by massive walls and substantial firepower over in the middle of Africa. It holds the promise of immortality, and infinite wealth. Now, when a country needs help finding and taking down the worst they have a new company to call. McFadden and Banks. This is their story.

Cygnus Space Opera Books 1 to 3: Humanity Comes Home

Cygnus Rising, Cygnus Expanding, and Cygnus Arrives – the first three books in the Cygnus Space Opera series bundled together for a single read.

Snarky Hillcats and the Cygnus Marines on harrowing missions …what could go wrong?

What do others have to say about the Cygnus Space Opera?
• “Most authors can’t make an animal character believable. This one does. Craig Martelle has a great imagination and can put it down on paper for you to enjoy also, just like the great writers of the golden age. His writing is very reminiscent of their work.” Amazon five-star reviewer
• “…you will see the flavor of Sci-fi, Fantasy, and with enough sarcasm and humor to keep you highly entertained!”
• “A character driven book, but with a stable plot as well.”
• “I enjoyed reading it very much. There is a lot of humor as well as action. I look forward to the next book in the series.”

From space they came to space they returned. Humanity would not be denied.

The crew trains for their mission and joins the Cygnus-12 as it tests the Interstellar Space Engine, venturing far beyond anywhere they’ve gone before. They didn’t expect to find life, but they did, another human colony at the far reaches of space. The Cygnus-12 goes on a mission of peace, but war beckons and the space ship is the prize.

Recon Pilot

With the Botam Army advancing on them and the battle lost, the situation is desperate, Pilot Sergeant Two Zuri Onai is ordered to retreat for evacuation off the planet.

But when her drone spots a wounded Techno soldier behind the Botam forces, abandoned by his command, is there anything she can do, even if she wanted to?

Follow orders, save herself, and get the heck out of dodge, or . . . do what? She’s an Air Force drone pilot, not Army infantry.

When the barbarians are at the gate, every person in uniform will have to make a decision that could very well be the difference between life and death.

What would you do?

Note: At 9,000 words, this is a novelette, not a full novel.


Brand new boot Second Lieutenant Cel Wysoki is home on leave while awaiting logistics officer school when her home planet is invaded.

She has no unit yet and not a clue as to how the Army functions.

More than that. She is a POG, a “Person Other than Grunt,” a “desk-jockey-in-training.”

What now?

Link up with the local garrison 100 klicks away? Surrender and wait out the war? Hide out in the mountains and hope for the best?

The Army doesn’t care that she has no training. They have one code: soldiers always prosecute the war to the best of their abilities.

Does she even have the capability to attempt that?

None Left Behind

Staff Sergeant Gracie Medicine Crow, United Federation Marine Corps, is the Marine’s top sniper. It the mission is too dangerous or difficult to pull off, she’s the choice to get it done.

Even deep inside enemy territory, killing the target might be the easiest part of the mission. When you kick a hornets’ nest, the hornets get angry. Getting herself and her a-gunner out and back to friendly forces might just be a bridge too far.

This is the latest Gracie Medicine Crow story. Other Gracie works include the novel “Sniper” and the novelettes “BOLO Mission, “High-Value Target,” and the 2018 Nebula Award finalist, “Weaponized Math.”

At just over 10,000 words, “None Left Behind” is a novelette, not a full-length novel.

This novelette was originally printed in We Dare: No Man’s Land: An Anthology of Strong Female Leads, Theogony Press.


Corporations settle disputes on military reservations, broadcasting the battles to the addicted public.

For the mercenary miltechs who fight the battles, win and get a bonus. Lose and get paid the minimum . . . unless wounded, and the medical fees are deducted from their pay. Die on the field of battle? The United Alliance of Military Workers makes a one-time payoff to the family.

Surrender and lose their union cards, never to work again.

The miltech grunts are mere pawns, shuttled around the reservation in a never-ending attempt to outmaneuver the foe.

Jorge, Tasha, and Isaac are employed by PrimeMil, assigned to a light infantry chasseur company. Cut off from the rest of the platoon, a paycheck is the least of their worries. They need to survive the battle.

But with someone else pulling the strings, is there anything pawns can to flip the board? Read the story and find out.

“Checkmate” is a novelette of approximately 9,000 words and was originally published in The Expanding Universe 4 anthology.

The Lost One

A slave. A collector’s piece. Kimi has no idea who she is, only that she’s the only one of her kind she’s ever seen.

If she disobeys her captor, the punishment is immediate and excruciating. So, she learns to simply survive.

Until another of her kind appears on a mission. Can Kimi reclaim her birthright, or will she be stuck forever as a prisoner on display?

The Depik tell tales of their past to their kita to keep their story alive. Kimi’s is just one of these stories.

This novelette was originally published in the Four Horsemen anthology, NEGOTIATION.

First Strike

With an alien invasion threatening the survival of the human race, service in the Marines was no longer simply about honor and duty, it was a matter of life and death.

This was especially true for Quinn, a Marine sergeant who was hell-bent on ensuring that her young daughter had a world to grow up in. But one thing separates Quinn from the others:
She’s a certifiable badass.

And as the aliens will learn, it’s tough to keep a good woman down.

“SYNDICATE WARS is the perfect mash-up of STARSHIP TROOPERS and THE DIRTY DOZEN. A space opera with heart, great characters, and neverending action, the set-up will suck you in and the characters and story, including a very cool time-travel hook, will keep you wanting more.” — Stephen L’Heureux, SOLIPSISTFILMS (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For)

Chooser of the Slain Complete Series Boxed Set

What would happen if Odin decided to get involved in Midgard again?

Our world is tearing itself apart. The evil among us are ripping apart the very seams of today’s society, using terrorism and blackmail to create chaos.

Valerie Kearie, mead lover and history major, joins the mercenary company Viking, Inc. as a prospective business analyst. She soon discovers that something is going on with her that she’s not sure of.

Grab this complete 9-book boxed set to join Valerie and her team on their adventures today!

Her first mission is supposed to be a cakewalk.

Tracking down a digital terrorist known as CLEOPATRA, Valerie and her partner Jacob Pinkerton need to figure out the identity of the elusive mastermind and stop the attacks before they are killed for their efforts.

Moving from one dangerous case to another, Valerie can’t understand why she is loving the running and gunning aspect of her new job way more than any sane person should.

Then there is the obscure historical knowledge that she shouldn’t know…and yet.

Valerie isn’t a wallflower, but she is having difficulties coming to grips with the new abilities and odd thoughts that emerge as she is drawn deeper into her new reality.

Can Valerie figure out why she is changing before she lands herself and Jacob in trouble too deep to escape?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Valkyrie
  2. Into The Battlefield
  3. Requiem For Heroes
  4. Savage Harbinger
  5. Black Wings
  6. Metal Graves
  7. Terminal Fates
  8. Falling Angels
  9. Valkyrie, Inc.

Robert Vaughan’s Arrow & Saber

New York Times bestselling author Robert Vaughan’s harrowing and exciting series follows US Army Cavalry officer Marcus Cavanaugh, complete and unabridged for the first time!

Fresh from West Point, Second Lieutenant Marcus Cavanaugh arrives with a platoon of recruits from the East into territory seething with Indian trouble. Two Eagles and his renegade band of Cheyenne warriors have broken the peace, raiding railroad crews and wagon trains, slaughtering men, women, and children, then disappearing into the hills.

Scouting for Two Eagles war party, Cavanaugh, at last, discovers their winter village, barely escaping with his life to report back to the fort. But nothing in his military training has prepared him for the savagery and danger he encounters as he leads his men against hostile braves in the bloody battle known as the…Oushata Massacre.

Fort Wallace, Colorado Territory: 1873

After reports of brutal Cheyenne attacks on small ranches, young Captain Marcus Cavanaugh and his men saddle up to intercept the renegade band. While they’re gone, a grief-stricken settler takes matters into his own hands and ambushes an Indian camp, killing several braves.

Angered by the cowardly slaughter of his people, Chief Silver Bear vows revenge by enlisting the neighboring Sioux and Arapaho nations to declare war on the white man. When regular patrols can’t stop the raiding parties, Captain Cavanaugh volunteers to take his company of Quick Riders to wipe out the hostiles and head off a full-scale uprising. But in a predawn attack, the three nations surround Cavanaugh’s troops camped on a small island in the Arikaree River. Pinned down by enemy crossfire and low on supplies, they fight to hold their ground in the bloody battle for…Cavanaugh’s Island.

Sweetwater Creek, Texas: 1876

Only wisps of smoke and buzzards engorged on human flesh remain after Comanche warriors attack a stage relay station in the Texas Panhandle. Leading a company of untested recruits to an outpost on Sweetwater Creek, Major Marcus Cavanaugh finds the gruesome evidence and realizes he has a full-scale Indian uprising on his hands.

With stagecoaches, homesteaders, and cattle drovers crossing the Panhandle for Arizona Territory and the Kansas railheads, hundreds of lives are still at stake. But before Cavanaugh can whip his troops into shape, a wagon train rolls straight into a Comanche ambush. Ready or not, Cavanaugh is forced to head his men into the brutal hell of an all-out…Comanche War.

Fort Keogh, Wyoming: 1878

After surviving bloody ambushes by renegade Sioux warriors, Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Cavanaugh finds his welcome at Fort Keogh to be hardly a warm one. Major Templeton, the officer who built the fort, is outranked by Cavanaugh and unwilling to play second fiddle to the new commander.

With a mutiny and the chain of command endangered, the Sioux begin attacking. Though Cavanaugh orders caution, his subordinate boasts that he could rout the entire Sioux nation with a handful of pony soldiers. The disgruntled major leads his troops straight into a vicious Sioux trap. Now Cavanaugh and the few good men he has left must defeat the savages and avenge…the Templeton Massacre.

Robert Vaughan’s Arrow & Saber: A US Cavalry Adventure Series contains the following complete and unabridged titles: Oushata Massacre, Cavanaugh’s Island, Comanche War, andThe Templeton Massacre.

The Manhunter Series


Dev Shannon lives the good life, on a boat in Santa Barbara harbor, but he pays dearly from time to time, as he’s one of America’s finest man-hunters, a bounty hunter…and there’s plenty of customers out there to hook up and haul in. Dev Shannon loves his job. He makes good money, travels everywhere, meets interesting people – and drags them off in chains to face justice.

Acclaimed author L.J. Martin and America’s No. 1 bounty hunter, Bob Burton, bring you a gripping page-turner that is pure escapism.

The Manhunter Series Boxset includes: Crimson Hit, Bullet Blues and Quiet Ops.

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