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Witch of the woods e-book coverWitch of The Woods:

Some witches don’t need a coven…

Can a girl who sees animal spirits ever fit in?

Especially in a place like the Ozarks.

Everyone knows about witches, now.

Once relegated to the shadows, the craft has become mainstream.

But most folks aren’t too thrilled about the new coven in town.

I never thought that I could be a witch.

I don’t cast spells, or anything like that.

But when that warlock showed up, everything changed.

There’s something about him that’s drawing me in.

He’s dark. He’s mysterious. He’s sexy as hell.

But there’s something else about him. Something he’s not telling me.

What is his secret?

He isn’t the only witch in town interested in me.

What does the coven want? Why are they so interested in me?

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