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I’m doing this early since you won’t hear from me until after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate and happy insert-your-holiday-here if you celebrate something else.  My Christmas shopping is all done. I’m waiting for my Christmas cards to get in so I can get the letters stuffed in them and sent out on Friday or Saturday – they’re going to be late, but that’s par for the course for me.  I’m looking forward to some downtime and playing some video games next week. Do you have any big plans?

Of course, we brought you a bunch of great deals. Now you’ll have books you can read while on flights, or as a passenger on a car trip, or while waiting for food to cook, etc. I always loved reading while on car trips when I wasn’t driving.​

Check out the great books below and we’ll catch you next week!​​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Dragon Apparent Complete Series Boxed Set

The world is guarded by dragons. Lurking in the shadows and keeping out of sight, they keep evil at bay.

Or do they?

Grab this complete 9-book boxed set to find out!

Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardian missing and strange events happening wherever she goes, she is forced to confront the truth and accept her true nature.

Will she become what she needs to be?

Hunted and adjusting to a new reality, can Scarlet find her friend and companion? Or will she be too late to save him?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dragon Missing
  2. Dragon Seeking
  3. Dragon Revealed
  4. Dragon Rising
  5. Dragon Defying
  6. Dragon Crowned
  7. Dragon Defending
  8. Dragon Unveiling
  9. Dragon Transcended

Triple Cross

Save the World? Or Kill Each Other? Tough Choices

Cat burglar Cassie Parker minds her own business. But when she screws up and plays Good Samaritan she finds herself on the run with Remy, her new best friend and worst enemy.

In a world where the most ruthless clandestine organizations run the conspiracy theory web sites for psych experiments,

Remy holds the key to global domination.

But as Cassie and Remy seek answers across the planet, eluding pursuers again and again, recruiting their deadliest enemies in a doomed alliance, Cassie sees a pattern emerge.

Soon their fates will be decided, in the bowels of a fortress unbreached for over two hundred years–

The Kremlin.

If Remy really has a plan, couldn’t she take a couple minutes to explain it to her new partner?

And assuming Remy’s plan is real, then…

Who is now the hunter?

And who is the prey?

Bloody Queen

Hell hath no fury like a witch-turned-vampire scorned…

My long-dead vampire brother has returned from hell. 

He’s challenged my right to the vampire throne.

He brought a hellhound with him. 

Every time hellbeast kills, the bastard gets stronger.

He’s unstoppable. Stronger and faster than any vampire I’ve ever encountered.

Have I finally met my match? 

On top of that, my ex-vampire lover is on a tear. 

I need to rally every vampire I can find.

I’ve teamed up with Prince Ladinas and the Vampire Underground. 

These vampires aren’t much for the democratic processes of the Vampire Council. They need a bloody queen—and I’m just the bitch for the job.

Bloody Queen is the first book in The Fury of a Vampire Witch. You’ve met Mercy before in The Legacy of a Vampire Witch and The Blood Witch Saga. She’s fought against devils and demons, insidious witches, and old-world vampires. When she returns to Exeter, where she grew up as a girl, she’ll find enemies even bigger and badder than anything she’s ever faced before.

A great series for fans of the True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse novels or the Underworld franchise to sink their fangs into. The Fury of a Vampire Witchfeatures a dark and twisty romance, action that could even get a vampire’s heart pumping, and a snarky badass heroine.

Cygnus Rising


From the ashes of their past, Cygnus was rising.

Following in the footsteps of their forefathers, humanity returns to space to explore, learn what the galaxy has to offer, maybe even return to Earth. Cain, the great-great-grandson of the ones who brought peace and free trade back to Planet Cygnus VII, finds himself challenged to live up to the deeds of his ancestors, driven to excel he joins the Space Exploration Service trying to earn a position on the latest deep space exploration vessel.

But space is a dangerous place, where the risks are great and the rewards fleeting.

Faced with the most difficult decisions, Cain finds himself trapped on a human-colonized world. With hostile forces pressing in, Cain has no choice but to dig deep for lessons from his past, match wits with a ruthless enemy, and help his companions transition from being peaceful explorers to fierce fighters if they are to survive.

A journey to the far reaches of the galaxy, an exploration of their inner souls. From space they came, to space they returned…

Cygnus Rising is the first in Craig Martelle’s Cygnus Space Opera Series, set in his Free Trader universe! You don’t want to miss this Sci-Fi series!

Fire Ant



Floribeth Salinas O’Shea Dalisay is an Off-Planet Worker, employed as an exploration pilot by the giant corporation, Hamdani Brothers. Sent on a routine mission to analyze one of the millions of systems in the galaxy, she stumbles across something that could threaten humanity’s very existence. She barely escapes with her life, but in the process, has to shut down her scout’s AI.

As with all OPWs, she has few rights, and instead of being lauded as a hero, the corporation thinks she is lying. Her managers believe she found something valuable and shut down her AI in an attempt to hide that fact, hoping she can sell that information to the highest bidder. Grounded, and with a huge debt now over her head, Beth has to convince the powers that be that a very real danger to humanity is lying in wait out there in deep space.


(99c and rest of the series is on sale too)

War with the aliens has broken out, and they seem to have all the advantages. Engineers and scientists are scrambling to develop weapons to stand up to the threat, but when all is said and done, it is the Navy fighter pilots who have to take the fight to the enemy.

Petty Officer Third Class Floribeth Salinas O’Shea Dalisay, one of the new enlisted fighter pilots, is on the front lines with VFX-99, the “Stingers.” Sent out as guinea pigs, they collect needed data on the enemy weapons systems by being targets. But even guinea pigs have teeth, and if she can survive, Beth is determined to use hers.

Western Fiction Ten Pack


Rugged ranchers. Vengeful lawmen.

Can brothers torn apart by war make peace and find a lost treasure? Will an orphan-turned-sheriff fulfill his lifelong quest for vengeance? What will it take for deserters, decorated veterans, and an Apache scout to pull off a death-defying rescue mission?

When you live your life by the gun, it’s only a matter of time before the past catches up…

From grizzly dens in the Rockies to no-man’s-lands teeming with outlaws, ten of the top names in Western fiction explore how the West was won. After these trailblazers track down fugitives, battle natural disasters, and ride into danger, who among them will be left standing?

The Western Fiction Ten Pack is an unforgettable collection of full-length, first-in-series page-turners. If you like gritty gunslingers, classic tales of frontier justice, and a rich variety of true-to-life backdrops, then you’ll love this action-packed anthology.

Hit the dusty trail with a western adventure box set by buying your copy of the Western Fiction Ten Pack today!

The Peter Brandvold Introductory Library


In this Introductory Library, readers will find the first book from each of Peter Brandvold’s eight bestselling, fan favorite series—offering a mere taste of the smorgasbord served up by the wester-writing legend himself.

Sheriff Ben Stillman Series
Playing poker, smoking cigarettes, and drinking whiskey—retirement is treacherous business for ex-lawman Ben Stillman. But when the past comes looking for him, can the worn-out old lawman live up to the legendary lawman he once was?

.45 Caliber Series
Cuno Massey’s thirst for revenge runs deep. Deeper than his skills. But when Rolf Anderson and Sammy Spoon kill his stepmother and father, nothing will stand in his way. He’ll even ride straight through hell for the bittersweet taste of revenge.

Yakima Henry Series
Half Indian and half white, Yakima Henry considers himself lucky to have any job—even if it means sweeping up the local brothel. But when four hombres attempt to carve up one of the house girls, Yakima gives them a taste of their own medicine with his Arkansas Toothpick. Now, he’s the girl’s protector and on the run from a vicious bounty hunter.

Colter Farrow Saga
Colter Farrow may be young, but ever since his stepfather was savagely murdered, his blood has boiled with a rage as great as any man’s. While trying to exact revenge, Colter ends up on the run from bounty hunters, outlaws, and a sadistic sheriff.

Lou Prophet Series
Lou Prophet’s life as a bounty hunter has taught him one rule—you don’t stop riding ‘till the job is finished. Repeatedly caught in bloody crossfires and determined to show outlaws that justice doesn’t always wear a badge, Lou faces seemingly insurmountable odds at every turn.

The Revenger Series
Mike Sartain “The Revenger” grew up in the French Quarter of New Orleans where he was taught how to fight by some of the toughest, meanest SOBs in any port. He was taught how to love by some of the most beautiful women in the world. Now, The Revenger rides for anyone who has an ax to grind.

Rogue Lawman Series
Deputy U.S. Marshal Gideon Hawk was respected throughout the Territory as a lawman of principle—until Three Fingers Ned Meade threw him a curve. When Meade killed Hawk’s ten-year-old boy, the grisly act drove Hawk’s grief-stricken wife to hang herself. Now, robbed of kin, Hawk sets out on a brutal quest to find the man responsible—at any cost.

Bloody Joe Mannion
“Bloody” Joe Mannion is a town tamer of great renown. His temper is just as famous. Known as the most uncompromising lawman on the Western frontier, he’s been the town marshal of Del Norte in the Colorado Territory for the past five years. Now, Bloody Joe is willing to risk everything—including his life, the town, and a hail of hot lead.

The Peter Brandvold Introductory Library includes the following titles:

Once a Marshal (Sheriff Ben Stillman 1)
.45 Caliber Revenge (.45 Caliber 1)
The Lonely Breed (Yakima Henry 1)
The Guns of Sapinero (Colter Farrow Saga 1)
The Devil and Lou Prophet (Lou Prophet 1)
A Bullet for Sartain (The Revenger 1)
Rogue Lawman (Rogue Lawman 1)
Bloody Joe (Bloody Joe Mannion 1)

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