Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

The last month of 2023 is upon us. We have 4 Wednesdays, including this one, remaining until 2024 is upon us. And less than that until Christmas. Are you decorating your house for Christmas. I keep pondering getting out the decorations, but I need to figure out where I’d put the tree and everything else. I’m sure I’ll find a solution at some point.

We don’t have a lot of books this week, but the books we do have either have a bunch of books inside, or a bunch of stories in it. Either way, you’ll find a bunch of new stories to love. Check them out, then be sure to leave a review if you pick them up and read them!​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Messing Psychic Academy

My name is Ben, and I died last year.


I’d hoped I would wake up from my near-death experience as a medium just in time for high school. Turns out it just wrecked my legs. No medium talent, either. I’m something else. A summoner.

Join Ben as he finds his feet at the Academy and learns what it takes to be a summoner in this complete 9-book series boxed set!

I know next to nothing about my talent besides it involves portals and pledge bonds. It’s okay, they teach it at school. Sounds perfect, right?


Mateo, the other summoner in my class, hates me.

The class clairvoyant thinks destiny has got it out for me, too. Makes sense. As if I don’t already feel like a square peg, getting around on crutches, my portals break stuff and go to the wrong realm.

It’s a good thing I’ve got help from my family, friends, and a celestial called Arie. It takes constant rehab just to keep my busted body working.

But how do I fix my broken talent?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Make Yourself
  2. Being Around
  3. Everybody Hurts
  4. Twisted Fate
  5. Lucky Ones
  6. Karma Police
  7. The Bends
  8. The Climb
  9. Strange Currencies

The Expanding Universe 9: A Science Fiction Exploration

Explore the universe… with the 9th Volume of The Expanding Universe, a short-story collection to pique your interest and sharpen your mind with seventeen authors and nearly 130,000 words.
“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” Arthur C Clarke penned those words, and they stand true to this day. Do we want to be alone? Leave it to science fiction authors to address that question in equal measure.

Aliens can be peaceful or not. Who will emerge as the superior strain of intelligence? Humanity may be new to the game, but they aren’t new to conflict.

Fantastic races vying for dominance. A microcosm of the greater good. Battles fought for higher ideals. Battles fought just to survive.

War doesn’t care about human or alien. The soldiers fight, and they fight hard, as if their lives depend on it.

Because they do.

Here are the stories and their authors in TEU9.
Remora of the Deep
By Lawrence M. Schoen
A serially immortal assassin arrives to help a planet of beings who have transcended humanity.
By Jonathan P. Brazee
With the Botam Army advancing and the battle lost, Pilot Sergeant Two Zuri Onai is ordered to retreat and evacuate off planet. When she spots a wounded Techno soldier behind the Botam forces is there anything she can do, does she even want to?
The Visitation
By Richard Cartwright
Middle Ages. Aliens. Madness.
Lemon Pegasus
by Mike Jack Stoumbos
Near the end of his exploration career, an aging biologist discovers a creature from Terran mythology on an alien planet, but is his find too good to be true?
Roadside Assistance
By Alastair Mayer
In space, simple problems can be really hard to fix. A T-Space story.
The Audition
A Four Horsemen Universe Story
By Chris Kennedy
Free the Beasts
By E.W. Barnes
Risking a mission to do the right thing? That’s a gamble worth taking.
The Pet Extractor
By Andrew P. McGregor
Quork risks all to infiltrate a space station and rescue two pets from their monstrous keeper.
Nothing is ever what it seems, not even your memories.
First Contact
By Robert G. Williscroft
First contact is not always what you might expect.
Ungentle Wings
By Alex Bates
When swords and blasters aren’t enough to deal with scrappers, maybe a little local help can be obtained.
Old Age and Treachery
By LJ Dix
An aging captain and an obsolete ship are all that stand between their fleet and destruction.
By Mark Henwick
A fractured humanity faces an implacable, invincible foe.
Another Bad Decision
By Ray Wenck
He made an art form of bad decisions – but this one might cost him his life.
The Dolos Imperative
By John W. McIntire
Caught between allegiances, can a former Marine make the right choice?
By Todd McCaffrey
The Canaris Rift is a strange place.
The Taking of Haulus Max 5
By Craig Martelle
Even if you don’t want to, sometimes you still have to do it yourself.

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