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Mantle of a God e-book coverMantle of A God:

Terra Olson is an archeologist in the making.

When she gets an opportunity to work with one of her idols at a dig that may contain artifacts linked with Norse mythology, she jumps at the offer. What more could she ask for?

Probably to not be betrayed by that very same idol.

She’d expected the job to be a killer…just not in the buried-alive-and-left-to-die-alone way. How could she have seen thatcoming?

But she is not alone.

She finds one of the treasures of the goddess Freya and learns that she is no myth. The artifacts they were searching for become her salvation, and the start of her new life.

Through her findings, Terra learns about the connection between Asgard and Earth…and gets caught up in a battle that could change history.

Her onetime mentor thought she was a nobody, easily left for dead with no one who would care. Now Terra has become the chosen of Freya and she wields both her majesty and her wrath in the fight for the future of magic.

Can Terra survive by ascending to become more than human? Or will she get caught in the crossfire between those who wish to protect the hidden realm and those who wish to expose magic for malicious purposes?

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