Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

I made it back from Vegas! I’ve got a little bit of a cold, but I think that’s all it is. My first COVID test came back negative and I’ll test again today, but it honestly feels like a sinus infection and nothing worse. Of course, that could be the vaccines working, right? But really, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just a sinus infection and that I’ll be over it in a few days. 

I had a blast while in Vegas. I learned a lot, got to spend time with some dear friends, and made some new friends as well. New friends are always a good thing, no matter how young or old you are.

We’ve got a great round of books to share with you this week and for the next two weeks you’ll be hearing from us twice each week. Next week is our free book week and the following week will have a Cyber Monday email with all sorts of deals for you to enjoy!​

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Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Complete Series Boxed Set

War is a messy business and anyone who claims otherwise is trying to sell you something.

This is a tale of war and desperation, of grit and heroism. See what a batch of desperate dwarves can do when the chips are down.

Pick up this complete 6-book fantasy series boxed set and join the dwarves in their battles today!

The dwarvish legions, the Holt’Dwan, are familiar with this but these are strange times.
The dead are rising from the earth in the freshly settled Ysgand Vale and the war just got a lot messier.

So an old custom was resurrected and the Bad Badgers were formed.

Condemned and disowned, the Badgers have nothing to lose and everything to prove. But in a world where the dead don’t stay dead and victory will cost you everything, what can be done?

A lot, if one has the will and stomach for it.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Mud War
  2. Dirt Line
  3. Dust Song
  4. Stone Cold
  5. Rock Hard
  6. Earth Deep

Space Station Astral Venture: Complete Trilogy


Waking up in a hostile environment… not the usual start to the day.

Not knowing who you are? Priceless.

A group of strangers awake with their lungs full of stasis goo. What they don’t immediately realize is that they’re going to have to work fast if they’re going to survive a concatenation of organic and mechanical beasts, traps and deadly encounters.

It’s going to take all their collective wit, guile and any innate abilities they can uncover because survival is far from guaranteed.

More than that, they’re going to have to work together.


This boxed set contains all 3 books in the trilogy: ArenaClones, & Corp

If you liked Maze RunnerAliensThe Hunger GamesLost or Firefly, you’re going to love this psychological sci-fi mystery.

Hope Lost

People are involved in an apparently lost battle. And the worst? We have let the enemy in.

There is a war going on.

AIWAR. A war that was predicted, but always denied. Until it was too late.

And the worst? We have let the enemy in. Now people are involved in an impossible, apparently already lost, battle with the AI they devised and trained themselves.

Desperate people try to defend themselves against the new, ruthless ruler, but also against people who have sided with the AI.

The AI has declared itself the absolute ruler; AILPHA. As such a new era has begun, the Age of AIristocracy. For the last people who still dare to resist, the situation seems hopeless. Hopeless and extremely dangerous, as hope is the only thing that keeps people going in these dark days…

Glory: Humanity’s Last Hope


One last chance for Glory. One last hope for humanity.
A ship pulled out of mothballs by the original crew, sent to fight a war humanity was losing.

Glory barely survived its last battle twenty years earlier. Captain Drake resigned rather than face court martial. But the enemy is back. Humanity needs everything that can fly.

Maybe it’s not the ship at all, but the crew. They hold the key.

Drake rallies old and young alike to comply with orders so secret, even he wasn’t allowed to see them until after the ship left the junkyard. Would it leave? That was another question. The core hadn’t been fired in twenty years.

The smell of decay filled the massive ship’s corridors. The stench of death lingered, the death of Drake’s crew, a nightmare from long ago.

The Paragon have weapons that humanity couldn’t contemplate. But here they were, suing for peace. The people of Earth jumped at the carrot. The end of war! Could it be too good to be true?

Drake had his orders from an admiral who knew too much. Glory must launch.

And with it, the fate of humanity rested on the shoulders of a broken crew, carrying a weapon like no other, hoping for one clear shot.

One last chance for Glory.

Glory – Humanity Fights Back


Glory rises from the carnage of the Battle for Earth. 
Humanity is shell-shocked by how close they came to extinction. 
They don’t know what to do, but they trust their leaders, and they are turning to Admiral Jack. And he looks to Glory, Captain Drake, and her crew.

With the loss of the planet killer, the Paragon will seek vengeance. They have become even more dangerous because they no longer have to maintain the veil of subterfuge.

Their goal hasn’t changed. Death to humanity.

Humans. The scrappiest fighters of all the sentient races. But can they stand up to the technologically superior Paragon?

Pick up the second installment in this epic military science fiction series today.


Is it possible to defeat a god of the gods?

Batara Kala initiated his second Kataklysm.

Can Ashathar survive another Kataklysm while still suffering under the last?

The gods are failing. They’re losing their powers.

There’s only one being capable of oppressing the gods.

Blaike and Ming Yue faced the destroyer of worlds.

Can they possibly stand against the destroyer of gods?

They are faced with an impossible choice.

Save the world, or save the gods.

Wrath of the Half-Elves

The Rogue Elf brings his own darkness upon the realm.

The western lands tremble. The city of Eh-Rin is under siege and with the nearing eclipse of the moon, the powerful spells protecting the ancient city will fail. The legions of the Grand Protectorate ready their forces to smite the very place that stands as the last beacon of hope in a darkening world.

In a desperate assault to save Eh-Rin, Kealin and his companions draw upon the power of death magic and unleash a horde of their own in a final attempt to defeat the enemy that has already claimed two elven kingdoms, the last rebelling kingdom of men, and will soon reveal a true terror against all peoples of magic.

But this is all a distraction. A power worse than all the armies of the land draws near… something that has been among them the entire time…

Kealin bands together with his many unlikely companions in this battle-filled, vengeance fueled next instalment of The Rogue Elf series!

Get it now!

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