Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

It looks like the temperatures are changing. We had another weekend of highs near 100 but after this week, the highs next week will be in the upper 70s. Quite a change from the mid to upper 90s to 70s. Of course, I really enjoy late spring and early fall when the temperatures are in the mid 70s during the day. I’m not found of the lows being in the lower 50s and upper 40s, but that’s part of the weather change. 

I’m not quite ready for sweater weather, but I know it’s coming sooner rather than later.

Speaking of sweater weather, what’s your favorite hot drink? I love coffee, but when it’s too late for coffee, I enjoy various flavors of hot chocolate. ​​​​

Check out the offerings this week below and if you find any books you enjoy, be sure to leave a review when you can!​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

The Warrior Omnibus #1

It’s been so long, Warrior… I can feel you…

Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source?

A new Warrior is about to find out the true roots of the Moorfield name. Nothing will ever be the same.

Click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to get the first six books in this bestselling urban fantasy series and dive into Idina’s adventures today!

Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source?

Her family says she’s not a true Moorfield and will never be good enough for the family business.

Sometimes what looks like the worst day ever, is the beginning of our best adventure.

Idina takes that first step into a new life and gets the hell away from them to forge her own future.

But her calling is the one thing they are the most against. She joins the military just like Uncle Rick. The other family outcast.

What is everyone in the Moorfield family so afraid of?

Join Idina in her first three adventures:

  1. Get Smoked Or Go Home
  2. Charlie Foxtrot 101
  3. Chaos and Gunfire
  4. A FUBAR Kind of Day
  5. Chew The Bullet
  6. Fight Where I Am

The Warrior Omnibus #2

Idina Moorfield is starting to get all the answers she needs, but it’s not easy forcing them out of her uncle.

It’s harder still when he doesn’t think she needs to know everything.

Join Idina as she faces a new set of challenges to see if she is good enough to join a new squadron and tackle new challenges in books 7-12 of the bestselling The Warrior series!

Richard MacBlair has all the answers Idina Moorfield needs and is finally willing to share them. Well, most of them.

Who knew there was a whole special forces division? Dedicated to people exhibiting magical powers to deal with unique challenges?

Things are starting to make a lot more sense to Idina.

But a lot more changes may be coming her way.

She has to face new challenges. A series of tests to determine if she’s good enough for a new special forces group.

Work and life just got a lot more complicated.

Are there other monsters bigger and badder than the Olc out there? Has Richard taught her enough to help her advance? And stay alive.

Included in this boxed set:

  • Win Where I Fight
  • Stand With My Unit
  • Ready For All
  • Yielding To None
  • Quell The Storm
  • Ride The Thunder

Delta Underground Operatives: Clara & Damien : Complete Boxed Set

A brand new Urban Fantasy adventure from USA Today bestselling author Sarah Noffke — perfect for fans of The Unstoppable Liv Beaufont.

Grab all three books in the action-packed and hilarious trilogy for one incredible price!

Blood-sucking vampires and vegan psychics don’t mix.

But to save the world from a magic-stealing madman, they’re going to have to.

The Delta Underground Operatives, humanity’s last line of defense against evil threats, only enlist the brightest and the best.

Clara and Damien fit the bill.

So when a threat like no other can only be stopped by a perfect assassin team, the organization recruits these two unlikely vigilantes with complementary skill sets.

Too bad they can’t stand each other.

He’s dangerous. She’s peaceful.
He’s loud. She’s meditative.

They don’t see eye to eye, but they’ll have to fight side by side.

As their target hunts the innocent and threatens to destroy the delicate balance of magic, everything rests on the duo’s ability to work together.

Clara wants peace. Damien wants vengeance.

Only they can take down evil.

But first, they’ll have to learn to get along….

This box set contains all three novels in Delta Underground Operative: Clara & Damien Trilogy
1) The Improbable Pair
2) The Reluctant Assassins
3) The Immutable Pact

Bloody Underground

At least they had trials in Salem…

They’re hunting our kind, burning vampires at the stake. 

The man leading the charge isn’t the “reverend” he pretends to be.

He has a deadly secret. Can I uncover the truth? 

We have no choice but to fight… 

But if we aren’t careful, we’ll give the “reverend” what he wants.

We’ll become the murderous monsters he claims us to be. 

Bloody Underground is the second book in The Fury of a Vampire Witch. You’ve met Mercy before in The Legacy of a Vampire Witch and The Blood Witch Saga. She’s fought against devils and demons, insidious witches, and old-world vampires. When she returns to Exeter, where she grew up as a girl, she’ll find enemies even bigger and badder than anything she’s ever faced before.

A great series for fans of the True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse novels or the Underworld franchise to sink their fangs into. The Fury of a Vampire Witchfeatures a dark and twisty romance, action that could even get a vampire’s heart pumping, and a snarky badass heroine.

Necromancer’s Curse

Death becomes the Rogue Elf’s greatest ally… 

Kealin’s blades still reek from the blood of Vakron-Tur. He defeated the dark wizard but lost his elder brother. The dark god Vankou’s voice resonates in his mind and he struggles to control what little of himself that remains. Now being so close to reaching his sister but with so much lost already, he wonders what end will come from his struggles.

Journeying south with his companions, he meets Veora, a beautiful but sadistic necromancer. As an acolyte of the Five and a student from the High Sanctum of magic, she agrees to lead them to her masters. But while this practitioner of death magic knows what Kealin seeks, he senses a presence about her. Something she is hiding…

When it comes to magic, is necromancy no more than another path to life or a shadow of a darker and all-consuming evil?

Kealin won’t expect the truth to all that has transpired.

It Wakes In Me

From New York Times Best Selling author Kathleen O’Neal Gear comes the second book in a captivating, otherworldly tale of prehistoric romance and intrigue.

According to the tradition of the Black Falcon People, each person has three souls: the eye soul, which stays with the body forever, the shadow-soul, where all evil is leached and shed at death, and the reflection-soul, which lives on among the Blessed in the Land of the Dead, pure and clean. But on rare occasions, a shadow-soul can sneak into a living person’s body to commit hideous crimes.

Sora, the High Chieftess of the Black Falcon Nation, has been plagued with blackouts and fits since her seventh winter. As her world went dark, two gleaming eyes burned to life inside her. She named these occurrences the Midnight Fox, and remembered nothing after them. Now accusations are being made against her by rival clans. She has been accused of seven murders, including the murder of her friend and Loon People War Chief, Skinner. With villages rallying against her, and plagued with this terrible spirit illness, she looks for healing of her soul and mind, the strength to lead her people, and the courage to save her own life.

Join Sora on a riveting journey through a realm of prehistoric mystery and forbidden love as she battles for her shadow-soul, ignites the flames of resilience, and fights to reclaim her destiny in this enthralling saga.

Spanish Bit Saga, Volume One

Hall of Famer, Don Coldsmith, brings a revamped collection of the critically-acclaimed Spanish Bit Saga—a compelling and masterfully penned historical tale of an audacious conquistador-turned-Native American warrior, set in the American frontier.

When Juan Garcia embarks on an exploration of a continent steeped in mystery, a fateful incident leaves him injured and lost. As his journey takes an unexpected turn, he encounters a Native American society that offers him a whole new way of life.

Thus begins Garcia’s extraordinary transformation from a proud conquistador to an integral member of an Indian tribe. His significant contribution? The Spanish Bit—a talisman that forever reshapes their society.

As Garcia teaches his adopted people to harness the power of the horse and ignites a revolutionary change, a newfound ability to ride and fight transforms the tribe from timid folk to the indomitable lords of the American Great Plains.

Step into a world where the American frontier collides with native Indian culture, witness the transformative power of understanding, courage, and unity, and experience the compelling narrative that brings historical American life to your doorstep. It’s time to embark on an adventure you will never forget.

“Coldsmith does his usual solid job of bringing this historical culture to life.” Publishers Weekly

The Spanish Bit Saga, Volume One includes Trail of the Spanish Bit, The Elk-Dog Heritage, Follow the Wind, Buffalo Medicine, and Man of the Shadows.

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