Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

I picked my first big tomato off the plant yesterday and earlier in the week I discovered two cucumbers I had missed that had grown too big and aren’t good to eat. My garden is definitely growing with all this rain and soon I’ll have a ton of cucumbers and tomatoes to enjoy.

What I’m not enjoying with the rain is how fast all the weeds are growing. And they’re growing like crazy. I need to spend some time this week getting rid of some of them.

The new cat, named Baldur, has settled in with the other two. There is still some fussing from one of the established cats, but they all seem to be doing better and enjoying the good life.

This week we’ve got some romance reads for you to check out. We don’t have a lot of those but I think more will be coming along in the near future. Check them out toward the end of the email.​​​​​​

Wednesday reading-related question: What type of device do you read on? Is it your phone? Kindle? Another tablet? Or something else?​​​​​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

The Kurtherian Endgame Boxed Set 2


Her hair is white, her grin is nasty, and she’s a little pissed.

The war is about to get a WHOLE lot bigger.

A breakthrough with the Etheric has given Bethany Anne an edge—and an opportunity to take the fight to the Ooken. 

What is a good Queen to do when not-so-good neighbors become royal pains in the ass? Baba Yaga comes out to play.

Family drama on Devon isn’t the only thing standing in the way of Bethany Anne’s liberation of Moen.

A prodigal daughter returns to facilitate Bethany Anne’s solution to Jean’s production woes, her teenagers are being…teenagers, and there isn’t a place in the universe except for Earth she wants to call home.

Bethany Anne’s determination to protect her people has no limits. At least, none that she recognizes.

The Kurtherians have played a long game, and taken one too many people from Bethany Anne.

Her response when she discovers the lengths the Seven have gone to?

Hold an Etheric Storm in her hands and bend it to her will. There WILL be hell to pay across the Universe. 

Grab your copy of this boxed set and get the first 4 books of the Kurtherian Endgame at a huge discount today!

Set includes Kurtherian Endgame books 5 – 8

  • Finish What You Started
  • Enter Into Valhalla
  • The Valkyrie Returns
  • Return Of The Queen


The Voodoo Queen and the Vampire Witch: Two Complete Paranormal Fantasy Series

Two Complete Urban and Paranormal Series are included in this combination boxed set! 

The Voodoo Legacy

Being possessed has its advantages…

Sure, my soul-bound familiar could be a pain in the ass…

But she came with some pretty impressive abilities.

A nasty Voodoo demigod, a Loa of Destruction, wants to steal her power.

Ogoun, the Loa of War, has invited me to join the Voodoo Academy.

If I master the arts, he tells me, I might have a chance to thwart the demigod’s scheme.

But can any of these “gods” be trusted?

They all have ulterior motives.

And I won’t be a pawn in their war.

But if I don’t stop him, if he steals these powers… he could destroy the world.

I’m an outsider. Not at all like the other students at the academy. I don’t think they’ll ever accept me.

But if I don’t go, if I don’t learn to control these abilities… it will mean the end of everything I hold dear.

Book 1: Voodoo Academy
Book 2: Grim Tidings
Book 3: Death Rites
Book 4: Watery Graves
Book 5: Voodoo Queen

The Legacy of a Vampire Witch

Because you can’t stake a heartless vampire…

It had been almost a century and a half since I last encountered anyone from the Order of the Morning Dawn. They were religious fundamentalists with the dual goal of eliminating vampires and witches.

Being both a vampire and a witch I was the embodiment of everything the Order hates. Their first attempt to eliminate me failed. Thanks to the fact that my mentor in the Craft was also a necromancer.

When they burned my heart they didn’t kill me.

They unwittingly completed a spell that tied my existence to the soul of one who took my place in hell.

Now I’m heartless, literally.

Not having a heart has some advantages.

It means I’m pretty resilient, especially when it comes to wooden stakes.

So long as the soul bound to my existence remained in hell, I was virtually invincible.

But the Order figured it out. They hope to redeem the soul who was damned in my stead. 

If they do that, I’ll meet the true death for sure.

I have to capture the one damned in my place before the Order manages to liberate him from perdition. If they free him, I will die.

I have to go to bloody hell.

Book 1: Bloody Hell
Book 2: Bloody Mad
Book 3: Bloody Wicked
Book 4: Bloody Devils
Book 5: Bloody Gods

Dragon Invasion

Dragons don’t exist. Except on the Astral Plane where humans aren’t welcome.

When humanity built spaceships and headed to the stars, they found the dragons waiting. Some places they’ll let humans go. Others they won’t.

And sometimes humanity refuses to be denied. That’s where the Mystics come in. They commune with the Astral Plane. They deal with the dragons. They suffer the dragon’s fury. And sometimes they bend the dragons to their will.

Very few have the gift of being able to see the Astral Plane. Their innate talents are nurtured in the Mystic Academy. Earth Fleet has its own academy where they train the best and brightest for careers in space. They work within the laws of physics. And they have to work with the Mystics, too, even though they don’t understand them.

Because they don’t believe that Dragons are real.

Do you work in the Astral or Material Plane? Join us today and see for yourself.

Our Dead Gods: The Complete Sunkenlands Epic

The race of men has failed. The undead and the necromancers of Mortua reign supreme.

Nurias was once a holy warrior. Now, he wanders across the barren wasteland doing what he has to in order to survive… killing for whoever will pay him.

When a chance happening reveals a way to kill the supposed immortal necromancers, Nurias and others spring to act but nothing goes as planned. Nurias is cursed with the soul of the very thing he tried to destroy… and now, everyone is hunting him.

Across the Sunkenlands, other heroes and heroines arise, as Nurias wanders into the most dangerous region of the wastelands. Others seek him out not to kill him, but to unite together for a single chance to save their broken race but at every turn their enemy awaits.

What can any of them do when their god and hope are dead?
Become what they were always meant to be.

This Special Omnibus Edition features multiple stories telling the overarching narrative from the very beginning and the Shadow Over Telisbefore the Fall of Man to the climactic epic conclusionin Our Dead Gods.

Gunslinger: The Complete Series: A Western Adventure Series



Fourteen-year-old Connor Mack dreams of a life full of adventure—while he’s stuck plowing, doing chores, and being worked to death on a half barren family spread in East Texas. He plans to one day flee the beatings delivered by his hulking older brothers and lazy pa. But he knows when he does, he has to take his twin sister, Abby, with him.

Connor gets his chance when River Hicks, a man wanted for the murder of a policeman in Fort Worth, rides into town with a pack of bounty hunters on his trail. As the gun smoke clears, and Connor has killed men for the first time in his life, he knows this is his and Abby’s time to escape their life of abuse.

Knowing the law will soon be on their heels, they follow Hicks—an outlaw driven by his own demons and deep secrets, which somehow involve the Mack twins.

Conner has a lot of learning and growing up to do…and he has to stay alive to do it.

Read along across nine action-packed books as odds are defied, relentless dangers are faced, and treacherous journeys of self-discovery are navigated in an attempt to carve out a life of freedom in several gripping tales.

Gunslinger: The Complete Series includes Gunslinger: Killer’s Chance, Gunslinger: Killer’s Fuse, Gunslinger: Killer’s Choice, Gunslinger: Killer’s Train, Gunslinger: Killer’s Reckoning, Gunslinger: Killer’s Brand, Gunslinger: Killer’s Ghost, Gunslinger: Killer’s Gamble, and Gunslinger: Killer’s Requiem.

Jake Caldwell Thrillers: Books 1-4



Once you start running, it’s hard to stop…

Mob enforcer, Jake Caldwell, is in the dark business of breaking kneecaps and snapping bones. But each job sends him one step closer to turning into the man he swore he’d never become—his violent and abusive father. Leaving the mob is easier said than done, so when his boss offers a bloody way out, Jake has no choice but to take it. Even if it means confronting old ghosts.

Seeking redemption from a violent upbringing, Jake learns he can’t turn his back on those who need him. It’s in his blood. But Jake needs to stay one step ahead of the bad guys if he plans on having any future at all.

For fans of Jack Reacher and The Prey series by John Sanford, this is an intense, complex, and pulse-pounding thriller set in the Ozarks.

This Jake Caldwell thriller collection includes Poor Boy Road, Ares Road, Blackbird Road, and Asylum Road.

Big Sky Christmas Boxed Set

The best-selling, heartwarming, Christmas series now available in one boxed set!

With handsome cowboys, strong cowgirls, and all of the magic of Christmas, you’re sure to get into the Christmas spirit with this series. But beware, you’re gonna want to move to Frenchtown, Montana after reading this series.

Her Montana Christmas Cowboy:

Chloe Manning’s first Christmas in Frenchtown was heartbreaking. Will Santa give her her heart’s desire during her second?

Brandon Beck left behind a woman for the benefit of his family ranch last Christmas. Now that he’s back, why can’t he get her out of his heart and mind?

When Santa and Mrs. Claus play matchmaker, will Chloe and Brandon fall under their Christmas Magic? Or will past hurts and fears keep them apart?

Her Christmas Rodeo Cowboy:

After Lottie’s husband died riding a bull on national television, she swore she’d never be with a rodeo star again.

Now, seven years later, her promise is going to come back and bite her in the figgy pudding. If only her daughter, Quinn, didn’t love a certain cowboy so much.

Cove promised his best friend he would look after his wife and daughter after he died, but he didn’t think that Sam meant for Cove to fall in love with Lottie.

When 8-year-old Quinn asks Santa for a Daddy, no one is ready for what comes next.

Can a rodeo star help the widow of a bull rider love again?

Her Mistletoe Cowboy:

When Cody’s Christmas Tree farm is in danger of foreclosure, he scrambles to figure out a way to save his beloved ranch.

What he doesn’t expect is to find out what he has to do in order to make it work. Mistletoe boughs aren’t enough to push his books back in the black. But the crazy antics of the town’s Santa and Mrs Claus just might be enough.

Will the love of a beautiful cowgirl help him through this? Or will the exhausting Christmas extravaganza push him past his breaking point?

Her Sleigh Ride Christmas Cowboy:

Daniel’s foot-in-mouth disease is acting up again. Will the pretty cowgirl see past his insecurities and discover the real cowboy in time for a Christmas full of love?

Megan Anderson is a tough, no-nonsense Army veteran who has seen her share of awful. Now she’s working at a ranch designed to help the wounded heroes get the emotional support they need in order to ease back into civilian life. It’s not easy coming home broken.

Sometimes, those cracks in a soldier’s armor aren’t always physical, but mental. And it’s her job to help mend them. But this Daniel character is like no other man she’s met. For one, he’s never served his country a day in his life. And two, the strangest things come out of his mouth. When she sees how hard he’s working to save the tree farm, Megan gives him a second look.

And that sleigh ride? Boy howdy! The twinkle in his eye is enough to get her to look past the proverbial boot in his mouth.

Will Megan figure out what’s causing Daniel to be so rude? Or will she spend another Christmas all alone?

Don’t miss out on all 4 Christmas stories of the heart-warming Christmas Cowboy romance series, Big Sky Christmas. Where the romance is clean, and Christmas takes center stage!

Also included are all 4 recipes from the individual books.

Are you looking for romance reads? If you have Kindle Unlimited, check out all of these books!

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