Christmas in July 2023

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Day 2 – July 11th

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Deadly Fathoms e-book coverDeadly Fathoms:

George Dane was the hero of the last war on Earth. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet as security chief for humanity’s first interstellar colony mission.

After over a century in stasis aboard their ship, the colonists are shocked to find their new home is completely covered by oceans.

Upon landing, they discover that they are not alone…

The struggle to learn how to live beneath the sea while under attack from the dangerous wildlife that dwells in the depths commences.

Dane and his people must take on challenges mission control didn’t prepare them for. Can human ingenuity overcome the disadvantages they are faced with?

Or are they doomed to fail like those who abandoned the remains of another colony found beneath the waves?

After coming to terms with learning they weren’t the first to arrive, the questions of who the original colonists were and what happened to them must be answered.

With danger ever present, will Dane and his people be able to solve the mystery in time to avoid the same fate as those who came before them?


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