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It’s never too early to spread Christmas cheer!

Take a look at the books coming this week

July 10 -15


Our sister company LMBPN is hosting a Christmas in July six-day book giveaway. In the middle of summer, let’s spread a little Christmas cheer, and by cheer, we mean FREE books!
Every day this week they will be giving away the first book in six different series. Be sure to check in daily for your next adventure. Grab a new book, and have yourself a merry little beachmas.

**Don’t forget to check out the special giveaway below for a little more cheer**



Make Yourself giveaway banner

Make Yourself

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Deadly Fathom giveaway banner

Deadly Fathoms

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Scorpion's Fury giveaway banner

Scorpion’s Fury

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Vampire Morning giveaway banner

Vampire Morning

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Game of serfs Book One giveaway banner

Game of Serfs Book One

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Birth of a Goddess giveaway banner

Birth of a Goddess

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Making a Splash $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


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