Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

I’m back! I’m still exhausted, but I’m back and was back as of late Monday night. In my travels, I made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower, ate some really good Mexican food at a hole-in-the-wall place in Paris, got ripped off by a bike taxi (I didn’t expect it to be THAT expensive), visited the Louvre for half a day and got to see a fraction of what I wanted, but really got to see the Egyptian artifacts there, and ate really delicious food at several French restaurants. What surprised us the most was the fact there were dogs everywhere. They were allowed in the restaurants and it was just nice to see.

I read a couple of books on my way there and part of one on the way back. I’m still exhausted and slept most of Tuesday away. I have a little bit of the sniffles, but I am fairly certain it is just allergies and I’ll get over it soon enough. ​

If you like LitRPG books be sure to check out the books we have available today. A third of them are LitRPG books you might just enjoy and some of them are free to check out!​​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Realms of Power and Fury Complete Series Boxed Set: A LitRPG Adventure

Some days just don’t go as planned. 

Eric’s day couldn’t get any worse… so he thought. Then he was kicked through a gateway into a world filled with magic and monsters.

Monsters that wanted to kill him or eat him.

Nothing prepared him for this.

Grab this complete litRPG series and find out if Eric can survive his date with destiny!

The worst day of Eric’s life was capped off by him being kicked through a gateway into a universe filled with magic and monsters.

To make matters worse, he had to fight for his life the moment he arrived. Nothing could have prepared him for a world where everything either wants to kill him or eat him.

Or both.

Eric never saw himself as a hero. But the world he’s been cast into needs one badly.

It looks like he’s going to have to fill those shoes.

He needs to gain some power if he wants to hold his own. Oh, and stay alive long enough to take on the forces of evil.

If only that was as simple as it sounds…

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Discovering Power
  2. Finding Honor
  3. Field of Valor
  4. Undead Reckoning
  5. Undead Center
  6. Undead With Honor

Superdreadnought 1


Alone and unafraid. Sometimes you prevent war by hunting down your enemies.

Integrated with a superdreadnought, the artificial intelligence known as Reynolds takes his ship across the universe in search of the elusive Kurtherians. He comes to a revelation. He’s better in the company of living creatures.

He needs a crew. He needs information. And he needs to continue his search and destroy mission.

Needing a crew and getting a crew are two completely different things. Reynolds is out of his element as he tries to reach out and make friends. Through it all, he has his vessel, the superdreadnought, the most powerful warship in the galaxy.

Or so he believes.


Inside this book is cursing, amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this book is not for you.​ ​

Whisper and Blade

A fallen angel and a blind psychic? Forget heaven, that’s a match made in Hades.

Veda and Caim couldn’t be more different.

She’s watchful. He’s impulsive.
She’s delicate. He’s a beast.

But sometimes, the lion needs the lamb.

As a skilled assassin duo for the Delta Underground Organization, Veda and Caim have taken out the magical world’s worst of the worst. Their record: forty-one necromancers in two years.

She finds. He kills.

It’s business as usual…until they discover the eight-pointed arrow and the cult it belongs to. Then all hell breaks loose.


Two years ago, I woke up with no memory of who or what I am. Whatever happened to me left me blind.

But I have a gift.

I can hear people’s thoughts. All around me, all at once, all the time.

The only mind I can’t read is his.


When I fell from the sky, my wings turned black as coal—and my heart? Well, there’s a reason they say Fallen can’t love.

I’ve walked the earth a thousand years, relegated to shadows and moonlight. Ten centuries have taught me one thing: humanity sucks.

Then I became an assassin and picked up the blade. You have a supernatural target to take out? I’m your guy.

The assassin life was good—until the organization partnered me with her.

She’s a whisper. He’s a blade.

Together, this match-not-made-in-heaven has to stop the cult that holds the key to Veda’s past—and threatens the entire magical world.

Winemaker of the North

Forsaken to be a killer and sent to be a destroyer, Sviska must choose his own path.

Sviska is a man of the shadows, an assassin without any one place to call his own. But in the Far North, he discovers a secret. Magic, long thought lost to the world, is alive. The genocide to destroy every elf, wizard, and sacred being of old is not yet complete. Sviska’s masters work the strings of the world and he has been sent for a task he does not even fully understand yet.

When at last he feels he has what he has always wanted, darkness falls upon the world. He must rise to face an enemy more terrible than any he has ever met.

Fate will force him into a terrible choice.

Legend of the Sword Bearer


It’s the most advanced human consciousness simulation in existence. 
…and Steve Benson is the next test subject

On his deathbed, he is made an offer he dare not refuse: fade away as the darkness takes him or have his consciousness transferred into a game—Tempest Online.

Leaving the broken husk he once called a body behind, Steve becomes Abalonious, a warrior possessed of strength, cunning, and the power to make a difference, but with that power comes a far greater responsibility.

The deal he accepted comes with a catch: if he fails, the game he’s grown to cherish is over and he’ll die—permanently.

Join Abalonious, hero of Tempest, as he strives against all odds to adapt, learn, and build himself into the greatest champion the game has ever seen.

Arcturus Academy: The Complete Series

In love with one twin, bonded by fire to the other. Welcome to Arcturus Academy.

98% of fire magi who attempt the agonizing forbidden ritual known as The Burning don’t survive. Those who do… level up in ways undreamt of by the Unburned.

I survived.

Now I’ve got other problems.

Headmaster Chaplin charges me with tutoring struggling student April, but when a bully targets April, I feel my control slipping. It doesn’t help that he is my crush’s evil twin, who–for reasons no one can explain–I share a powerful mage-bond with.

It might be enough to push me into darkness. Will I emerge a hero or a fiend? Even I cannot say.

Read Arcturus Academy and watch the sparks fly!

Arcturus Academy is an action-adventure series of five books by a USA Today and Amazon best-selling author. Saxony is a strong female heroine swept into a world of dizzying plot twists, sweet romance and intriguing mythology, all woven against a backdrop of elemental magic. With over 4000 reviews on the solo titles, this series is a must-read for fans of young adult fantasy in a magical academy setting. If you like magical power plays, page-turning action, and the high of first love, then you’ll adore A.L. Knorr’s explosive series.

This boxed set contains all five books in the Arcturus Academy series:
Fire Trap
Fire Games
Legends of Fire
Source Fire

Dragon Seed


What would you give to be a dragon rider?

Before being conscripted to fight in the Total War, Private Hector Park had a shattered family, a collection of old videogames, and a promising career as a motorcycle stuntman. Now, he is dying from a virus threatening humankind with extinction. He has three days to live. When Hector’s brother contacts him after years of hostile silence, Hector goes to try and make peace. But his brother has an offer even more unbelievable than reconciliation: the chance to cheat death by joining him in Archemi, a full-immersion fantasy VR-RPG videogame. Determined to forge a life worth living, Hector undergoes the experimental upload process and chooses the difficult path of the Dragon Knight. To achieve his dream, he must prove himself worthy of imprinting a dragon, a being with whom he will share a telepathic bond more intimate than any human relationship. But at what cost?

Join Hector on his first steps towards mastering the skies in Dragon Seed, the first book in the Archemi Online LitRPG series!

Rendezvous: The Complete Series

Award Winning Master Storyteller Win Blevins paints a portrait of the early American mountain men so vivid and surreal, one can get lost for hours at a time living vicariously through the adventures of perhaps the most courageous breed of American settler. Prepare for the ride of your life into uncharted territory, meeting friends and foes, and making the best of what the wilderness has to offer!


Into the untamed West came the mountain men. They explored the wide-eyed wilderness, crossed the Rocky Mountains, learned the ways of Native American tribes, trekked to the Pacific, and became the stuff of dreams. In SO WILD A DREAM, first book of the award-winning Rendezvous Series, we meet young Sam Morgan, and a cast of legendary historical characters. Sam has a hungry spirit and is pulled by the lure of adventure. Go for the ride!

“No one since the great A. B. Guthrie, Jr, has a better feel for the world of the mountain man.”—Don Coldsmith

“Blevins’ sweeping vision of the American frontier is just plain irresistible.”—W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, authors of People of the Owl.


When the enigmatic Jedediah Smith, greatest of the mountain men, puts together a brigade of trappers for an expedition into the unknown territory of Mexican California, Sam Morgan joyfully joins up. With his Crow Indian wife Meadowlark and his coyote pup at his side, Sam sees the expedition as a chance for adventure—and wealth.

With extraordinary courage, energy, and the force of rivers, the old adventure ends. Where will the next one lead?

“Blevins’ DANCING WITH THE GOLDEN BEAR is the glory years of the untamed West. Fresh and rich.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Blevins breathes life into historical characters like no one else!” ~ Tony Hillerman


A LONG AND WINDING ROAD begins as Sam and his trapper friends are whooping it up at a Mexican double wedding in Santa Fe. Sam has made a name for himself as a mountain man and become friends with such historical notables as Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, and Tom Fitzpatrick.

“Loaded with action, drama, and colorful historical characters, this is a whopper of a yarn.” – Publisher’s Weekly.

“The glory years of frontier life, fresh and rich.” –Kirkus Reviews


NY Times Bestselling author, Win Blevins, brings us this latest extraordinary historical adventure. Mountain men explored the wide-eyed wilderness, crossed the Rockies, learned the ways of Native Americans, married Indian women and had families, trekked to the Pacific, and became the stuff of legends. To survive, they understood that they were part of the natural world and its rhythms.

But that fresh world was changing, and it was time to find a place where mountain men, and their mixed-race families, could call home.

“Fans of the Rendezvous Series, it need hardly be said, will enjoy DREAMS BENEATH YOUR FEET! Through clever storytelling, and the seamless insertion of important background information, Blevins has made sure that readers unfamiliar with the series can follow each story, easily.”— Booklist

“Blevins, a masterful storyteller, really piles on the action which is fast-paced and filled with the details of frontier life, the fur trade, and authentic Indian lore and beliefs.” – Publisher’s Weekly

WIN BLEVINS’ RENDEZVOUS: THE COMPLETE SERIES includes the following full-length, unabridged titles:

Gunslinger: The Complete Series


Fourteen-year-old Connor Mack dreams of a life adventure while stuck plowing, doing all the chores, and being treated as a slave on the half barren family spread in East Texas. He plans to one day flee the beatings delivered by his hulking older brothers and lazy pa. But he knows if he does, he must take his twin sister Abby—who is not always right in the head—with him.

He gets his chance when River Hicks, a man wanted for the murder of a policeman in Fort Worth, rides in with a pack of bounty hunters on his trail. When the gun smoke clears, Connor has killed men for the first time, but he also knows this is his and Abby’s time to escape their life of abuse.

Knowing the law will soon be on their heels, they follow Hicks—an outlaw driven by his own demons, and by deep secrets which somehow involve the Mack twins.

Conner has a lot of learning and growing up to do…and he has to stay alive to do it.

And thus begins the Gunslinger’s journey across 9 action-packed books in the series…

Gunslinger: The Complete Series includes the following unabridged titles:

Gunslinger: Killer’s Chance
Gunslinger: Killer’s Fuse
Gunslinger: Killer’s Choice
Gunslinger: Killer’s Train
Gunslinger: Killer’s Reckoning
Gunslinger: Killer’s Brand
Gunslinger: Killer’s Ghost
Gunslinger: Killer’s Gamble
Gunslinger: Killer’s Requiem


A half-blood caught between worlds. A violent coverup. Can she mask her dangerous identity long enough to stop a war?

Supernatural agent Francesca Drake’s smart mouth makes it tough to stay out of trouble. And as a half-fae, half-vampire, drawing the attention of the full-blooded risks instant death. So when she’s sent undercover into a purebred-only academy to investigate murders of her own kind, her natural snark could get her killed.

Though she tries to keep a low profile, Francesca can’t help but smart off if it will lead her to her quarry. But with an irresistible vamp offering assistance and a steamy distraction, the prickly outcast flirts with total annihilation…

Can Francesca save a society that rejects her from being brutally ripped apart?

Investigated is the first book in the scorching Daywalkers Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance series. If you like sassy heroines, sexy-as-sin fae, and smoking-hot vampires, then you’ll love Maya Daniel’s deliciously explicit story.

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