Did you have a good Easter holiday (if you celebrated)? I drove out to a relative’s for Easter and came back that night. It was a nice drive with plenty of time for thinking and singing along to the radio.

After I send out next week’s email, I head to Paris for work for a few days. I’m looking forward to the tiny vacation I get to have after the meetings I have to attend. I hope I can get around the riots easily enough to see a few things.

I have a few books I plan to read while on the flights, including book 1 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I’ve read books here and there in the series but not most of the first half of the books so far. So I figured it was time to do it. I’ve also got some academy books I want to read. We’ll see how much I get read on the way there and back.

What are some of your favorite books that you’ve read in the last year?

This Week’s Special Deals

Hellcat Released Complete Series Boxed Set

Earth died, but even in death she’s still got a lot to offer.

She’s not going to hand those gifts over easily, though.

Who would be crazy enough to abandon the comfort of the Atlantica Stations to go treasure hunting on a dying world?

Enter Dante Shale, professional Plunderer, and the very best at what he does.

Grab this complete series boxed set to join him on his adventures!

Cool, efficient, and able to outfight anything he can’t outrun. If you need something from Earth, you need him.

Climbing to the top of this heap attracts enemies, lots of them. If you let your guard down, who will be there to watch your back?

Plunge into the far future of the Atlantica universe and discover that the adventure didn’t stop just because Earth did.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dauntless
  2. Defiant
  3. Destined
  4. Ferocious
  5. Fearless
  6. Famous

New Orders

From USA Today Bestselling Author, (and avid Star Trek fan), Ell Leigh Clarke:

I was ripped from my old life when my ship crashed.

My partner was killed, my ship destroyed, and my legs mangled.

I was pulled from the wreckage, saved from imminent death, by one of the strongest and most handsome men I have even seen.

Turns out he is also one of the most capable members of the bridge crew on the ship I’m on.

A hot, popular, and high-ranking officer on this Federation ship.

Turns out, he’s not exactly human.

But that’s okay. Neither am I.

So there I am, recovering in the med bay, nursing my trauma and my new crush in equal measure, when all hell breaks loose.

I’ve just lost everything, but within days my world had become something I could never have imagined.

Not only do I find myself co-opted into a mission that was never mine, on a ship I never enlisted for, but somehow I’m now also a “diplomatic spy” for a clandestine faction, trying to stop this crazy situation escalating into a full blown galactic war.
And that’s only the half of it.

I’m running out of time, up against technology I didn’t even know existed yet, and I have no idea who I can trust with the secrets I’m carrying.

Lost Tales of the Realms: Volume II

From the icy Glacial Seas and an island of monsters to the haunted forests of Taria and bloodsucking vampires an adventure awaits. Assassins overthrowing a zealous religious cult trying to control the world, a tavern cat trying to save his friends, and more can be found in this Lost Tales of the Realms collection!

Included in this volume:

  • Three Old Elves
  • Apples
  • Keepers Fall
  • Last of the Holy
  • The Stranger’s Quest
  • The Dwarven Guardian
  • Wizard Trials
  • Shadow Over Telis
  • Wynder
  • Necrobane
  • Curselight of Mortua
  • Black Acolyte

This is a collection of smaller standalone works within the Dwemhar Realms, an expansive epic fantasy universe with over thirty-five titles over six different series!

Afterthoughts & Daydreams

What do you get when you combine boredom, creativity and teenage years with a healthy dose of winning contests with poetry? A collection of poems nicely wrapped into a book. A collection of 30 poems falling into the categories of Life and Love, Everything in Between, and Death and Destruction, four essays from writing exercises and a short story fill the pages of this book. If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation or perhaps something to help you cope with the loss of a loved one, this book is for you.

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