Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but did you also know it was Library Lovers Day? That’s right! There is a day that celebrates libraries. Library Lovers’ Day is celebrated on 14 February each year to honor libraries, librarians, book lovers, and lovers of libraries. I’m fairly certain that includes all of us. When I was younger, one of the many things I wanted to be when I grew up was a librarian. I guess I’m working adjacent to that job working with publishing companies and being an author myself.

I spent the weekend rearranging my office and getting rid of stuff. More of that is on my list throughout the rest of this month and next. So is getting everything ready for tax season. Later today they’re promising snow. I’m not sure if I should believe it or not. On one hand, it would be great to get a lot of snow, but on the other, I really don’t want to deal with it.

What is the weather like in your region?​ Did you do anything fun yesterday? ​​​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

The War Machine Complete Series Boxed Set

An alien race decides humanity’s fate:


They didn’t count on someone rising to challenge their decree.

Grab this complete series boxed set and find out if Constantine can save humanity!

Constantine had forsaken his family name and birthright. At 28 years old, he’d escaped Earth to help terraform Mars.

An empire’s heir went missing just as the universe’s greatest threat
announces itself.

War Games will decide who represents humanity in this extinction-level struggle. Constantine is summoned.

With little training but abundant talent, can Constantine win these games?

If he does, will he be a force in the coming war?

Or is it already too late for humanity?

Let the games begin.

You’ll love this epic space military saga, because the struggle is just beginning and the battles coming down the road are like nothing you’ve seen before.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Kings
  2. Gods
  3. The God-King

Wicker City

In a post-apocalyptic Chicago ruled by warlords, a young woman named Elena must stay one-step ahead of the violently shifting political landscape to protect her family and save her city.

For years Elena searched for a way back into the walls of Wicker City. She was forced into exile when her parents were killed and the blame put on her. When she works her way back in, she discovers that nothing is as it seems and that the warlords are fighting for a mysterious power with the potential to upend everything.

As she finds her true allies and enemies, she’s forced to choose between keeping her humanity or seeking justice.

The warlord who holds Wicker City holds the power. But when the source of power is a mystery, those in charge have to stay alert at every turn.

Blending the ruthless political maneuvering of Six of Crows with the survival horror of The Last of US, Wicker City paints a picture of mankind not united, but fractured by a monstrous threat.

The United Federation Marine Corps: The Ryck Lysander Trilogy

This is the omnibus version of the first three books in The United Federation Marine Corps series. It follows Ryck Lysander from his time as a recruit up to his service as a lieutenant.

Book 1: Recruit

Desperate to escape a life of poverty on his desolate home planet, Ryck Lysander enlists in the United Federation Marine Corps, hoping to make a better future for himself. However, Ryck soon discovers that the Corps is more than a means of escaping his former life as he is pushed beyond the very limits of his strength and willpower.

From bootcamp brawls to skirmishes with galactic pirates, Ryck’s new life presents him with unimaginable adventures and forces him to prove his mettle as he forges his new identity and fights to earn his place as one of the Brotherhood of Marines.

Book 2: Sergeant

Ryck Lysander has proven himself as a Marine, as a warrior. As he is promoted to sergeant, though, his responsibilities expand beyond merely fighting to leading other Marines into battle.

When an old ally becomes a new enemy, one well-equipped and trained, Ryck is pushed to his very limits as he tries to keep his Marines alive while fulfilling his mission of defeating the enemy on the field of battle.

Faced with extraordinary challenges and grueling missions, Ryck discovers love, loss, brotherhood, and dogged inner strength as he learns what it means to be a sergeant in the United Federation Marine Corps.

Book 3: Lieutenant

As a certified Federation “hero,” Sergeant Ryck Lysander is offered a commission as a second lieutenant. Only, he doesn’t feel like a hero, and his tendency to jump into a fight himself is at odds with his mission as a junior office. Accepting his commission might have been a big mistake.

When contact with an alien species is finally made, that contact is not peaceful, and Ryck is thrust back into combat, combat that does not end well and plunges Ryck into an emotional crisis. Thrown the lifeline of transferring to Marine Reconnaissance, where he is back to being a fighter and not responsible for as many subordinates, this is Ryck’s last chance to determine if he has what it takes to be a leader of Marines.

Captain (as well as books 5-8 are 99 cents each)

As a captain, Ryck Lysander is given one of the most sought-after billets in the Marines: an infantry company commander. His new battalion commanding officer, however, is not impressed with Ryck’s past accomplishments, and Ryck finds himself struggling to fulfill the CO’s expectations. Used to his “hero” status within the Corps, his new position of having to prove himself grates on him. Now, as his company marches to the sound of gunfire, Ryck must find it within himself to be an effective combat commander.

Scarlett ($1.99)

When book-worm Scarlett is accused of murder, she has no choice but to take up sleuthing and find a way to clear herself of suspicion.

Her efforts are further thwarted by having no recollection of the night in question, and to make matters worse, weird things keep happening around her.

Like, seriously weird.

Meanwhile, the military police are closing in on her, and what she uncovers in her investigation is far more sinister than she could ever have imagined.

Can Scarlett figure out what’s going on before other elements catch up to her?

Read it now, to find out.

If you like your protagonists quirky and hilarious, your mysteries confounding, your vampires secretive, and weres dashing, you’re going to love everything in the A Very British Witch series.

Set in an actual village near Oxford, in England, UK, this urban fantasy has a touch of paranormal cozy mystery in it.

It also contains the ocassional British expression. (There is a humorous glossary at the front to help you out with the translations.)

Vampire Diaries meets Murder She Wrote. Brilliant humor, specially designed for the avid Anglophile.”

Two Sides of Truth

From Award Winning author K.S. Jones, a great American novel illuminating the past with thoughtful and often insightful glimpses of a heritage many today have forgotten.

A fateful decision spurs a perilous journey to save a life…

It’s 1932, and America’s Great Depression is ravaging the nation through poverty, starvation, and homelessness, but frankly, more important things are happening in the small town of Coaldale, Arkansas.

Sixteen-year-old Sooze Williams and her family are barely eking out a living on their inherited family farm in Western Arkansas. Many less fortunate families have already lost their homes and farms to the banks, the drought, and the times.

When older brother Henry reveals to Sooze a secret plan, she makes a fateful decision in an effort to keep her family close. A twist of fate–and a desperate lie–sends Sooze on a perilous journey to save someone dear to her. Dangerous as the journey may be, Sooze discovers that, in the end, few things in life matter more than love, hope, and trust.

Robert Vaughan’s The Chaney Brothers Western Adventures: The Complete Series

New York Times bestselling author Robert Vaughan’s classic masterpiece series combining epic adventure and the search for truth and justice in an oftentimes lawless land, available for the first time complete and unabridged. 

Once they fought on opposite sides of a war. Now they’re fighting for justice and revenge!

They Came from one Missouri family, but Lance and Buck Chaney had been fighting on opposite sides of the war—until they were brought together by a shipment of gold dust. Fighting for the Confederacy, Buck had been ordered to hijack the gold his brother’s Union troops were bringing north to Jefferson City. By the time the skirmish was over the shipment of gold was missing. Now the former enemies have joined together again—to hunt down the man who had taken the gold from them both in an act of treachery and bloodshed.

It Takes Two Loyal Brothers to Outsmart a Texas Outlaw.

Buck Chaney first crosses paths with Rufus Blanton on a West Texas train car halted suddenly in the night. Rufus is on board-and set on robbing every passenger. When a shootout with Buck leaves two of his gunmen dead, the outlaw gets away with his life – but without any loot. He’ll come back to haunt Buck Chaney and his brother Lance.

When Lance Chaney’s ex-commanding officer from the Civil War comes to him for help, the Barlow Marshal cannot refuse, even when things don’t add up.

With his brother Buck riding alongside him, the pair find more trouble than they care to. From Indians, to outlaws, their trail is dotted with violence.

Meanwhile back in Barlow, Lance’s remaining deputy is killed, leaving the town wide open for the lawless. But out of the freezing winter comes a one-eyed man who seems to be fit for the job.

Except Ben Travers has a plan. He and his gang are going to take Barlow for all it has, and he doesn’t care how many corpses he has to walk over to get it.

After being seriously wounded in his pursuit of the Carter brothers, Deputy Marshal Buck Chaney wakes to find himself in the middle of a sheep war in Blanco County, Texas. 

On one side are the Texas cattlemen who’ll do whatever it takes to rid the range of the animals and those who come with them. On the other is a Mexican family who only wanted to be left alone. Outgunned, Buck sends for help from his brother.

But Lance Chaney has problems of his own.

The newly appointed sheriff of Comanche County has a killer in his town who is hellbent on blotting out something from his past and wants no remaining witnesses. The corpses stack up until the main suspect is murdered in jail, with his dying breath he utters the words, “Grand Valley.”

Now Lance must dig into the past to find a killer before it’s too late.

Two brothers, counties apart, and fighting a stacked deck. In the end it’s only the law that counts. Their law. Chaney Law…

Robert Vaughan’s The Chaney Brothers Western Adventures: The Complete and Unabridged Seriescontains the following titles:





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