Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

​We have a little less than a week until Valentine’s Day. How many of you would be happy to have someone buy you books or take you to a bookstore to buy the books you wanted for that day? I know I wouldn’t mind that with a nice hot chocolate or coffee depending on the day. I’m looking forward to a nice hot cup of mocha this morning when I run a few errands before having lunch with a friend.​

Talking about books and things we love –  what is the first book you loved? Or still love? ​​

I’m slowly making my way through a couple books, one on my list for 12 books in 12 months, one not. I’m currently reading Dear Writer, Are You In Burnout and realized that the scary answer to the question is I’ve been teetering in and out of burnout for a while, which explains why I have been having a hard time writing fiction lately. I definitely need to find a way to fix that and reset my brain. The other one is River Marked by Patricia Briggs and it will be coming with me to an appointment later this morning.

Check out the books we have featured this week and as always, the authors appreciate a review!​​​​

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Dead Evil Mercenary Corps Complete Series Boxed Set

Have you ever been sick of being the low man on the totem pole?

A trio of mercs feel your pain. Chill, Ivan, and Kortez have been slaving away as mercenaries for years but enough is enough and they are done putting up with being an afterthought.

Striking out alone is a risk, but mercenary work is not exactly in short supply…

Grab this complete series boxed set and join Chill, Ivan, and Kortez on their missions today!

In the depths of a mine-riddled world, the Swarm is stirring. Chitinous hordes boil up from the depths, claiming lives and resources.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, they say.

So what is our intrepid trio to do? Lock and load for thunderous action and the antics of a batch of ne’er do wells with more firepower than good sense!

Included in this boxed set:

  1. New Rules for Firefights
  2. New Rules for Battles
  3. New Rules for War
  4. New Rules for Idiots
  5. New Rules for Incompetents
  6. New Rules for Reprobates

Faeries and Fangs

For the first time, one of my spells backfired.

I was trying to trap a sorcerer in a blood prism…

He was too powerful. It was the only option.

When the spell reflected back on me, I found myself somewhere else.

The folk her are small, but they’re powerful. 

The Faerie King doesn’t take kindly to intruders to his realm.

If they’ll teach me their power, though, it might be just enough to stop the sorcerer.

There’s one problem with that plan…

How do I even get out of here?

Chasing Tomorrows

A spellbinding new sci-fi box set from the bestselling author of Not Alone & Last Man Standing — perfect for fans of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Black Mirror’.

Grab FIFTEEN standalone stories in one great-value anthology!
**15 stories, 600+ pages, 900+ 5-star Amazon ratings!**

Chasing Tomorrows explores classic sci-fi themes through a contemporary lens.

Continuing the legacy of decades gone by, these fast-paced standalone stories offer wondrous settings, philosophical sci-fi questions, and twists that pack a punch.

From alien invasion to space exploration…
From time travel to technological dystopias…

There truly is a tomorrow for everyone.

This expansive collection contains 15 captivating Sci-Fi Sizzlers:
• Wanderlust
• Bound For Glory
• Sunset Stays
• Arise With Us
• Whence They Came
• Replica
• Megaton Murphy
• A Scent Of Man
• Yester Year
• Too Good To Be True
• Happy, Inc.
• Pamela 2.0
• Funscreen
• Pumpkin Splice
• When Santa Slays

Hunter’s Curse

Dark elves and air elementals should never work together. 

They’re supposed to kill each other.

Their bloodlines make them mortal enemies. 
He dwells underground. She thrives in the sky. 

But together Eryn and Larcen become a nearly unstoppable powerhouse.

They must join together as assassins with the Delta Underground Operatives to take on a supernatural villain no one else can stop…

When I left my home caves, I expected to be given the very best partner DUO had to offer. 

I’m a drow prince, after all—the very definition of assassin material—and they stick me with a damn air elemental.

What’s she gonna do? Wave her pretty bladed fans and smile our enemies to death? 

They want me to take down a shadow mage bent on ripping the veil between the magical and mundane worlds apart with that?

Are they serious? Yeah, hard pass.

When you’re over three hundred years old, career changes are hard. Like, slap you in the face with a chair kinda hard. 

But we air elementals are flexible, mist made flesh with a bubbly personality to match.

From guardian to assassin? No problem! That is, until I’m forced to ally with a cave-dwelling, cobweb-munching, mildew-encrusted drow. 

If I wasn’t hardwired to protect the innocent, I’d let this shadow mage summon the Wild Hunt and go on a murderous rampage to overthrow the humans in a heartbeat.

And this arrogant drow thinks I don’t have what it takes because I’m too nice? Oh honey, do you think I wear these bladed fans just for show?

He’s grumpy. She’s pure sunshine. 
The world is on the brink of chaos… and they’re expected to save it. 

Preferably before they kill each other.


One last chance for Glory. One last hope for humanity.
A ship pulled out of mothballs by the original crew, sent to fight a war humanity was losing.

Glory barely survived its last battle twenty years earlier. Captain Drake resigned rather than face court martial. But the enemy is back. Humanity needs everything that can fly.

Maybe it’s not the ship at all, but the crew. They hold the key.

Drake rallies old and young alike to comply with orders so secret, even he wasn’t allowed to see them until after the ship left the junkyard. Would it leave? That was another question. The core hadn’t been fired in twenty years.

The smell of decay filled the massive ship’s corridors. The stench of death lingered, the death of Drake’s crew, a nightmare from long ago.

The Paragon have weapons that humanity couldn’t contemplate. But here they were, suing for peace. The people of Earth jumped at the carrot. The end of war! Could it be too good to be true?

Drake had his orders from an admiral who knew too much. Glory must launch.

And with it, the fate of humanity rested on the shoulders of a broken crew, carrying a weapon like no other, hoping for one clear shot.

One last chance for Glory.

Harold Robbins Thriller Collection


Dive into four page-turning thrillers full of flawed and complicated heroes – ambitious and dynamic Brad Rowan, Vietnam veteran Gareth Brendan, two ruthless daughters, and Diogenes Alejandro Xenos who quickly becomes an outlaw in his own country.

Harold Robbins captures our external desires vividly in these enduring parables of success and struggle. In these tales, morality and decency mean nothing in a place where respect is gauged by the size of your expense account…and everyone follows the golden rule: sex sells.

The Harold Robbins Thriller Collection includes: Never Leave Me, Dreams Die First, Goodbye, Janette and The Adventurers.

The Western Adventures of Cade McCall Box Set

In the West, legends aren’t born. They’re forged in gunpowder and grit…

Award-winning author Robert Vaughan delivers books 1-4 of the thrilling western series, The Western Adventures of Cade McCall.

As long as he’s lived, Cade McCall has had to fight through hell to survive. Long nights in a Yankee P.O.W. camp left the soldier bruised and bloodied, but it’s a shock close to home that cuts closest to the bone. Forced to start over again, Cade thinks his luck has turned around when he meets a beautiful woman. He should’ve known the encounter was a trap…

Follow Cade as he rides the Chisholm Trail, searches for justice, gets caught up in Dodge City, and defends himself against Indians.

Includes books 1-4 of The Western Adventures of Cade McCall: Long Road to Abilene, Cade’s Revenge, Cade’s Redemption and Cade At The Walls.

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