Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

It’s been a cold couple of days across much of the U.S. and where I live. At least this bitter cold is short-lived and it will warm up a bit for a few days. I don’t like the bitter cold. I don’t know many people who do.

Can you believe today is February 1? In two weeks, it will be Valentine’s day and then another two weeks and March will be upon us. I swear this year is speeding past faster than the last year and last year was fast!

There are some really great deals available this week! Remember, it’s important to check the prices before you one-click as sometimes prices don’t get decreased in time.

Reading-related question! How many books have you read so far this year?

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Opus X: Fleet of One Complete Series Boxed Set

Humanity is wounded and reeling. The elite pillars of society launched a brutal betrayal that almost doomed billions.

As humanity struggles to recover, the paranoid central government has risen and adopted policies that plunge the species into more risk than ever.

It’s up to two unlikely heroes to save humanity.

Grab this complete series boxed set and join Cyrus and Kat as they fight to prevent the downfall of humanity!

A chance archaeological discovery on a human frontier colony launches the deadliest race in galactic history.

When the discovery of the ancient artifact is interrupted with surprising violence, the government becomes convinced the finding could unlock the long-lost knowledge of a powerful and ancient extinct alien race.

It’s up to tough xenoarchaeologist Cyrus and newly-minted spy and ex-soldier Kat to save humanity.

One is obsessed with science and the other with duty. The team must learn to work together with the help of an AI ally who isn’t fond of intelligences limited by such quaint restraints as flesh and blood.

But they’re not the only ones interested in the discovery.

A dark threat swirls in the shadows, hidden among the smugglers, pirates, and insurrectionists who have grown bolder in the recent years of chaos.

He will uncover the lost knowledge, no matter the risk. She’s prepared to defend humanity from all enemies. If they can survive their first mission, they might have a chance.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Second Contact
  2. Dark Shadow of Revenge
  3. Into The Unknown And Back
  4. The Hidden Terror
  5. Glory and Sacrifice
  6. The Nightmare Awakens

The Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged Omnibus Collection

9 Books and over 2000 pages of magic, deranged chaos, and werewolf shenanigans fill this expansive urban fantasy omnibus collection.

Welcome to the Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged.

I’m Doctor Cain. I’ll be supervising your treatment plan.
Yes, before you ask, I am that Cain.
I’ve come a long way since I became the world’s first murderer.
I’m now a licensed psychiatrist.
What is it you just asked? You heard that I was cursed?
Yes, I’m also the world’s first werewolf…
But don’t worry. I have it under control.
It won’t interfere with your progress at Vilokan Asylum.

The Curse of Cain
Razing Cain
Cain and Angel
The Mark of Cain
Cain and the Cowl
Cain and the Cauldron
Cain’s Cobras
Crazy Cain
The Wrath of Cain

What are readers saying about The Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged?

★★★★★ At the very least, and I hate to tell you this, Mr. Monroe, but I don’t think they can get any better than this. Unfortunately, that means it’s all downhill from here…. (Amazon Reviewer, Crazy Cain)

★★★★★ Ever wonder what happened to Cain after he killed Abel, let alone his relationship with Seth and his parents ? In this non canonical fictional extension of Bible, supernatural and horribly bad DAD jokes you find out. (Amazon Reviewer, The Curse of Cain)

★★★★★ As I frequently mention whenever I review a Theophilus Monroe book, I LOVE HIS BOOKS!!! As with all his books, I devoured it in a few hours, impossible to put down! I love how he takes a topic we’re all familiar with and totally turns it on it’s head! Adding a new twist on Cain and Abel is one of my favourite. We all know that particular story and how it ended, right? Wrong! Yes, Cain DOES kill Abel, but Theo breathes new life into this account, what we know still stands as truth, but with so much more interesting aspects. (Amazon Reviewer, Cain’s Cobras)

★★★★★ Can’t get enough of Cain! I was on an emotional roller-coaster with this book and reached for my tissue box by the end. Happy tears or sad tears?? I’m not saying. Buy with one click and find out. You won’t regret it. (Amazon Reviewer, The Wrath of Cain)

The Sprite Who Came in From the Cold

She’s not from this world…but she’s the only one who can save it. 

Dai is a perfect weapon–strong enough to bend steel and trained by the best ex-ACE in the business. She can take down almost any Terror Earth has to throw at her…or so she thought.

After a botched mission lands them in hot water with an angry Italian Elf, Dai wakes up in the clutches of a mad scientist, who runs a lab designed for one thing–breaking her. It won’t matter how fast she is, how strong, she can’t fight this.

Or so they think.

Book Three of the Sorcerer Spy series, The Sprite Who Came In From the Cold is a race against the clock adventure with the fate of the world at stake. Heroes will be pushed to cross their moral lines and confront the demons that haunt them as they strive to do what’s right. Harry Dresden meets Mission Impossible, the Sorcerer Spy Books will make you laugh, make you think, and above all will make you keep turning the next page.

Sign Your Fears Away

Norah Wintry is a Witch with a dream job. A Hollywood agent getting magical actors’ parts in blockbuster films.

It’s a niche field with unique problems. Somebody gets shrunk down to toadstool size and suddenly everyone’s upset. Welcome to L.A.

No worries. Norah will fix it.

She has a great family, a crackerjack assistant, and her business is taking off.

Until things start going wrong.

Actors are being injured, magic is causing accidents, and someone is hunting down former Silver Griffin Agents.

Which makes it her business. Her parents are Silver Griffin agents in hiding.

Norah never intended to get involved in her parent’s line of work. Whole other kind of agent – with real weapons and injuries that are harder to fix.

But someone is muscling in on her business and maybe her life.

Can Norah figure out who’s hurting magicals in Hollywood, reverse a curse on her roommate, and save her company? How about just stay alive?

Shadow Over Telis

I was soon to take my rites as a priest of Varuda, the One God. Most of the time, the journey would take acolytes to find some peculiar treasure of the natural world or perhaps end a dispute in a far-off village. It was my Vahami, ‘my blessed path’. If I had only known before my journey what the truth was.

For myself, it seemed simple. The Western seaside city of Telis has ceased its offerings of fresh fish and spices. While there had been some scrolls sent back and forth, the answers received from the Lord of Telis were short and vague. It had seemed simply that something was afoot in the city.

That was then.
Before they came.

…and I can only say that my recollection of these events might indeed trouble the most stalwart of warriors but it was as I scribe.

I just hope someone reads this so they can save their own world for there may no longer be time for my own.

Florida Man: The Complete and Unabridged Series


In Florida Man, Gary Duba’s having a bad day. There’s a snake in his toilet, a rabid raccoon in the yard, and his girl Krystal’s in jail for getting naked at a Waffle House and licking the manager.

Gary’s a redneck living in a trailer by the swamp. But he’s got dreams, big dreams. Every time he tries to get ahead, fate deals him a low blow. But then he gets lucky…

With his best friend, Floyd, Gary sets out to sell his prized Barry Bonds rookie card to raise the five hundred needed for bail. But things always find a way of getting out of hand.

“Florida Man will make you laugh out loud. It’s sui generis.”


In Hogzilla: following his newfound fame for apprehending Plastic Surgeon to the Stars and serial killer Dr. Vanderlay Mukerjee, Gary moves back into the five-million-dollar mansion he bought with his lottery winnings. What was formerly Turpentine Acres is now Kensington Gardens, an upscale community that frowns upon Gary’s lawn ornaments and Confederate flag.

But when a thousand-pound feral hog begins savaging Kensington Gardens, the HOA calls on Gary to deal with the monster. Gary must also contend with wild hippos, a swimming pool full of iguanas, a robot buffalo with alien multiple personality disorder, and his girl Krystal’s upcoming wrestling match with the transgendered Thing Called Xue.

“Mike Baron has crafted a comic masterpiece of a novel. Unforgettable, colorful cast, Sustained comedy gold on every page.” – Chuck Dixon, author of the Levon Cade Series


In Catfish Calling: as Gary and Krystal drag Prince Larry and Princess Regan, through the mud, a snapping turtle latches on to the prince’s manhood and a debate breaks out on whether to release the video.

Will it help or hurt the Royal Ducats?

Gary brawls with a man in a bunny suit at Wacky World. Venezuelans use Gary’s property for drug deals. Legendary dadaist Claude Balls stuns the world with his creations. Leotis, a giant Mekong catfish, becomes Gary’s friend and advisor, but only Gary can see the painfully shy Leotis – perhaps it was that cane toad Gary licked. Krystal trains to fight Lucha Libre sensation Javelina.

“It’s completely unpredictable, loaded with laughs and action, and it’s a blast to read!”

Florida Man: The Complete and Unabridged Series contains the following books:

Florida Man
Catfish Calling

Skills To Kill

From the creator of Scott Stiletto, an explosive four-book collection featuring Steve Dane and Nina Talikova! You’ve never read action like this before!

Lovers, spies, killers. Steve Dane & Nina Talikova make the world their playground, but the exotic lifestyle of these former operatives conceals a higher purpose. From the canals of Venice to the streets of Moscow and all points in between, Dane & Nina follow their own moral code to serve justice where there is none, one bullet at a time.

This collection includes Skills to Kill, Another Way to Kill, Live to Kill, and the never-before-published Mine to Avenge, four action-packed thrill rides that will leave you on the edge of your seat and gasping for more!

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