Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

The year is quickly winding down. This year, I decided to try something new and started working on production planning and potential trip planning at the end of this year so I can target out financial goals for everything way ahead of time. I’m not sure where work or fun will take me in my travels this coming year, but I do hope I get to go on some new adventures in between writing and working.

I mentioned last time I wanted to get some Christmas decorations set up outside. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet and hoping to maybe get some done before the snow comes in next week (assuming that it doesn’t miss us entirely like it did last time).

As the year winds down, what are some of your favorite books you purchased this year? Did they come from emails from us, or did you pick them up elsewhere?

Did you have any reading goals for the year and did you accomplish them? If you are short for some reading goals, I’m sure we can help get you there with books each week through the end of the year. 🙂

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

The Expanding Universe 8

Explore the universe… with the 8th Volume of The Expanding Universe
“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” Arthur C Clarke penned those words, and they stand true to this day. Do we want to be alone? Leave it to science fiction authors to address that question in equal measure.

Aliens can be peaceful or not. Who will emerge as the superior strain of intelligence? Humanity may be new to the game, but they aren’t new to conflict.

Fantastic races vying for dominance. A microcosm of the greater good. Battles fought for higher ideals. Battles fought just to survive.

War doesn’t care about human or alien. The soldiers fight, and they fight hard, as if their lives depend on it.
Because they do.
Contributing Authors and Stories:

Remora Alien by Lawrence M. Schoen
An immortal assassin must consider if he is still human

To Catch a Thief by Mark Henwick
Stranded on an icy moon in the remote and lawless Frontier, merchanter Sam must sup with the devil to get her spaceship repaired, and she’s all out of long spoons.

The Rule of Belief by Kelly Curtis
NASA chose me to assess how people would react to the news there is life on other planets; to my surprise the aliens chose me too.

Finders Keepers by Jerry Shepard
A quick score leads to more than they bargained for

Genetic Dust by E. L. Strife
A rescue mission leaves a security officer stranded and unveils a secret that could turn the tide of an ancient war.

The Darenti Incongruity by Julia Huni
When Lieutenant Nate Kassis gets trapped on an alien planet, he discovers something that will change the galaxy—if he gets back to his team.

“Down to the Bone” by Jonathan P. Brazee
When stripped of her military tech, can a wounded combat engineer survive an enemy killer bot?

For the world Is hollow…by Craig Martelle
A story of two scientists seeking a single truth.

Free Trader Complete Omnibus

(KCD $1.99)

With a vision of a world free from war, one man and a cat set out to make their fortune.

The most lucrative? Trading in tech of the ancients. If they could find it and bring it to willing buyers. If only it were that easy.

But then everything changed. It became bigger than Braden and the Golden Warrior.

Braden only wanted free trade. But there needed to be peace.
And that became his mission.

Joined by a cast of sentient characters, Braden and G-War fight for all humanity.

All nine books of the Free Trader in one collection.

  • 1: The Free Trader of Warren Deep
  • 2: The Free Trader of Planet Vii
  • 3: Adventures on RV Traveler
  • 4: Battle for the Amazon
  • 5: Free the North!
  • 6: Free Trader on the High Seas
  • 7: Southern Discontent
  • 8: The Great Cat Rebellion
  • 9: Return to the Traveler

Join Braden, the Golden Warrior, Micah, Aadi, Skirill, and the rest on a grand adventure across the length and breadth of Planet Vii.

Metal Legion Complete Series Omnibus

(KCD $1.99)

Victory or death! Fight to survive.

The complete set in one package – as much military science fiction adventure as your heart can handle. Aliens. Galactic conquest. Grunts. And firepower. Humanity learns that it’s not the biggest or the baddest in the universe, but that doesn’t stop them.

Scorpion’s Fury:

Who kicks off the battle? Cannon fodder. Soften up the enemy. The Metal Legion. Old mechs crewed by former prisoners with nowhere else to go. They carry the burden. They bear the pain.

But they don’t want to die. “Never fight fair when fighting for your life” The motto of the Metal Legion. They fight to win.

The mechs stand tall, or crawl, or run, or scamper. A dozen different designs, held together by rough welds and sheer willpower. And the soldiers within, like Xi Bao who refuses to give up.

Taking her armor underground, she finds the enemy, in numbers far greater than she was told. Knee deep in the war, her crew gives their old mech new vigor for one last chance at glory.

Victory or death! More ammo. More missiles. More beds in the hospital.

All 8 books included in this GIANT omnibus:

  1. Scorpion’s Fury
  2. Frozen Fire
  3. Hellfire
  4. Lunar Assault
  5. Watery Grave
  6. Cry Havoc
  7. Search & Destroy
  8. End of War

Metal Legion – climb the ramp and come along for the ride. It’ll be bumpy and hot, but fire the mains and full speed ahead. Read Metal Legion today.

Star Forged


A gateway to the stars. A colonization mission gone wrong. New powers found in dark corners of space.
The Marines hold the fate of our universe in their hands.

It was supposed to be a peaceful exploration, Earth’s first step in expanding to the stars. But, no plan survives first contact. Thrown into a battle for survival against the deadliest threats imaginable, the Marines must contend with ice and desert planets with mysterious creatures, along with a history of turmoil that threatens to spill over to Earth if not checked.

Meanwhile, a genetically-engineered threat rises on Earth—one that holds the secret to this intergalactic war. Will our heroes in space survive long enough to make a difference? Can Earth’s forces solve the mystery and put the pieces together in time? They damn well better hurry, or an ancient, long-forgotten enemy will gain an unassailable foothold in their control of the universe and all within.

Fans of Stargate, Pern, Avengers, and Mass Effect will fall for this epic space fantasy.

Robert Vaughan’s Arrow & Saber

New York Times bestselling author Robert Vaughan’s harrowing and exciting series following US Army Cavalry officer Marcus Cavanaugh, complete and unabridged for the first time! 

Fresh from West Point, Second Lieutenant Marcus Cavanaugh arrives with a platoon of recruits from the East into territory seething with Indian trouble. Two Eagles and his renegade band of Cheyenne warriors have broken the peace, raiding railroad crews and wagon trains, slaughtering men, women, and children, then disappearing into the hills.

Scouting for Two Eagles war party, Cavanaugh, at last, discovers their winter village, barely escaping with his life to report back to the fort. But nothing in his military training has prepared him for the savagery and danger he encounters as he leads his men against hostile braves in the bloody battle known as the… OUSHATA MASSACRE

Fort Wallace, Colorado Territory: 1873

After reports of brutal Cheyenne attacks on small ranches, young Captain Marcus Cavanaugh and his men saddle up to intercept the renegade band. While they’re gone, a grief-stricken settler takes matters into his own hands and ambushes an Indian camp, killing several braves.

Angered by the cowardly slaughter of his people, Chief Silver Bear vows revenge by enlisting the neighboring Sioux and Arapaho nations to declare war on the white man. When regular patrols can’t stop the raiding parties, Captain Cavanaugh volunteers to take his company of Quick Riders to wipe out the hostiles and head off a full-scale uprising. But in a predawn attack, the three nations surround Cavanaugh’s troops camped on a small island in the Arikaree River. Pinned down by enemy crossfire and low on supplies, they fight to hold their ground in the bloody battle for… CAVANAUGH’S ISLAND.

Sweetwater Creek, Texas: 1876

Only wisps of smoke and buzzards engorged on human flesh remain after Comanche warriors attack a stage relay station in the Texas Panhandle. Leading a company of untested recruits to an outpost on Sweetwater Creek, Major Marcus Cavanaugh finds the gruesome evidence and realizes he has a full-scale Indian uprising on his hands.

With stagecoaches, homesteaders, and cattle drovers crossing the Panhandle for Arizona Territory and the Kansas railheads, hundreds of lives are still at stake. But before Cavanaugh can whip his troops into shape, a wagon train rolls straight into a Comanche ambush. Ready or not, Cavanaugh is forced to head his men into the brutal hell of an all-out… COMANCHE WAR.

Fort Keogh, Wyoming: 1878

After surviving bloody ambushes by renege Sioux warriors, Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Cavanaugh finds his welcome at Fort Keogh to be hardly a warm one. Major Templeton, the officer who built the fort, is outranked by Cavanaugh and unwilling to play second fiddle to the new commander.

With a mutiny and the chain of command endangered, the Sioux begin attacking. Though Cavanaugh orders caution, his subordinate boasts that he could rout the entire Sioux nation with a handful of pony soldiers. The disgruntled major leads his troops straight into a vicious Sioux trap. Now Cavanaugh and the few good men he has left must defeat the savages, and avenge… THE TEMPLETON MASSACRE.

Robert Vaughan’s Arrow & Saber: A US Cavalry Adventure Series contains the following complete and unabridged titles:





The Christmas Clock and A Song For My Mother

From New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin comes an inspiring and romantic duo – two heartwarming, feel-good stories.

Teddy Winters was eight years old that Christmas, too young to understand all the undercurrents swirling around him in the tiny Michigan town of Dreyerville. He wasn’t able to value that Christmas for the miracle it truly was. Teddy only knew he wanted to buy the beautiful Victorian clock in the window of Tremont Antiques as a gift for his grandmother, Lottie Sparks, a woman desperate to find him a home before her rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s left him an orphan. Everything changes for Teddy that year when he meets Sylvia Winters and Joe Dixon.

“The perfect stocking stuffer for the romance reader on your holiday list.” – Kristin Hannah, author of The Nightingale

Ten years after running away and eloping with her high school boyfriend, Marly Hanson returns to her hometown at the request of her daughter, Katie, who has recently been treated for brain cancer. Living next door to Marly’s mother, Winnie, is handsome sheriff and widower Reed Bennett, and his son, Ham. Ham and Katie become fast friends, while their parents find their attraction to one another going deeper than mere friendship. But Marly’s time in Dreyerville is limited and risking her heart isn’t something she’s willing to do. Will they all get the happy ending they deserve?

“Kat Martin has the uncanny and delicate ability to pluck the heartstrings of the reader, and she’s done it again with pitch-perfect tone.” – Patti Callahan Henry, author of The Perfect Love Song

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