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Wickedly Awesome Book Giveaway Day 5

Take a sneak peek at today’s book: Victorious Redemption Book One: Sins of the Father

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Sins of the father e-book coverSins of the Father:

Jasmine is coming back for the man who killed her.

After a late night rendezvous with a stranger goes sideways, Jasmine finds herself waking to a man holding a gun loaded with silver bullets. In her final moments, she hears her killer utter her long-lost father’s name.

Her world should have ended when she tumbled from that 17th-story window…

Instead, she dug herself out of her own grave.

Fueled by confusion, Jasmine is lost and alone in the city she once called home. Unable to tap into her Were powers, she will need to rely on her newly-emerging abilities to navigate the seedy underbelly of the city.

Who is her father? What does Deshawne Pierce want with her? Who is the strange half-fairy who runs her local tavern?

All these questions demand answers. If Jasmine can rise from the grave, surely the truth can, too?

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