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Wickedly Awesome Book Giveaway Day 2

Take a sneak peek at today’s book: Supernatural Criminal Investigations Book One: The Kindling Burns

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The Kindling Burns e-book coverThe Kindling Burns:

She’s hidden her identity for years, all to keep her and her family safe, but running from supernatural beings comes at a cost.

When her daughter unexpectedly dies, under mysterious circumstances, Katherine is left with more questions than answers and a sinking feeling that her past has come back to haunt her.

Approached by the US Army’s Central Investigation Division, Kat is asked to head an elite top secret team that specializes in cold case murders. But these aren’t just any ordinary murders…

Kat is being pulled back into the dangerous world she so desperately tried to escape, one where vampires exist… and will soon walk openly among humans.

This may be her only chance at answers and some risks are worth taking. Even exposing her biggest secret of all….

The Kindling Burns is the first book in a hit new series, Supernatural Criminal Investigations. Where darkness comes to the light. It’s time to expose the truth.

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