Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Today was a grossly hot day. By gross I mean it got to 102 and it was quite sticky outside. But this is the last hot day for a while, at least I hope, as a cool front rolls in tonight and the highs look to be relatively seasonable for the next 10 days. Maybe I’ll even get some yard work and Halloween decorating done next week if things continue to be nice! We’ll have to see.

I had a nice book haul come in last week. An author I have been reading for a little while had his first epic fantasy released by a traditional publisher. I normally wait for mass-market paperbacks, but felt he deserved me getting the hardcover book. I’ll still get the paperback in a few months when it releases. I also got the next three paperbacks in the Mercy Thompson series since I haven’t read them yet.

I’ve also been binge-watching shows and just finished what is currently out on Hulu of Fear the Walking Dead. There is some good storytelling there. When I was in Australia I watched a few shows, including Titans. I enjoyed the downtime and the shows.

What are you looking forward to with the change in season?

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Age of Madness Collection: Three Complete Series

Two hundred years ago the earth was destroyed by the World’s Worst Day Ever and civilization has fallen.

Life on Earth will never be the same.

Who will guide them through this period of madness into a new world that unfolds after apocalypses?

Three heroines rise to rebel, fight for justice and defend the helpless to secure humanity’s future as they head into a journey to the Age of Magic.

In this collection, get three complete series set in the Age of Madness, part of the massive Kurtherian Gambit Universe, and join these heroines on their adventures!

Birth of Magic Series:

In the brief pause between apocalypses, one woman standing for honor, courage, and commitment will bring the UnknownWorld back from the brink.

WWDE+210 – Earth is silent.

Sarah Jennifer Walton had turned her back on humanity after losing everything.

Now she’s their only hope.

Civilization has fallen in all but a few places as the Madness ravages Europe and Asia. America is the last holdout against the corruption causing nanocytes to malfunction.

Bethany Anne is far away fighting for the survival of the entire universe, unaware that her technology has turned on humanity.

Earth needs a protector from Bethany Anne’s line, and the Kurtherian Lilith has found her champion.

Sarah Jennifer might not be Bethany Anne’s last blood descendant on Earth, but she’s the only one with the ability to unite Salem’s Weres and magic users and shape them into a force capable of facing the Madness head on.

Live Free or Die Series:

Ryder has been held against her will for twenty years … Now it’s time for some payback!

Two hundred years ago the earth was destroyed by the World’s Worst Day Ever. Keeping his head down for the last few centuries, a mutated vampire has taken advantage of the new post-apocalyptic normal.

Now, Ryder is provided an opportunity to escape his tyrannical rule… But she won’t stand for simply disappearing, it’s time for justice.

Taking one mutated vampire down should be no problem, right?


Throw in a newly developed herd of zombies, and Ryder is facing a full recipe for disaster.

Get ready to enjoy the ride!

The Caitlin Chronicles:

The Governor she trusted to protect her wants her dead. The target she was sent to capture wants to help her live.

When Caitlin finally gets the chance to join her brother on a mission outside of the walls of the town she has been trapped inside all of her life, her entire reality is shaken.

Enemies appear in the strangest of places. The zombie-like ‘Mad’ roam the forests. Vampires and Werewolves from the fairy tales of her childhood become reality as Caitlin is forced to discover the truth of the Age of Madness and begin the fight for justice.

Can Caitlin lead the charge on freedom, and start the revolution that will change her world?

Set within the wonder of the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, discover the chaos and insanity of the Age of Madness—a time when the world turned on its head, and nothing is as it appears…

The Flux Engine

John Porter didn’t expect his experiment to go horribly awry and send every Tommy in town on a rampage.

The steam-powered metal men tore down half of Sprocketville before they were stopped. After that debacle, John expected a visit from the sheriff … not a robber who stole his heirloom crystal—a mysterious gift from his long-lost mother—and then shot him in the chest for good measure.

Left for dead, John is revived, and then deputized, by legendary lawman Wild Bill Hickok, who represents shadowy powers that are also after John’s crystal. Throwing in with Hickok and the daughter of the world’s greatest thief, John embarks on a perilous journey to recover his crystal, discover his legacy, and ultimately save the world from a villain who intends to use the crystal to create the most deadly weapon ever known.

Devils and Dragons

There’s power in dragon blood…

It’s also delicious! 

No one really knows what to do when a dragon shows up in town.

I called the exterminator. He hung up on me.

I guess it’s up to me to take these monsters on… 

I have to use their magic against them. It’s the only way I can stop them.

Corbin has consumed dragon blood—now he can turn into one!

I’m training with the Wyrmriders to take him down…

But there’s something a lot darker and—if you can believe it—scarier than dragons that are involved in Corbin’s insidious scheme.

Can I stop him? Or will Corbin unleash hell on earth?

The Iron Door

Antiquities dealer and television personality Brian Sadler joins his old friend Harry Harrison, whose term as U.S. president is ending, in a trip to the mountains of southwestern Oklahoma in search of a fabled lost cavern.

The Cave of the Iron Door is a legendary depository for vast treasure—outlaw loot or Spanish gold, perhaps—that several people claim to have seen over the past hundred and fifty years. On certain days when the sun’s rays hit a remote canyon wall for a few seconds at sunset, the glimmering reflection of an iron door can be seen high in the cliffs.

Brian and Harry venture into the rugged Wichita Mountains to learn the truth behind the legend, but discovering what lies within the cramped, winding passages is much different and far more dangerous than either could have dreamed possible.

Brian’s wife Nicole Farber is thrust into a role she never imagined and faces an extortionist who threatens to reveal a dark secret from her past. What he wants is the same thing her husband seeks, and he will go to any length to stop Brian and take everything for himself.

When an earthquake closes the only way out for Brian and Harry, a strange man who calls himself the Protector offers to help, but is he on their side or that of their adversary? Facing death in a cave, they make a decision that could cost them everything…or allow them to prove the legend real.

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