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Gallow Hills Academy Year One: Sorrow and Joy

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Free bird? Don’t make me laugh.

I’m Mavis Merlini and I want out. Of my shady family, this rowdy school, maybe even the world.

My brother got kicked out of Gallows Hill School for inciting mermaid violence. I’m determined to cut out all distractions and be the first of my six siblings to actually graduate. Which means living on campus and ignoring my extroverted roommate.

All my plans are doomed to failure when a goth lion shifter in a trench coat drops his feather. Of course I pick it up. It’s shiny and I’m a raven shifter. I swear I meant to give it back. But now it’s magically bonded to me and I can’t. Now I’ve got obligations to a Faerie Monarch on top of everything else. And if I shirk them, I’ll spend a hundred years in his dungeon.

Can I soar through this double life, or will I end up failing to launch?


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