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The last few days have been busy doing some cleaning, organizing, laundry and fixing a few things my kittens broke (and hoping I can fix the printer that is broken and I’m not sure what is wrong with it). It’s been slightly warmer the last few days, so I’ve taken advantage of that to let fresh air in the house while I work and to dust things off. I have a lot more I want to get done, but it’s a slow process.

There is a very long to-do list of things I need to get done before June (like a garage sale) and before August (more stuff to get rid of). Let’s hope I can cross a few more of these tasks off my list.​ It doesn’t leave a lot of time for reading or writing, but it needs to get done.

There are some GREAT books on our list this week. I hope you check them out below and grab the ones that appeal to you!​​​

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This Week’s Special Deals

Unstoppable Liv Beaufont Complete Series Boxed Set

Grab your copy of the Complete Unstoppable Liv Beaufont Boxed Set today!

This giant boxed set included all 12 books in the original series!

Olivia Beaufont likes fixing things and keeping to herself. She’s simple like that—but her life is about to drastically change.

Liv is a rebel with royal blood who abdicated her birthright. A string of murders changes everything and the House of Seven asks her to take on a role as a Warrior, one of seven positions revered for protecting magic.

Although Liv would rather stay out of the politics and conspiracies that she ran away from years ago, her family needs her. It’s only a twelve-year stint until her sister, the next in line, can take over.

So, what’s the harm in activating her magic and accepting her place as a warrior?


Justice hasn’t been properly served by the House of Seven in a long time.

Not until now.

Included in this fantastic collection of almost 3,000 pages are the following books:

  1. The Rebellious Sister
  2. The Uncooperative Warrior
  3. The Defiant Magician
  4. The Triumphant Daughter
  5. The Loyal Friend
  6. The Stubborn Advocate
  7. The Unrelenting Fighter
  8. The Ferocious Force
  9. The Passionate Delegate
  10. The Unlikely Heroes
  11. The Creative Strategist
  12. The Born Leader
Here’s your chance to get the entire exciting Urban Fantasy series that proves Family is Forever at a fantastic discount!

The Truth of the Matter

With a cast of strong characters, Reg Quist delivers a contemporary Christian western romance with a few surprises along the way.

Danny, a newcomer to the area who only wants to be left alone, is caught up in a traumatic situation involving Maria. The daughter of a wealthy local rancher, Maria wants it all, until she finds herself at the point where all she wanted was to survive. Although Danny is primarily responsible for saving the young woman’s life, the girl’s father believes there is more to the story.

Through the events that follow, Danny is introduced to people who will change his life forever. Along the way, the somewhat naive young man continues with his fledgling cattle business, while trying to sort out what is happening in his life.

In the end, Danny wins the heart of a woman. But which woman will it be? Or, in fact, who won who?

Sweet Potato Pie

25 Tales of the Surreal and Fantastic!

A farmboy knows that if you plant sweet potatoes just right, you’ll grow zombies that can work your fields. A would-be suicide ascends a volcano as part of corporate geomancy spectacle. A four-slice toaster muses on the meaning of life. A professor visits an oracle/prostitute to secure tenture at his university. A trickster god offers an old man new hope and an unusual beverage. A novice vampire struggles with how to survive the barest of powers. The last survivor of Atlantis redefines what’s important in life. And that’s just the beginning.

Hugo, Nebula, and Astounding Award nominee, Lawrence M. Schoen, long known for his light and humorous tales of science fiction, steps away from aliens and other worlds to explore the fantastic, giving a twist to some well-worn tropes, and conjuring up fresh surrealities for your delight. From academia to zombies, with some vampires, household pets, and fast food thrown in for good measure, this collection will have you coming back for seconds, because at the end of the day, it’s all about the pie

Terradox Fifth Anniversary


A planet that shouldn’t exist. An adventure you’ll never forget.

With Earth in turmoil under the iron fist of a despotic Global Union, a small group of exiles flees for the safety of a distant research station.

They were heading for Venus. Somewhere else found them first.

Crash-landing on an uncharted world full of wonders wasn’t what anyone had in mind, and the irresistible temptation to explore and conquer the incredible landscape reveals new dangers hiding around every corner.

Everything rests on the survivors’ ability to unravel the mystery of their increasingly hostile new world, but Terradox will not give up its secrets without a fight…


** BRAND NEW FOR 2022! This Fifth Anniversary Edition of Terradox includes the full novel, the full prequel (Terradox Zero: Before The Crash), along with some great never-before-seen content — created especially for this new edition — such as a reader Q&A and an author retrospective. **

Eat, Drink, and Be Wary

“An entertaining short story collection of speculative fiction . . .”—Booklist

Food. We use it to celebrate, to provide both comfort and energy, and to show our love. There’s something about mixing a pinch of this and a dash of that to create something new. And when you pair it with the perfect drink . . . *chef’s kiss*

Stories can do the same thing. They can be a celebration, bring us comfort and energy, and help us express our love. And when the perfect character is paired with the perfect plot . . . well, then you have something worth devouring.

So take a place at the table, and let’s see what’s on the menu.

For starters, gather your pennies to bid for the last two jars of peaches for sale in an apocalyptic future. Follow it up with a slice of pizza guaranteed to bring love into your life. Dig into a shrimp and pasta dish so flavorful, you’d swear it was some kind of witchcraft. Grab a plate of “Lloyd’s Secret Surprise”—it’s out of this world! And for dessert, choose between some very memorable homemade cookies, a slice of chocolate cream pie worth dying for, or a life-sized gingerbread house—just make sure it’s not occupied before you start nibbling at the door.

This collection of nineteen stories is packed full with hearty plots, meaty characters, and a surprising and mysterious twist at the end to serve as the perfect dessert. Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: Stories with a Delicious Twist is the seventh anthology edited by Lisa Mangum and published by WordFire Press. Profits support the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship fund for the Superstars Writing Seminars.

The Darkest Web
(New Release at $2.99)

John A. Russo, co-writer of the movie Night of the Living Dead, spins a tale of greed, corruption, and maliciously evil intent where anyone can become a victim…for the right price…

When Anthropology Professor Neville Pinnock, whose friend and mentor was murdered five years ago, teams up with Fiona Evans, whose sister has been recently murdered under similar circumstances, the stage is set for a showdown of biblically epic proportions. As they wend their way through lies and deception in search of the truth, the pair will encounter darkness and evil they could have never dared to believe is real.

From underground Dark Web sites showcasing brutality the likes of which has never been seen, to Manhattan boardrooms and basements concealing depravities of the foulest kind, Neville and Fiona find themselves in a battle for their very lives and souls.

Just when it seems like all is known, a twist of fate ramps up the terror even further…securing the dread right to the very last page…

“An unrelieved orgy of sadism.” —Variety on Night of the Living Dead

The Mark of Cain

Welcome to the Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged.

I’m Doctor Cain. I’ll be supervising your treatment plan.
Yes, before you ask, I am that Cain.
I’ve come a long way since I became the world’s first murderer.
I’m now a licensed psychiatrist.
What is it you just asked? You heard that I was cursed?
Yes, I’m also the world’s first werewolf…
But don’t worry. I have it under control.
It won’t interfere with your progress at Vilokan Asylum.



The Mark of Cain: When a vampire coven attempts to assassinate Cain they fall under the seven-fold curse. They become “wolves.” Now, as he’s been forced to do many time throughout the centuries, he has to help those who want him dead. After all, you can’t have wolf-vamps running loose in New Orleans. But the coven-turned-wolfpack is the least of Cain’s problems. The ancient vampire who sent the bloodsuckers to kill him to begin with is out for blood. Can Cain stop him? Cain is the pack’s alpha. The ancient vampire is their sire. Who will they obey?

The Cowl of Cain: For more than a century Cain wore the cowl. An enchanted infernal object, given him by the Witch of Endor, that prevented him from shifting every full moon. But the cowl demanded blood. It warped his mind, returning him to his murderous origins. If he didn’t kill, the cowl would do the opposite, it would reverse his curse, leaving him in werewolf form during the waxing and waning moon. Unwilling to kill again, Cain thought he destroyed the cowl. Until another werewolf appears in New Orleans, always transformed and wearing the cowl, leaving a trail of bodies in its path. When the full moon rises and their roles are reversed, Cain recognizes the cowl-wearing wolf. He’s never been so frightened

The Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged is a paranormal romp, diving into a world of voodoo, werewolves, vampires, and magic. Dr. Cain is a snarky werewolf, an Old Testament character brought to life in a modern day fantasy setting. Readers of Monroe’s Legacy of a Vampire Witch or The Legend of Nyx have met Dr. Cain before. Now, we get a deeper look into the world of magic and mayhem that is the Vilokan Asylum.

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