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​March is supposed to be in like a lion, out like a lamb, but the way the weather has been throughout the U.S. and everywhere else, I’m starting to think the phrase might be reversed this year. But with the spring solstice having just passed, it won’t be long before the crazy winds and rain lead to flowers and warmer temperatures. Both of which I am looking forward to.

​What are you looking forward to this next month and coming summer?​​

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This Week’s Special Deals

Rise of Magic Complete 2-Arc Omnibus

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” Arthur C. Clarke

She didn’t mean to use magic

She didn’t even know she HAD magic

She just wanted to save her brother, who was dying in her arms.

Accused of using illegal magic, and sentenced to a cruel death at the hands of the Arcadian Guards, Hannah has no choice but to trust in the aid of a strange old wizard who offers her the gift of unimaginable power.
But power has consequences, and soon Hannah is at the center of a city-wide war to take back the future that was stolen from them. Can she control the power that courses through her? Can she unite a team of heroes from different walks of life? Can she bring justice to Arcadia?

The Rise of Magic is an epic fantasy, set in the far future, where magic and monsters ravage the land of Irth and only the strong survive. 

The Complete Second Arc Of The Rise Of Magic

Even heroes need a vacation.

Unfortunately, Hannah and her friends chose the wrong beach.

The Oracle needs help. She’s dying, and only Ezekiel knows that the world will die along with her.

Hannah and her team take up the call without hesitation.

The only problem? It takes a freaking long time to cross the world.

While putting their quest on hold for a much needed rest stop and resupply, Karl, Hadley and Laurel get captured by some angry locals, who accuse them of kidnapping their leader’s son.

Hannah and Parker head to the rescue, leaving Gregory alone to guard the airship on a remnant infested hilltop.

What could possibly go wrong?

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, The Rise of Magic tells an entirely new story of the future of our world, and of the heroes and villains who battle for control of its destiny.

Read now and discover the Rise of Magic

The Rise of Magic Omnibusincludes the first full 2-arcs of the series (books 1-8):

  1. Restriction
  2. Reawakening
  3. Rebellion
  4. Revolution
  5. Unlawful Passage
  6. Darkness Rises
  7. The Gods Beneath
  8. Reborn

Rebel Tribe


What do you do if you wake up hundreds of light-years from home in a strange ship and someone is trying to eat you?

Jaeger can’t remember who she is or anything about her life, but she knows that’s just wrong.

The ship’s AI tells her there are thousands of other lifeforms on board, but the instruments say she’s alone—except for the killer.

Something deep inside her screams that humanity’s fate hinges on her completing her mission…whatever it is.

Jaeger must repair the ship and figure out her past while fighting for her life.

Will she survive? If she can’t recall her mission, will humanity?

From the twisted minds of Michael Anderle and Ramy Vance comes a new epic science fiction adventure unlike anything seen before.

Join Jaeger on her dangerous mission as she fights to save humanity.

Wilder West: The Complete Series: Mail Order Brides


The Wilder sisters come from a disheartening background – being raised by their unmarried mother and having no trust in men, the three sisters must now set out to find their husbands.

“Romance, action, adventure and mystery all between the covers of the books in this box set!”

EVERLY – Answering an ad for a mail order bride, she finds Ben – a man who needs a woman to help him raise his two nieces left in his care. Can they find love while dealing with both a vindictive stepmother who wants to stop her from marrying, and a meddling woman who is determined to take the children from Ben?

SARAH – Always optimistic Sarah believes in happily ever after, even after her own heartbreak. Deciding to take fate into her own hands, she answers an ad for a mail order bride. However, when she arrives in Wyoming, she discovers the very man who broke her heart standing there, determined to save her from the man she was coming to marry.

BETH – Determined not to be a burden on her mother, Beth takes a job working with the local sheriff. Hoping to use her position to help take down the much-hated Barlow men, she doesn’t plan on the feelings she will start to have for the man she is working beside. When she is charged with a crime she didn’t commit, can the man she has started to care for help her?

Wilder West: The Complete Series includes – Everly, Sarah and Beth.

Charm Runner

Running Black Market Magic is Deadly…

Winnie Durham just wants honest work in her shop selling charms.

Then Nils Kane’s Resolution 84 outlawed magic.

Caught between the law, her mother’s escalating medical bills, and a vow to never deal in dark magic, Winnie is given an opportunity that’s too good to refuse.

Will they close Winnie’s shop?

Can she stay ahead of the law long enough to discover the real reason magic was banned?

The Charm Runner is the first book in the action-packed Broken Throne series. Enter a magical world with gangsters, crooked cops, and a dark secret threatening to end it all. Join Winnie and her crew and find out what life is like as a charm runner.

Trigger warning: pregnancy loss

Oval Office Oddities

Every four years Americans go to the polls to elect a leader, someone serious, distinguished, respectable, with perfect sobriety and moral standing who will serve as a paragon for the rest of us.

But presidents and their families are people too—with quirks and character flaws like everyone else . . . and they have plenty of skeletons rattling around in their closets. Oval Office Oddities is a grand compendium of fascinating, sometimes embarrassing presidential facts, gaffes, and oddball behaviors—available in plenty of time for Election Day!

Mary Todd Lincoln had an endearing little clothing fetish . . . and once purchased 300 pairs of gloves in a single month!

No Commander in Chief bothered to visit neglected California until Rutherford B. Hayes did in 1880.

Crazy Jack: Many prominent leaders were absolutely convinced that John Adams was stark raving bonkers!

Oval Office Oddities is jam-packed with amusing anecdotes and offbeat information presented in a way that makes our nation’s history accessible, relevant, and entertaining.

Levon’s Trade

The first fast-paced installment in the thrilling, vigilante justice seriesLevon Cade.

Levon Cade left his profession behind to work construction. He just wants to live an anonymous life and be a good dad to his daughter. But when a local girl vanishes, he’s asked to return to the skills that made him a mythic figure in the shadowy world of counterterrorism.

Levon’s hunt for the missing college student takes him to the heart of a vicious criminal conspiracy, and his actions create a chain reaction that threatens all he holds dear.

It’s time for him to return to his trade. And Levon’s trade is death.

“Levon is bad ass. Makes Jack Reacher seem like a crossing guard.”

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