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The Great Insurrection Book 1: Warlord Born

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For two decades he served…

…and never questioned the orders.

Would one act of mercy cost him?

Alistair believed in the work. He was the last line of defense against the rebels’ unending war to overthrow the Commonwealth. His legend preceded him – the greatest Titan the corps had ever produced.

Alistair’s mission was simple: catch and kill two rebels. Then they said a few words that forever changed his life.

Alexander’s family had ruled the Commonwealth for ten generations. His 30-years as Emperor had been peaceful, but only because he didn’t tolerate dissent. Now, a Titan had betrayed him.

Alistair must die.

In a battle of Good vs. Evil, the stakes have never been higher.

Can Alistair survive? Or will Earth’s greatest warrior fall to its greatest ruler?

You’ll love this first book in The Great Insurrection series, because this military science fiction has a hero that will challenge an empire.

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