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Huntress of Men: 1939


In the darkest of times…

The most unlikely heroes emerge.

Europe is on the verge of World War II. Frightened citizens are fleeing the continent in droves. One ocean liner, the Ruth, is desperately trying to get to safety in America.

No one aboard knows about the predator who has stowed away.

Her name is Narama. Thousands of years ago, she was human.

Now she is…something very different. All she wants is solitude, and she’d hoped to find it in America.

Then a German battlecruiser gets the Ruth in its sights and commands the ship to return to Europe. For the desperate passengers, all hope is lost.

Narama hasn’t been in danger for a long time. It isn’t despair she feels but the cold savagery of a beast who refuses to become prey.

A ship full of innocents. Hundreds of German soldiers.

One predator stands between them…

Meet the Huntress of Men.


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