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The countdown to Halloween has begun! Our sister site LMBPN is hosting a week of FREE books. Check out the treats coming your way.


Never Dead e-book coverNever Dead:

“Why does the ghost have his head in the oven?” I groaned at the sight of Joey’s bony ass sticking out of the appliance. He hadn’t even opened the door.

Ex-burlesque dancer and aspiring author Tamara Garvey just had her world turned upside down. Her best friend died and leaves her as guardian to a teenager. Now, not only is Tamara struggling with her new role but she is also charged with caring for the family home, the Ridaught Plantation known by the locals as the Dead House.

To her surprise, the place is already occupied by an angsty ghost named Joey who has a penchant for wearing her clothes and a fascination for paranormal movies and television shows. Tamara and Joey develop an unexpected friendship but questions remain about how and when he got there. In an attempt to fit in with the suspicious small town residents, Tamara turns on the charm and decides to host a community wide Halloween party, right at the historic home. Everything turns out great until the dead begin to show up too.

Free October 25th- 29th


One Witch too Few e-book coverOne Witch Too Few:

Lily Antony is a young witch playing in a very dangerous treasure hunt.

She’s got to follow the clues her Mom left behind after her disappearance trekking the world. Maybe even put the pieces of her life back together with each one. First stop – get that cute guy, Romeo to help her out. Never hurts to have a werewolf along for the ride. Especially since Lily thinks her mom is still alive – and no one else does. Doubters gonna hate… and chase Lily and Romeo all over the world. Sounds like these doubters have something to hide?

Before she can even start, Lily loses everything she owns except for a Winnebago and a little bit of money. Doesn’t matter. This girl has a wand and a will to get the job done. Like mother, like witchy daughter. Together, Lily and Romeo head north in her Winnebago with the first real clues.
A business card written in French, a broken piece of metal and a magical speakeasy hidden beneath the streets of Montreal. Can she figure it all out and find out what happened to her mother? The race is on across the globe with other deadly players in hot pursuit of the young couple, and that team is playing for keeps. What exactly was her mother into?

Free October 25- 29


1939 e-book cover1939:

In the darkest of times…

The most unlikely heroes emerge.

Europe is on the verge of World War II. Frightened citizens are fleeing the continent in droves. One ocean liner, the Ruth, is desperately trying to get to safety in America.  No one aboard knows about the predator who has stowed away. Her name is Narama. Thousands of years ago, she was human. Now she is…something very different. All she wants is solitude, and she’d hoped to find it in America.

Then a German battlecruiser gets the Ruth in its sights and commands the ship to return to Europe. For the desperate passengers, all hope is lost. Narama hasn’t been in danger for a long time. It isn’t despair she feels but the cold savagery of a beast who refuses to become prey. A ship full of innocents. Hundreds of German soldiers. One predator stands between them… Meet the Huntress of Men.

Free October 25 – 29


Rogue e-book coverRogue:

She is crass, has attitude, drinks too much and is the only living agent working for Queen Victoria, the Paranormal Queen. In 1901, Queen Victoria passed away, and took over the responsibilities of the Paranormal Court. When Victoria ascends to the Paranormal Throne, she acquires the help of a human agent, code-named Rogue.

For well over a hundred years, this human has helped settle problems between the normal and the paranormal worlds. Usually with massive displays of attitude and disrespect. And a really, really bodacious set of…guns.

Now, Rogue has been sent to the Colonies to help stop a paranormal revolution.  Is Rogue over her head, or is someone trying to pull a fast one on her? Either way, America better be ready, because this Paranormal Agent parties like it’s still 1899!

Free October 26 – 30



Blood Sine qua Non e-book coverBlood Sine Qua Non:

I was finally getting used to life among the am’r (the name vampires use for themselves) in Romania, archiving a library of ancient texts, learning how to fight, and having lots of quality time with Sandu—who used to go by the name Dracula—perhaps you’ve heard of him? But then the dreams started. Bagamil, the maker of Sandu (and, ahem, also my lover—life has gotten a lot more exciting recently), was supposed to be on a mission to the am’r of South America, but he has been missing for months now, and those nightmares tell me that something is terribly wrong. So Sandu made rescue plans, and I insisted on coming along to help. But now I’ve been separated from all the am’r who are our allies, and I’m trapped in a booby-trapped cave system down at the bottom of the world, chased by enemy vampires with knives and guns—not fair!

And I have two problems even on top of that! First, I’m now part-am’r, which makes me smell even more delicious to them, and secondly, well, there seems to be even more bad guys than expected down here, and they all seem to be holding some deep grudges against both Sandu and Bagamil. And they want revenge right now. How can I find my beloveds without falling into a trap or being taken captive by the hangry bad guys? Once we’re all together again, how do we figure some way out of all of this? If I’ve learned anything in my time amongst the am’r, it’s only going to be by fighting our way out….

(Book one of this Series Blood Ex Libris is also on sale for .99 ¢)

Free October 28 – November 1

Initiate e-book coverInitiate:

It was just one fight, but it changed Kaiden Jericho’s life forever.

He was in a gang but was trying to change his future when a board member of the elite advanced academy NEXUS made a snap decision and offered him a chance. Then fate, or an unbalanced genius, offered him another.

The Nexus Academy is for the elite trainees from Earth, and now trials from our alien allies, as they teach the future generation how to fight, lead, hack, spy, and many other talents and tactics. Hired by companies, governments and NGOs, these graduates work to pay off the massive debt their training at the academy accumulates. You don’t become the best of the best by staying alive. With the Animus, you are closer to perfection with each death you suffer. Kaiden Jericho would rather skip the death part, thank you very much.


Free October 26 – 30



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