Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Follow up on last week’s email – I got the two items I wanted! One was the last one in stock – so last one in stock that it was the last one on display and they sold it to me. The other had a few in stock, but I got them. The one that was the last in stock was called “Frightful Feline Choir Village Accessory”. And it featured a witch directing black cats sitting in different poses on pumpkins. It was adorable.

The other was a pet cemetery that had “Adopt a pet” on it with another black cat on a pumpkin. And it lights up! I need to put batteries in, but I can’t wait!

They are adorable. And more decorations are going up this week. Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. Not gonna lie!

We have some great books for you this week. Four boxed sets, a free book, recent releases and more! Check them out below. And if you have a chance, leave some reviews when you’ve read them. I know the authors really appreciate them!

Enjoy and happy reading!

This Week’s Special Deals

Birth of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set

In the brief pause between apocalypses, one woman standing for honor, courage, and commitment will bring the UnknownWorld back from the brink. Civilization has fallen after the World’s Worst Day Ever. Sarah Jennifer Walton is Earth’s last hope to save humanity. Join her and the rest of Earth’s inhabitants on the journey to the Age of Magic.

Get the complete 3-book boxed set to discover how the new world unfolds after apocalypses.

The Line Unbroken:

In the brief pause between apocalypses, one woman standing for honor, courage, and commitment will bring the UnknownWorld back from the brink.

WWDE+210 – Earth is silent.

Sarah Jennifer Walton had turned her back on humanity after losing everything.

Now she’s their only hope.

Civilization has fallen in all but a few places as the Madness ravages Europe and Asia. America is the last holdout against the corruption causing nanocytes to malfunction.

Bethany Anne is far away fighting for the survival of the entire universe, unaware that her technology has turned on humanity.

Earth needs a protector from Bethany Anne’s line, and the Kurtherian Lilith has found her champion.

Sarah Jennifer might not be Bethany Anne’s last blood descendant on Earth, but she’s the only one with the ability to unite Salem’s Weres and magic users and shape them into a force capable of facing the Madness head on.

Walk the Line:

Sarah Jennifer Walton has pulled humanity back from the brink. Now she’s on a mission to reconnect the world.

WWDE+214 – Earth is caught in the grip of an unnatural winter.

Salem has emerged as the center of civilization on the East Coast. The barriers between the factions dropped when the UnknownWorld stepped up to protect the unenhanced from the Madness.

The Defense Force is ready to tackle Europe, the Madness, and the malfunctioning climate control system Bethany Anne left behind.

Sarah Jennifer leads the way as the pack forges new connections around the world. Not everyone takes the news of the impending break-up well.

The boy in the cabin changes everything.

In the midst of Madness, Lilith’s time is almost up, and the first human to be immune to the Madness is fighting for his survival.

Sarah Jennifer had closed herself off from the possibility of having a family of her own when she left the ranch. Now she has a choice to make.

Can she open her heart and be the guardian Ezekiel needs?

End of the Line:

WWDE+235 – The time is coming for the Defense Force to leave Earth forever.

The effort to reconnect the world has been successful, and a new home for the Defense Force chosen. All that remains is to tackle the Madness.

Sarah Jennifer is still hurting from Ezekiel’s departure. Meanwhile, Ezekiel has his own losses to contend with. A chance encounter in the woods gives him the push he needs to make things right.

While the Madness continues to rage across the globe, the solution is at hand. Before Sarah Jennifer and Esme can heal the world, the Defense Force and their allies must divert an attack on New Romanov and contain the new threat that arises there as events in space begin to affect Earth.

New beginnings, and closing doors.

With her duty to Earth almost complete, Sarah Jennifer prepares to leave Arcadia in the hands of Ezekiel and Adrien. However, there’s an extra Were in her company, and she must make the decision as to his place in her life…

Can Sarah Jennifer move past the pain of loss and allow love into her heart?

Never A Dragon

Dragons used to rule the world; those days are over. But humans, mages, and dragons have just begun learning to co-exist without conflict.

Kylara Diamantine has never met another dragon. Raised by her mother apart from the rest of their society without any idea why, she’s always been curious about the rest of their species. She wants to get out there, to meet other dragons, to explore! To stretch her wings. Literally.

Be careful what you wish for, they say. They’re right.

After a devastating magical attack on their home leaves Ky’s mother missing, she’s placed at a special school for her protection. A school for dragons – but this year, for the first time, mages will be attending alongside their scaley fellow students to learn more about magic and draconic powers.

The attacker who stole away Kylara’s mother isn’t finished yet and turns up the heat on the school. Ky’s dragon powers keep growing in mysterious ways, but will even that be enough to save her?

Ky is a stranger in a place she doesn’t know, under attack and desperate to find her missing mother. She’ll need all her courage and strength to survive the tests ahead of her.

Tastes Like Chicken

It’s a veritble cluster cluck! Dan Shamble, zombie P.I. faces his most fowl case yet, when a flock of murderous feral chickens terrorizes the Unnatural Quarter.

Also in the caseload, Dan deals with the sinister spokesman for Monster Chow Industries, a spreading contamination that drives vampires berserk, a serial-killer demon from the Fifth Pit of Hell, a black-market blood gang led by the nefarious Ma Hemoglobin, a ghost fighting a hostile takeover of his blood bars…and a cute little vampire girl who may, or may not, be his daughter.With his ghost girlfriend Sheyenne, his bleeding-heart lawyer partner Robin, and his Best Human Friend Officer Toby McGoohan, Dan Shamble is back from the dead and back on the case.

The feathers will fly as he goes face-to-beak with the evil peckers.Includes the short story “Road Kill.”

Wyrmrider Boxed Set

Four books and more than 1400 pages of mermaids, sea dragons, vampires, and voodoo fill this urban fantasy adventure box set.

You mess with this southern belle… and she’ll ring yours all the way to dinner.

Joni Campbell was raised on faith, family, and chicken fried steak.

But when she falls under a dragon’s curse she has only one option.

She must seek her ancestors in the merkingdom of Fomoria.

But is she the one who needs saving, or do they need her, curse and all, if they hope to save their world?


Wyrmrider Ascending (Book 1) – Larger than dragons. Nastier than snakes. Terrifying as hell. The wyrms have escaped the void. They threaten the underwater mer-kingdom of Fomoria and the city of New Orleans. But are the wyrms the biggest threat to emerge from the void? Will Joni be able to tame the wyrms? It may be the only chance she has to take down the voidbringer.

Wyrmrider Vengeance (Book 2) – Zombie sharks! What the…? When the animate zombie corpses, the newly crowned Fomorian Queen, Joni Campbell, has to find the caplata behind it all. Can she stop the sea-zombie apocalypse before the ocean falls or, worse, the pandemic spreads to the land?

Wyrmrider Justice (Book 3) – Time traveling ghost-pirates… just when you thought you’d seen it all. These are more than cursed pirates aboard Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl. They are commanded by a caplata and they have their sights on more than Fomoria. They want to unmake the world. But how can Joni and the wyrmriders possibly stop them when everything the ghost-pirate fleet encounters gets absorbed into their world-devastating armada?

Wyrmrider Academy (Book 4) – NEW ADVENTURE EXCLUSIVE TO THIS BOXED SET – With a new brood of wyrms coming of age more wyrmriders need to be trained. But as a half-human and an outsider, not all of the Fomorian Wyrmriders accept Joni’s rule. Now, it’s not a threat from without that threatens Fomoria but one from within. Can Joni and the wyrmriders quell the rebellion or will they depose her and unleash their plan to conquer the other Fomorian outposts and dominate the sea?

The Fomorian Wyrmriders is a thrilling adventure into a world of mermaids with dragons, vampires, voodoo witches, and other supernatural threats. This one-of-a-kind boxed set dives into an enthralling world, includes time-travel, and is chalk full with action and suspense. It also includes an unlikely slow-burn romance between the heroine and a demigod. Readers of Theophilus Monroe’s Druid Legacy met Joni Campbell before–but now she’s coming into her own as a snarky, powerful, kick butt, heroine who rides sea dragons. And yes, there are vampires in these books.

Go up and click ‘Read for Free’ or ‘Buy Now’ to begin your adventure with the Fomorian Wyrmriders!

Not Alone

We were watching the sky. They were already here.

Grab all three books in the bestselling NOT ALONE Evolution Trilogy for one incredible price, in this great value 1300-page sci-fi box set!


The pulse hits without warning

In one harrowingly destructive instant, a mysterious seismic pulse in the Scottish Highlands rips away all semblance of global security.

When peace is shattered, fear takes over.

The stakes rise without mercy

As the pulse’s chaos spreads across the world, it becomes painfully clear that Piper McCarthy — a child born like no other — might hold humanity’s only hope of averting total disaster.

But this threat isn’t coming from the stars. This time, it’s been here all along.

And worst of all, the pulses are just the beginning…

The Quintessence: Crucible Book 1 – Awakened

($2.99 but available in Kindle Unlimited)

Cultivation. Progression. Ascension.

From the #1 Bestselling Author of the LitRPG epic Barrow King.

On the world of Crucible, where humanity’s spiritual artists train to fight in a war of universal proportions, Aryc Tal Venn has the potential to be one of the gods.

But when he accidentally unleashes heretical powers during his Challenge, he is forced to flee his home or face the wrath of the Inquisition.

With his sister by his side, Aryc begins a quest to uncover the truth of his own existence.

Only to discover a terrible secret.

A secret with the power to destroy humanity.

Will Aryc master his unnatural powers in time to save the people of Crucible or will he be the harbinger of humanity’s destruction?

Awakened – Book One of The Quintessence: Crucible is the first novel in a new epic LitRPG cultivation universe brought to you by C.M. Carney, author of the #1 Bestselling LitRPG Saga The Realms.

The book is chock full of Qi cycling, measurable power progression, immortal gods, intriguing characters, deadly mysteries and universe shattering threats. It is perfect for all fans of progression fantasy, including lovers of LitRPG/GameLit, western cultivation, wuxia, and xianxia.

Curly Jack


Curly Jack and his sidekick, the retired U.S. marshal Brodie Dent, just want to live peacefully and take care of their families and ranches. But bad guys keep getting in the way.

Whenever someone is in trouble, Curly and Brodie ride to the rescue and do whatever it takes to right wrongs and keep the peace.

“McKendree Long knows how to spin a yarn.” – Johnny D. Boggs, Spur Award-winning author

Rattler’s Law, Volume One


Wild Bill Hickok may be gone, but Abilene is still a wild and woolly cow town in need of a strong marshal to bring law and order to its streets. That man is Lucas Flint . . . a legendary lawman sometimes known as the Rattler because of his swift and deadly speed with a Colt .45. Together with his deputy, dashing young gunfighter Cully Markham, Lucas Flint will take on any challenge that threatens the safety of the town and its people that he’s sworn to protect.

In this first collection of Rattler’s Law novels, Flint and Cody battle a ruthless criminal overlord who has taken over the town. A traveling circus visits Abilene, bringing with it unexpected danger. Cully finds himself at the head of a posse tracking down a gang of train robbers. Settlers want only a new place to make their homes, but a violent band of masked marauders has another idea. A half-Kiowa army scout visits Abilene, unaware that a renegade war party is on his trail. Lucas Flint travels to Wyoming to solve a murder and save an innocent woman from the gallows. Big-city criminals show up in Abilene intent on killing a famous pugilist.

Rattler’s Law, Volume One includes: The Town Tamer, Deadeye, The Train Robbers, Rancher’s Revenge, Out for Blood, Shadow of the Gallows, A Solid Right Cross, and Whiskey Trail.

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