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Can you believe Halloween is almost here? Shortly after you get this, I’m heading to the store to buy some of the CUTEST Halloween decorations I’ve seen. Just because it’s a Halloween village doesn’t mean anything. The most important thing is the pieces I’m getting have black cats on them and since I have two black kittens, it will be fitting. (And yes, I will have a Halloween village and not a Christmas village because Halloween is my favorite month. MONTH!)

Either way, I get to start putting up Halloween decorations now and I’m excited! You know, in addition to the two black cats.

We have some great books for you this week! If you like boxed sets, new releases, free books and more, this week is perfect for you!​​​​

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This Week’s Special Deals

The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Omnibus #1

Save that MONEY and buy the Boxed Set of The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone books 1 – 6

(Including Feared By Hell, Rejected By Heaven, Eye For an Eye, Bring The Pain, She Is The Widow Maker, and When Angels Cry.)

Feared By Hell

You never mess with a young girl around James Brownstone.

It doesn’t matter what crime syndicate you belong to, that just doesn’t sit well with him.

The world has changed since the news of Oriceran came out twenty years before. Now, countries all over the world have agreed to use a bounty system for dangerous criminals using advanced magic or advanced technology.

People too powerful for the cops to deal with.

Magical criminals, thugs and bounty hunters, in the future we revert to what worked in the past.

if you find out you are hunted by Brownstone, we suggest you turn yourself in.

It will save you a monumental ass-kicking.

Rejected By Heaven

Brownstone now has a young lady to support, what is he going to do?

He requests a special Oriceran artifact the Professor is willing to trade, for a price.

Shay is willing to help, so long as everyone understands her help is not free. Brownstone will do whatever it takes to help Allison, and while he is at it? The orphanage that helped him is insolvent.

Time to get tricky when the church can’t accept funds from blood projects.

Eye For an Eye

The Harriken have decided James Brownstone needs to die.

So, they put out a hit on him valued at $500,000.

Shay is working her way back to California from a raid on artifacts in Asia, but she could be too late to help. With all of Los Angeles and Southern California’s hitmen trying to take out Brownstone, even the cops are sitting this one out.

Until they don’t

Bring The Pain

The Harriken have decided James Brownstone is an unacceptable dishonor to their clan.

This time, Grandfather has hired the best assassins in the business and Shay knows them.

Shay won’t allow Brownstone to go to Japan without backup.

Her backup.

Brownstone needs to decide what he will do with the wish, and how much is he going to tell Allison?

The Harriken may have paid the piper, but James Brownstone is calling the dance.

While this is happening, Tyler has made an unexpected alliance with the law.

She Is The Widow Maker

The dark elves have come back to Earth.

They want to find the half-Drow named Alison, and to get to Alison, they need to find James Brownstone.

The Oriceran Consul doesn’t want the Drow to mess up the fragile relationship between Oriceran and Earth.

But he can only warn the obstinate Drow so many times.

The professor needs a package picked up in Washington State and returned safely to him. He figures Brownstone is the man to do it.

And he wants Shay to do him a favor, with a few zeros attached to the end of the request.

When Angels Cry

All James wanted was to get some barbeque in Vegas.

The Red-Eyes Killer decided to start his spree at the wrong time in the wrong town with the wrong little girl.

Trey comes to Vegas in search of a relative he hasn’t seen in seven years.

Could the City of Sin be bringing together some good out of tragedy?

Las Vegas PD isn’t prepared to fight high-level bounties like Los Angeles could.

Speaking of Los Angeles, Lieutenant Hall is doing something a bit shady to protect her men.

Is she becoming that which she loathes?


Memorymakers tells the story of an ancient race of beings called the Ch’Var, who live among humans. They look like humans, act like humans, talk like humans. Their appetites, though, are anything but human.

First of two collaborations between Brian Herbert and his cousin Marie Landis.

Mortality Bound – The Complete Boxed Set = https://books2read.com/u/bpaAaE

Mythical creatures are real, and the world is just finding out.

Badass, snarky heroine. The sexiest demigods this side of Valhalla… You’ll find all of this and more in the complete Mortality Bound boxed set.

Over 1500+ pages of magic and mayhem, action and humor to keep you up waaay past your bedtime!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Cupid, Hercules and a shapeshifter walk into a bar…

Isabella is a 500-year-old teenage shapeshifter on the run with her boyfriend. She’s being hunted by the world’s elite who will stop at nothing to rip out the knowledge she holds in her head.

And to think, a week ago her biggest problem was finding the number to Dominos.

Our girl did steal the secret DNA map of mythical creatures. Wonder what she’ll do with that?

The combination of what she knows and what she stole might be the key to save her kind from total extinction.

Isabella has a choice to make: run in the hopes of finding a peaceful life for her and her love … or stop and fight for the once-immortal mythical creatures who now roam our world.

If you like the Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson series or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ll be helplessly addicted to the Mortality Bites series.

NOTE: The demigods are definitely sexy (and so are the humans), but this isn’t a reverse harem. This is sassy, fast-paced, action-filled urban fantasy with a hard-fantasy twist.

Strap yourself in, because this fast-paced series promises one heck of a thrill ride. Start reading today!

This box set contains all five Mortality Bound novels

Cowgirls and Rustlers

Small-town crime and sweet cowboy romance collide as Lank Torres and Carli Jameson’s relationship grows – corruption threatens Wild Cow Ranch and town members’ livelihoods in this contemporary Christian western.

Carli teams up with smart, sassy Angie Olsen from the neighboring Rafter O Ranch to stop a group of cattle rustlers who are wreaking havoc on county livestock owners. Despite the fact that everyone keeps telling them it’s too dangerous, they set a trap to catch the rustlers on the next full moon.

To complicate matters, one of the criminals appears to be Raven, the boyfriend of one of Carli’s riding students. It’s impossible to reason with a teenager in love, which puts Carli in an impossible situation. One in which she refuses to entrust the only person who would do anything to protect her—Lank. Will she lose him in the process because of her inability to trust?

Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Six

Private Eye Writers of America Life Achievement Award winner, Richard S. Prather brings Shell Scott to life. Known for their arched humor, punchy dialogue, and sunny Southern California locale, the Shell Scott PI series is detective fiction at its finest.

I’m the happy-go-lucky private eye Shell Scott. Well at least I have a private eye when it comes to blondes, brunettes or redhead babes being involved, and I can always spot a hot tamale. You can see why I love my work. But the thing about the cases that worried Scott most was the people who turn up dead.

“One can always rely on Richard S. Prather to deliver a breezy, sex and violence filled caper.”

Shell Scott PI Mystery Series, Volume Six includes: Dead-Bang, Kill Me Tomorrow, The Meandering Corpse, Double in Trouble, Gat Heat and The Death Gods.

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