Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts! 

And somehow, just like that, it’s the middle of September. I might as well give up, buy Christmas presents and just write off the rest of the year with the way things are going.

Or maybe nix the Christmas presents. It’s been an expensive year. And my gifts to myself were new appliances.

Speaking of expenses, it’s a great thing we provide so many good books for just 99 cents or, in the case of this week, there’s three FREE books and a 10-book boxed set for 99 cents.

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This Week’s Special Deals

P.I.V.O.T. Lab Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus

A young man pushed to go on a date that went horribly wrong. An older woman dying from cancer. A man trying to recover from a mountain climbing accident. A young woman who fears sleeping. What ties them together?

They each enter into a virtual fantasy world in the hopes of either being healed or providing escape from what’s killing them while providing valuable data to doctors.

Meanwhile the game’s AI is learning, growing and is on the brink of discovery. The government is on the hunt for the secret lab and the people running it.

Who will end up healed, hidden, or found?

Get the 10-book boxed set to immerse yourself in the world of P.I.V.O.T. Labs.

Would you be willing to chance dying to come out of a coma? Would you do the same if it was your son’s life?

Mary and Senator Tad Williams pushed their son Justin to go on a date that went horribly wrong. Now, they try to figure out a way to help their son out of a coma. At almost $5,000 a day for ICU expenses, their insurance options are running out.

Amber, Nick, and Jacob built a new immersive game system for the future. The only problem is, at $800 a day, no one can afford it.

Dr. Dubois wrote a paper about how you might help a person out of a coma, but it was crushed under the might of the medical lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

Now, the three groups need each other to save a life, fight the establishment, and help a young man in need.

The only challenge is, Justin can die in real life if he dies in the game.

Will he wake up from his coma? Will lobbyists crush the principled senator who needs to talk to his son one more time?

And can Justin possibly survive inside a fantasy world built in his own mind, where pain is real?

It isn’t just the future of humanity at stake, it’s Justin’s life, too.

Included in this complete series boxed set:

  1. Unexpected Opportunity
  2. Calculated Risk
  3. Final Chance
  4. Accept No Attitude
  5. Give No Ground
  6. Hard Bought Love
  7. One Broken Life
  8. Holding Onto Hope
  9. Grasping The Future
  10. Decision Made

No Shift, Sherlock

As if bloodsuckers weren’t frightening enough…

whatever killed these people consumed their souls…

Leaving their bodies completely unscathed.

The victims had only one thing in common.

They were all attacked at my club.

But when you mess with my fans, Nicky’s fans… well, you’ll unleash Nyx and soon regret it.

The Grimoire of the Nazarene is still missing.

If the Order of the Morning Dawn finds it first, Mina will unleash a legion of angels to wipe out everything she deems unnatural: vampires, witches, me… and good people like me, people in my community.

Is there a connection between these killings and the missing grimoire?

I have reason to believe it’s all connected.

With every body that turns up at my club I suspect that Mina gets a little closer to acquiring the Grimoire of the Nazarene and ending us all.

No Shift, Sherlock is the third book in the Legend of Nyx series. If you enjoy shifter urban fantasy, vampire urban fantasy, with snarky and unlikely heroes, then you’ll enjoy this vampire hunter series. Fans of Michael Anderle, Shayne Silvers, or Linsey Hall will love Theophilus Monroe’s Legend of Nyx series.

Nyx is a badass, trans woman. And every vampire’s, and supernatural killer’s, worst nightmare.

The Bad Company


A private conflict resolution enterprise…

…here comes the Bad Company.

Led by the indomitable Terry Henry Walton, a former Marine, long-lived thanks to the nanocytes coursing through his body. He’s known war for a hundred and fifty years, and he’s brought a hand-picked group of warriors to space with him.

His wife Charumati fights too although she has more refined and special talents.

Their first test comes on Tissikinnon Four, where massed forces wage an ugly war against a technologically superior foe, one who wants the fighting stopped so they can get back to work.

No plan survives first contact. Terry Henry has lived by this axiom and once again, it has proven true.

Bring the firepower. Attack, move, and attack again.

The Bad Company will bring an end to this conflict or die trying.

Read it today.


Inside this book is cursing, amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this book is not for you.

The Bad Company is a stand-alone series in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe. No previous books need to be read. Just buckle your seatbelt, grab your favorite drink and be ready for your socks to be blown off

Assignment Darklanding


A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one Spaceport can’t hold. Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space.
Sheriff Thaddeus Fry will never completely leave the battlefields of Centauri Prime. His new assignment, the Sheriff’s office of Darklanding, could be a do-nothing job, or it could get him killed.

The first thing he learns is that his predecessor’s headquarters were bombed, creating the vacancy that led to his appointment. The Company Man, is not who he expected, to say the least. His new accommodations are right in the center of Darklanding’s misfits. He finds one native of Ungwilook willing to talk to him and tries to make him a deputy. What really matters on Darklanding, are the mines.

Faced with a dangerous collapse that could kill hundreds of workers, he leaps into action and gets the story of Darklanding started. Fans of Firefly, Bonanza, and Tombstone will love this new series. Join us today and every 18 days, you’ll get a new episode of Darklanding.

Blue Apocalypse


A father and his son. 2500 miles apart. A blue ribbon crosses the sky. The world starts to unravel.

No one knows what is happening, but everyone is trying to find out. Buck is running his big rig from the west coast. Garth is trapped in New York City with his high school friend.

With Marine training and an eighteen-wheeler, Buck heads east. With no training and no communication with his father, Garth fights just to escape New York City.

The Hadron collider in CERN. Its twin south of Denver. The Australian outback. What do these places have in common? Those who might be able to fix things are trying to figure it out while Buck doesn’t care. He is on a mission to find his son.

Is time the enemy of humanity?

Join us today in this fight for survival in an exciting new Post-Apocalyptic series.

Dark Labyrinth 2

Four dark fantasy tales from the mind of Kevin J. Anderson!

Each story comes with a short introduction by the author.

This story collection Includes: “New Recruits,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Get You,” “Splinter” (written with Rebecca Moesta), and “Redmond’s Private Screening.”

Case Files of an Urban Witch Series Sale

All books except book 8 are 99 cents each!

If you enjoy series sales, check out the Case Files of an Urban Witch Series Sale where the first 7 books in the series 99 cents each. Book 8 just released, so it’s a great time to get into the series.

Lucy Heron is a mom with three kids, and a baker with a happy marriage in sunny Echo Park. She’s also Silver Griffins Agent 485.


The suburbs will never be the same.


Fighting supernatural crime from a minivan while keeping the magical world a secret is a fulltime job. Then there’s the PTA bake sale and the neighborhood barbecue.


Hard to balance even with a wand.


And now, a monstrous loan shark is spreading his shadowy empire from a hidden kemana. Mix in a tribe of ancient witches and tunnel-dwelling magical misfits.


Turns out, Los Angeles is hiding a lot of secrets just underneath your feet.


Can Lucy put the bad guys behind Trevilsom bars and still get home in time for family dinner? What are her magical kids up to and do they have their own spy network?

The Dream Traveler Apocalypse

The most powerful organization in the world is about to suffer the worst attack in history.
The Lucidites, a powerful race of Dream Travelers, have enemies and they are tired of them reigning supreme.

The Lucidites, using their vast resources and super powers, have been protecting the world for decades. The problem with that is those who crave power and are fueled by greed have never been able to fully succeed.

Not with the Lucidites policing the world.

A deadly series of attacks send the Lucidites scrambling to protect their headquarters, their people and the innocent caught in the crossfire.

It’s time that all the powerful Dream Travelers come together to fight an evil that’s grown too powerful and threatens the planet itself.

In this Avenger-like installment, multiple Dream Travelers from across many of the series band together to overcome monsters that seek to erase the future of the human race. Will the Lucidites save the day before it’s too late?

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