Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!
Do you have any big, exciting plans for the weekend? Perhaps you get to shoot off fireworks or enjoy time at the lake or something else fun and exciting – you know, besides reading?

I’m hoping to grill out, maybe have one or two friends over and catch up on some TV shows.

Prime Day got me this year and I ended up with a brand new Kindle Fire. I’m working on setting it up and getting books set up to read. I can’t wait!

Speaking of Prime, I have been watching Clarkson’s farm. I’m a huge fan of Top Gear and The Grand Tour and this was very fun, and educational, to watch. If you enjoy shows, check all of them out. I also binge-watched all of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. One was a rewatch from seeing the episodes when my kid was growing up, the other I had never seen and it was fun to watch with great storytelling. If you haven’t seen them, you might be interested in them too!

Check out all the great books this week! One of them is a new release, but it’s only $1.99 but it’s free in Kindle Unlimited! And all of the other books are amazing reads too. Don’t miss out!
Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

The Azophi Academy Complete Series Boxed Set

Jackson Reese deals with aliens on a daily basis.

As a Special Forces captain, he’s at the top of his game. He can rise no higher.

Or so he thought.

Pick up this complete series boxed set at a discounted price to join Jackson Reese as he takes on and learns everything Azophi Academy has to teach him and his teammates. One wrong move could endanger the Academy, the Special Forces, his government. Will his new adventure cost him his life?


His superior sees more in him and is sending him to a place that will change his life.

Welcome to Azophi Academy.

A different kind of second chance.

Jackson learns fast – the academy believes in active participation – even if you die trying.

Can Jackson cope with Cia, his new partner and pilot? She’s unlike him in every way and enjoys making sure he knows it.

He’ll have to learn a lot – and fast – if he’s going to survive the Azophi experience. More importantly, humanity needs him to survive, because the aliens are training their best too.

Who will have the greatest warriors?

Also included in this boxed set:

  • Trust
  • Hide
  • Truth

For fantastic technology, martial arts, and intrigue, join the Academy today! Scroll up and click the Buy Now button and read it today.

Her Montana Christmas Cowboy

Chloe Manning’s first Christmas in Frenchtown was heartbreaking. Will Santa give her her heart’s desire during her second?

Brandon Beck left behind a woman for the benefit of his family ranch last Christmas. Now that he’s back, why can’t he get her out of his heart and mind?

When Santa and Mrs. Claus play matchmaker, will Chloe and Brandon fall under their Christmas Magic? Or will past hurts and fears keep them apart?

Don’t miss out on the first Christmas story of the heart-warming Christmas Cowboy romance series, Big Sky Christmas. Where the romance is clean, and Christmas takes center stage!

Be sure to check out Brandon’s special recipe included with the book!

Death Wind

A dark thrill ride with an eerie twist…

In 1891, in the aftermath of the Wounded Knee massacre, awful nightmares and bizarre killing sprees shake the uneasy peace between a frontier town of White Pine and the Lakota on the nearby reservation.

Pioneer doctor Charles Zimmerman finds himself at the forefront of the investigation and uncovers a crawling horror the likes of which he could not imagine.

With the help an orphaned farm girl, a smart-mouth stage robber, a beaten-down Lakota warrior, a beautiful medicine woman, and Charles’s estranged father—the aging town marshal—Charles must save not only the town of White Pine but also the starving Lakota from an ancient, hungry evil.

The Assassin’s Prayer

(Note: New Release, $1.99 and Free in KU)


Burned by the betrayal of his best friend and embittered by the tragic death of his wife, former government assassin Gabriel Asher becomes a freelance gun-for-hire, trying hard to bury the past beneath a violent sea of bullets, blood, and booze.

But some sins refuse to stay buried…

Asher soon finds himself targeted by Black Talon, a brutal kill-team from his past led by the ruthless and legendary Colonel Macklin. Asher just wants to be left alone but when fate thrusts an ex-lover back into his life and she is caught up in the crossfire, Asher unleashes a take-no-prisoners war against his enemies. As the guns thunder and the bodies bite the dust, he finds the scars on his soul being ripped wide open.

With its full-throttle pace, hard-hitting action, and heart-wrenching emotion, The Assassin’s Prayer is a relentless tale of redemption for those who know that sometimes bullets speak louder than words.

Publisher’s Note: The Assassin’s Prayer has been updated with new characters, major revisions, and an exhilarating new ending in this brand-new edition.

Leaving Ah-wah-nee


In desperation following a family tragedy, Jason takes ship in 1850 for California, the jumping off place of the world, prepared to relinquish responsibility or life.

There he is caught up in the forlorn attempt of an ancient people to live in peace in the land of their ancestors, opposing an invading force of Yankees who believe they have a higher use for the land. Jason takes the side of the Ahwahneechee people, finding new meaning in their struggle and in his love for Tah-nee-hay.

“The author spins a good yarn with all the right ingredients: loss, love, family, conflict, heroism, villainy, and endurance.”

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