Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I think I spelled that right, if not, just blame it on my ability to say it and not spell it.

It’s been a hectically busy week and it’s only Wednesday. I always misjudge time. Often times I think I’ve budgeted enough times for projects just to find I under-budgeted or had other projects come up that need attention first, which delays other projects. Let me just say I’m a wee bit behind on everything, especially reading, which is a shame seeing all the great books below. (Trust me, there will be a few added to my TBR pile.)

We have a bunch of great books for you to check out, including a great boxed set, some free books, a series sale and more! We’d love to hear from you. What types of books do you like seeing? Do you like discounted boxed sets? Free books? 99 cent Books? Or anything as long as it’s on sale?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

The Never Ending War Complete Series Boxed Set

Girl meets dragon. Girl works to befriend dragon. A large, red, dangerous dragon.

From bestselling authors Martha Carr and Michael Anderle, get this 8-book complete fantasy series today!

Raven Alby will have to train her new ride and save the dragon’s life or die trying.

Mix in starting at Fowler Academy as a first year, becoming a stronger mage and oh… people disappearing.

It’s all adding up to typical teenager stuff for a young mage.

First lesson Raven will learn? Don’t ever let anything come between a girl and her dragon.

Novels included in this complete series boxed set:

  1. WarMage: Unexpected
  2. WarMage: Unrestrained
  3. WarMage: Uncontrolled
  4. WarMage: Undeniable
  5. WarMage: Unleashed
  6. WarMage: Unrelenting
  7. WarMage: Night Riders
  8. WarMage: Dragon Rider

The Flawed Legacy

Free through 5/7

Lexi is a magic-wielding former assassin who broke away from the shadowy organization that trained her. 

Working as a private investigator, her latest case takes her and her partner to Palm Springs, where a shifter is being harassed by a local businessman. But with pack politics and rivalries, this is far more than a property deal gone bad.

Far worse, for Lexi, is that her local contact is her long-time nemesis, the gay vampire detective Dick. If the case doesn’t kill her, working with him again might!

Scroll UP and click Read Now or Read for Free to Join Lexi, Dick, and an unforgettable cast of characters in the first book of this addictive new series.

Note:  This book was previously released as part of the Legacy of the Shadow’s Blood.

The Fire Eater and Her Dragon

Trapped in a house with a ghoul, a vampire and a legion of bad guys on the front lawn …

This’ll be a night to remember.

I’ve finally cornered the vampire-bastard who killed my family, only to face a cold, hard truth: this monster isn’t the only thing that goes bump in the night. There’s something far worse out there.

A great evil – one of the original evils, actually – also has my vampire-target in its sinful sights.

Normally I would tell this new evil to get in line … the vampire is mine to kill. But even I can’t deny that if this new evil gets its way, things would get a lot worse for the world. As in, apocalyptically so …

To destroy it, I have to fight by the vampire’s side.

But joining forces with my greatest enemy may prove too much to bear, especially when the revenge I crave so deeply is almost within my grasp.

Voodoo Academy

(This book is free, the rest of the series is 99 cents each) 

Being possessed has its advantages…

Annabelle Mulledy survived a Voodoo attack on her family as a child—but it left her possessed by the spirit of a nearly 200 year-old-girl. This girl, however, came with strange abilities bestowed upon her in the afterlife. When Kalfu, an evil Loa, discovers Annabelle he hopes to use her abilities to his advantage—to escape the spiritual realm and take a corporeal form. When Ogoun, the Loa of War, intervenes he recruits Annabelle to join him as a student at the Voodoo Academy. Will Annabelle master the arts, and fend off Kalfu’s spiritual assaults? Or, is she ultimately a puppet in a battle between Voodoo demigods?

Voodoo Academy is the first book in the Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy series. Theophilus Monroe’s Annabelle Mulledy is a snarky badass heroine with attitude. Monroe draws on the legend and myth of Voodoo lore in a way that neither caricatures the arts as “demonic” nor glosses over the dark side of the Voodoo tradition. With dark magic, dragons, vampires, and a slow burn academy romance the Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy series has something for everybody.

If you enjoy magic academy fantasy books and occult urban fantasy, especially books with a dark twist, then you will love Theophilus Monroe’s Voodoo Academy.  Fans of authors like Michael Anderle, Shayne Silvers, G.K. DeRosa, or Ramy Vance will love this compelling coming of age urban fantasy. Pick up your copy today!

Wicker City

The warlord who holds Wicker City holds the power. But when the source of power is a mystery, those in charge have to stay alert at every turn.

After years spent surviving in the wastelands, a young woman returns to the city to find answers about her past. Instead, she discovers a violently shifting landscape of betrayal and a power-hungry man who, if given control, might be unstoppable.

Wicker City is no place for a lone wolf. Will she choose a side in the city’s constant power struggle? Or will she forge her own path?

Blending the ruthless political maneuvering of Gangs of New York with the survival horror of The Last of US, Wicker City paints a picture of mankind not united, but fractured by a monstrous threat.

Ace of Corpses

To appease an alien senate, a newbie courier accepts what should be an easy gig: retrieving a misplaced corpse from a mausoleum world.

But the deceased is a planetary king, he’s not really dead, and he doesn’t want to go home!

Angela “Gel” Colson is not your typical Human teenager. She’s left her adopted father and siblings behind, scrounged enough cash to purchase a derelict spaceship, and started her own courier business taking jobs no one else wants.

All that may be true, but it’s not the real story. Gel only appears to be Human. She’s actually a mutant variant from a race of teleporting aliens who have hidden in plain sight for millennia. They don’t believe she can keep their secret. If she doesn’t convince them otherwise, they’ll resolve the problem by putting her to death!

Can she run her company, stay out of trouble, and not reveal her powers to outsiders? Not if the “corpse” has anything to say about it.


Irene Roman never wanted to be a hero.

She was a scientist living an otherwise normal life, and that was enough for her. One fateful evening, though, Irene discovers a betrayal that undermines everything—one event that in the blink of an eye, changes not only her life but the future of the entire planet.

Now the world is inhabited by people with powers and abilities far above those of mortal humans. The repercussions of superhuman battles on the Earth are great and terrible. Lives are shattered, communities destroyed, and mankind’s destiny is plucked from its grasp. At the center of it all is Irene, who not only is one of two people on the planet who knows the cause of this unbelievable change, but she is one of the few people who may be able to stop it. The only problem is the only other person will do anything in his vast power to keep the world in its terrible altered state.

Who dares to claim the right to choose humanity’s fate?

What price will Irene pay to be the hero she never wanted to be?

In the end, will Earth return to the safety of the mundane … or will it remain in the chaos of the superhuman and the supernatural?

Western & Thriller Special Deals

Intimate Relations

A woman in a window. A cop out of his element. A crime of unimaginable passion.

It’s two in the morning when a domestic disturbance brings Finn O’Brien to an artists’ colony on the frayed edges of the City of Angels. Housed in an abandoned brewery, the concrete fortress looms like a dystopian portal to hell. Inside the detective finds a bizarre gathering of Los Angeles elites, a man in a rage, and a young woman beaten to death, her face obliterated.

As he hunts a killer, Finn finds himself in a surreal world where art and science create strange bedfellows, money and desire birth shameful descendants, and the deadliest relationships of all are the most intimate.

Outlaw Justice

When sixteen-year-old Troy Elliot’s father, mother, and sister are killed, he is shot and left for dead. But he doesn’t die, and over the next six years he starts a campaign of revenge. His campaign accounts for all but one of the men who broke into the house that night. He has not found the leader, because Troy never got a look at him.

Now, as a shotgun guard for Wells Fargo, Troy’s quest for vengeance is interrupted when he is framed for the murder of his driver, Rice Pendleton.

Rice Pendleton is the father of Alexandria Pendleton, a beautiful woman stagecoach driver. Troy is attracted to Alex, but the false charge of murder stands between them.

Troy is forced to take up the outlaw trail until he is able to clear his name, deliver justice to the leader of the men who killed his family, and win the hand of the comely Alex Pendleton.

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