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Spring is officially here! It won’t be long before my tulips bloom. Maybe a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see them even if they won’t last long. Soon I’ll be able to enjoy warmer temperatures out in the backyard before it gets too warm to be outside during the day. Either way, I look forward to it, especially considering all the great deals I have for you this week.

I wish I could claim this week’s deals were hard to come by, but they fell into my hands – literally. It’s been a while since we’ve had quite this many books to tell you about. I counted them twice and if you purchased all the books before the specials at the bottom of the email, you’d get a total of 44 books for less than $10. Then you can pick up another 25 books for $9.99 and a bunch of free books besides that.

And if you need a new device to read them on, there’s a chance to enter and win a Kindle Paperwhite through one of our partners.

Talk about a great week for books, am I right?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

The Last Vampire Complete Series Boxed Set

Would you adopt a 400-year-old teenager? How about one with fangs?

The Last Vampire boxed set is an exciting 8 book series all available in one GIANT collection! Grab yours now for an extremely fantastic low price!

The Girl Behind The Wall:

Vicki was put into a deep sleep and has no clue centuries have passed. That is, until she’s accidentally woken up by a father and daughter on a vacation.

Cars? Cell phones? What’s an Instagram? How can Craig and Alexis explain the world?

No one said educating a teenage vampire would be easy.

The Girl in The Back Row:

High school means classes, making friends, hanging out, cutting classes… and keeping your fangs to yourself. Watch out world, this teen’s bite is worse than her bark.

Welcome to public school Vampire teen. Keep an eye out for the ones who would rather put you back in a box, but this time forever.

Vicki is getting a crash course in teenage life, if she can just keep her true nature hidden.

Fortunately, she wants to make new friends more than mayhem. Too bad others aren’t going to make that so easy.

Plus six more books!

The Legacy of a Vampire Witch: The Complete Urban Fantasy Boxset

5 books and 1200+ pages of vampires, witches, and New Orleans Voodoo fill this complete urban fantasy boxset.

Because you can’t stake a heartless vampire…

Book 1: Bloody Hell 

It had been almost a century and a half since I last encountered anyone from the Order of the Morning Dawn. They were religious fundamentalists with the dual goal of eliminating vampires and witches.

Being both a vampire and a witch I was the embodiment of everything the Order hates. Their first attempt to eliminate me failed. Thanks to the fact that my mentor in the Craft was also a necromancer.

When they burned my heart they didn’t kill me. They unwittingly completed a spell that tied my existence to the soul of one who took my place in hell.

Now I’m heartless, literally.

Not having a heart has some advantages. It means I’m pretty resilient, especially when it comes to wooden stakes.

So long as the soul bound to my existence remained in hell, I was virtually invincible.

But the Order figured it out. They hope to redeem the soul who was damned in my stead. If they do that, I’ll meet the true death for sure.  I have to capture the one damned in my place before the Order manages to liberate him from perdition. If they free him, I will die.

I have to go to bloody hell.

Also included…

Book 2: Bloody Mad:   A Vampire in an asylum? Like that’s going to end well…

Book 3: Bloody Wicked: Taking on a horde of demon possessed vampires? Time to get wicked!

Book 4: Bloody Devils: We were the terrors of New Orleans. And humanity’s only hope.

Book 5: Bloody Gods: I’ve always been the hunter… now I’m the hunted.

Charm Runner
(FREE For a limited time)

Running Black Market Magic is Deadly…

Winnie Durham just wants honest work in her shop selling charms.

Then Nils Kane’s Resolution 84 outlawed magic.

Caught between the law, her mother’s escalating medical bills, and a vow to never deal in dark magic, Winnie is given an opportunity that’s too good to refuse.

Will they close Winnie’s shop?

Can she stay ahead of the law long enough to discover the real reason magic was banned?

The Charm Runner is the first book in the action-packed Broken Throne series. Enter a magical world with gangsters, crooked cops, and a dark secret threatening to end it all. Join Winnie and her crew and find out what life is like as a charm runner.


Notorious for their satanic lyrics, drunken excess and rumors of blood sacrifice, the Banshees shocked the world with their only album Beat the Manshees. Death stalked their concerts—lightning, stabbings, overdoses. The world heaved a sigh of relief when the Banshees all died in a plane crash. Or did they? Forty years later, with no fanfare, they appear in a seedy Prague nightclub. Ian St. James, son of original Banshees drummer Oaian St. James, can’t believe his eyes. Ian’s attempts to get backstage nearly kill him.

In Crowd sends hot young reporter Connie Cosgrove to cover the Banshees along with that old burn-out Ian. Ian falls hard for the stunning Connie who regards him with a mixture of disgust and amusement. As if!

The Banshees phenomenon goes viral—are they real or is it all a brilliant publicity stunt? Every time Banshees play someone dies. Is it bad luck or part of some diabolical plan? As Connie and Ian dig into the Banshees’ past they find disturbing links to black magic, the Russian mob and an ancient Druidic sect.

Death only adds to their mystique as the Banshees steamroll across North America toward a triumphant appearance at LA’s Pacific Auditorium. Ian finally grasps the real reason they’ve returned–to tear a rift between our world and a monstrous evil—a rift created by an infernal machine built into Pacific Stadium and powered by human flesh.

Mack ‘n’ Me: The Wolves of Alpha 9

A relic from a near-forgotten war, an escaped concubine, and planetary annexation. When Mack’s hunt for a crashed war ship goes terribly wrong, Cutter and the crew find themselves embroiled in the politics of rebellion, inter-species warfare and inter-clan domination. Throw in clan rivalries and a cub in need of rescue, and a simple wreck retrieval becomes a matter of life, death and Odyssey.

NOTE: The main character swears like a sailor, and the support cast aren’t much better. If swears bother you, then this story may not be to your taste.

The Dream Travelers Boxed Set #2

Grab your copy of the Ultimate Dream Traveler Boxed Set #2 today!

This mega collection includes 2 complete series PLUS bonus material not published anywhere else. A total of over 2000 pages of fantasy and sci-fi adventures!

This huge set includes Ren and Genetically Altered series, both set in the magical world of the Dream Travelers. The bonus material includes the much awaited first few chapters of the Dream Traveler Apocalypse book that tells a lost story most readers haven’t read. It’s over sixty pages of the Lucidites story that were lost, but have been unearthed for this set.

About the Dream Traveler universe: Have you ever wanted to close your eyes and go to any place and time in the world? The Dream Travelers can do just that. This rare race are gifted with psychic powers that make them unique and their problems are just that.

The Ren 5 Book Series:

He is the most powerful man to ever live, and therefore doomed to misery.

Sherlock Holmes meets House for a combination that makes for a brilliant anti-hero.

Ren Lewis was born with the power to control minds, hypnotize others, and read thoughts. Therefore he is certain of one thing.

God made a mistake. No one should be born with so much power.

A monster awoke in Ren the same year he received his gifts. At ten years old. A prepubescent boy with the ability to control others might merely abuse this power, but Ren allowed it to corrupt him. And since he can have and do anything he wants, Ren should be happy. However, his journey teaches him that harboring so much power doesn’t bring happiness, it steals it. Once this realization sets in, Ren makes up his mind to do the one thing that can bring his tortured soul some peace.

He must kill the monster.

˃˃˃ Ren is an addictive story of an anti-villain. This spellbinding supernatural fantasy is a must read for anyone looking for the untraditional hero.

Genetically Altered 4 Book Series:

Twelve Men Are Missing
Six months later they awake from drug-induced stupors to find themselves locked in a lab. On the night of a new moon, eleven of those men – possessing new gifts of speed, strength and inhuman powers – break out of their prison and race through the streets of Los Angeles. They disappear one by one into the night.

Werewolves Are On The Loose
Mika Lenna – a powerful dream traveler and head of Olento Research – wants to control the world. To do that, he must create an army of assassins. Capturing the twelve men was easy, as was experimenting on them while keeping them in drug-induced stupors. But now all hell has broken loose – wolf-like men have been spotted across the nation, leaving fatal attacks in their midst. Mike must tear every city apart until his invaluable werewolves are back under his control.

The Race Is On
The Lucidite Institute’s main mission is to save the world from injustices. Their best agent, Adelaide Lewis, needs to find these mutated men and protect them and society, and fast. Adelaide realizes that she has to find the Alpha Wolf. Only once she’s located him can she stop whoever is behind this experiment to create wild beasts out of human beings.

Genetically Altered has a taut storyline combined with action-packed scenes. This spellbinding supernatural fantasy is a must read for the young and not so young alike.

Included in this fantastic collection of almost 2,000 pages are the following books:

The Ren series
1. The Man Behind the Monster
2. God’s Little Monster
3. The Monster Inside the Monster
4. The Monster’s Adventure
5. The Monster’s Death

Exclusive bonus material: The Dream Traveler Apocalypse short story

The Genetically Altered Series
6. Made to Kill
7. Better Off Dead
8. Hungry For Blood
9. Born Bad

Scroll up and grab this ultimate collection now!

*There is strong language throughout all of these books.

Call to Arms: Capernica

Capernica is invaded!

Far from the war zone, the Wolvics have launched a surprise attack while the Confederation Army and Navy are engaged in other fronts, and it is up to those on the planet to hold off the invaders until the Confederation forces can respond.

This trilogy contains three such stories of people responding to the call.

Book 1: Conscientious Objector

A young conscientious objector is conscripted into the provisional planetary militia. But how can he carry a rifle and still uphold his convictions?

As a religious refugee, Harris Taymon knows he owes a deep sense of loyalty to Capernica, but can he bear arms against the enemy with intent to kill?

And if he doesn’t, can he survive his own side where desertion and cowardice are punished by execution?

Book 2: POG

Brand new boot Second Lieutenant Cel Wysoki is home on leave while awaiting logistics officer school when Capernica is invaded. She has no unit yet and not a clue as to how the Army functions.

More than that. She is a POG, a “Person Other than Grunt,” a “desk-jockey-in-training.”

What now?

Link up with the local garrison 100 klicks away? Surrender and wait out the war? Hide out in the mountains and hope for the best?

The Army doesn’t care that she has no training. They have one code: soldiers always prosecute the war to the best of their abilities.

Does she even have the capability to attempt that?

Book 3: Veteran

Old soldiers are supposed to sit in the bar, drink with their buddies, and tell war stories.

But when invaders invade, veterans do what they’ve got to do.

Master Sergeant Lester Arceneaux (Retired), a disabled vet, is long into his golden years, too old even to be conscripted into the planetary militia.

But when the enemy rolls over the local forces, he must run to the sound of gunfire if his wife and neighbors can have even a small chance to survive.

His heart and mind are willing, but are his old bones up to the task?

BONUS CONTENT: this trilogy contains previously-unpublished bonus content that wraps up the events of the three included novellas.

The Talented Series: Books 1-3

Fancy a cup of magical tea? Come in, sit down, relax. Don’t mind the killer in the corner…

The Talented, a small slice of the human population blessed with magic, rule over their cloistered city-within-a-city. Unwilling to break their ancient traditions, unwilling to assimilate into the modern city of London, and unwilling to help those they see as ‘beneath them’.

And Emma is certainly that. A half-blood, peddling enchanted teas in London itself, close to the Inner City but not so close that she draws attention. That is, until her friend is killed and nobody seems to give a damn.

The line in Emma’s sand hasn’t just been stepped over, it has been steamrollered. To keep her fellow half-bloods safe, she must not only take on the ruthless Talents, but the Fae themselves. To pacify one is to enrage the other, but Emma needs the help of both sides to save her friends, and perhaps save all of magic itself.

This boxed set contains the first three books in the Talented series.

Westerns Special Deals

And Hell Followed With Him

A story that crosses oceans and continents from before the Civil War to the years just before World War II, a uniquely American story.

Ranald MacKenzie can do anything, at least that’s how it seems to friend and foe alike. From Bull Run to Appomattox, the tireless and endlessly resourceful MacKenzie marches from one victory to the next, no matter how seemingly impossible the assignment. Promoted to general at only 24, he seems impervious to pain and incapable of failure.

When the Civil War ends, MacKenzie’s reputation shines even brighter when he is assigned to the Plains Indian Wars to take on the invincible Comanche led by their great war chief Quanah. But there is a price to be paid for 25 years of almost constant and always brutal warfare…

Based on the real-life story of Ranald MacKenzie, whose eventual illness – possibly PTSD almost a century before anyone knew what that was – and terrible end saw him virtually erased from the pages of history; a bare mention, when he is mentioned at all.

Matt Bannister: Books 1-9


Fifteen years ago, the young Matthew Bannister ran away from the town of Willow Falls. Now famed U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister is coming home to reconcile with his family. He quickly realizes that old feuds unsettled never die and he must come face to face with his painful past.

Matt is a fighter, a killer and a tough man who isn’t afraid to stand his ground against anyone. Across the Oregon mountains he encounters religious prosecution, murder, kidnapping and lies – but he also experiences love, family, justice and the power of prayer.

“The story is about redemption, lies made right, secrets uncovered, families coming together and faith in God renewed.”

Matt Bannister: Books 1-9 includes – Willow Falls, Sweethome, Bella’s Dance Hall, The Wolves of Windsor Ridge, The Eckman Exception, Prairieville, Return to Willow Falls, Ballenger and Blood Vengeance.

Mystery and Thriller Special Deals

The Finn Files

When finding criminals is your business, it’s easy to make a killing.

This collection contains the first three books in The Finn Files series by the award-winning author Trace Conger.

Finn Harding (Mr. Finn to his clients) specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found. Stripped of his P.I. license, Finn begins working for the type of clientele who operate in the shadows, pay in cash, and don’t care if he’s licensed or not.

Finn takes on challenging cases and soon finds out that while working with criminals has its advantages, staying alive isn’t one of them. Trace Conger delivers sharp-edged and gritty tales of crime, murder, and family. These are fast-paced crime thrillers that hold nothing back.

The Finn Files include:

1. The Shadow Broker (WINNER of a Shamus Award for Best Indie P.I. Novel)

2. Scar Tissue

3. The Prison Guard’s Son

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