Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

What is the weather like where you are at? I know I’m talking about the snow here a lot because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of it out there. I got another 7 inches or so this weekend and I haven’t even tried to go out and scoop it. Why? Because it’s too cold. (I grew up in the south. Even though I’ve been here 20 years, this cold is almost too cold this year.)

They’re talking about lows in the very cold negatives this weekend and highs not much outside of that. And, you guessed it, more snow. Right now I don’t have to go anywhere, so it can just stay there for now. Not worth the energy it would take to move it.

If you’re facing the really bitterly cold temperatures (or colder) or snow this coming weekend, you just might want these books to give you an excuse to stay inside where it’s nice and warm. Curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and a warm blanket and enjoy some literary goodness. I think that’s my plan this weekend.

Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Callie Hart Complete Series Boxed Set

How many secrets does the Army hold? At least one that concerns me, which I found out after they decided I was unnecessary.

Get the complete Callie Hart series – all three books – to find out how long Callie will remain blissfully unaware of the danger she is in.

Thin Ice:

That advice about telling the truth? It’s highly overrated.

They say there is a point where you can’t go anywhere but up. I have to think guarding an underwear factory is such a point after running ops in the Sandpit overseas.

Besides, wouldn’t you get the heebie-jeebies walking around in a warehouse full of scantily clad plastic body parts carrying nothing but a flashlight?

Yeah, I thought so.

That first fight was vicious, short, and terrifying, and what I killed turned to ash…

Circumstances force me to accept a job (very recently vacated due to Ash-Boy) guarding the body of a jet-setting male model. He knows what the Army is hiding…

This might work. Well, if I can keep from applying my brand new two-inch heels to my potential boss’s ridiculously toned picture-perfect posterior.


Let’s face it. Can anyone see me keeping this job?

Me either.

Cold Blood:

Three people, four personalities and my boss’s mom is the Queen of the Winter Court. Can life possibly screw with me a little more?

After an exciting month with three assassination attempts on my client and three frantic weeks trying to get enough questions answered to make a life-altering decision, is a peaceful week in Spain with my best friend too much to ask?

Apparently. Ronan’s mom has other ideas.

Our security team was taking shape, but we weren’t there yet. The week was supposed to be a shakedown cruise for our new staff members, more or less.

Instead, we are pitchforked into a peace summit. What could happen?

Anytime you mix vampires and fae, it’s a powderkeg…and the fuse is very short.

Those questions I mentioned? Well, the answers just came right up and smacked me in the face. Too bad Ronan was caught in the crossfire.

When you fall into the sewers of Paris and ruin your best leather jacket and boots, then get dragged to a gala as your client’s plus-one, what do you wear? 

I was shortly to wish that was my worst problem.

Feelings Run Deep:

Her landlord planned to demolish her house. The vampires figured, why not demolish her inside of it?

At least Callie doesn’t have to worry about getting her security deposit back.

Why has Vaughn been in such a rush to kill her? Is he afraid she can persuade the Winter and Summer courts to work together? After all, if the courts don’t unite, the vamps will destroy them all. Shouldn’t that be motivation enough?

Apparently not.

Callie will just have to persuade them to cooperate anyway.

It will be a bit harder to do that from the dungeon where the Winter Queen promised to toss her.

Has Vaughn finally outwitted them all?

What can Callie do to stop the slaughter?

Read the series fans are praising:
★★★★★ “Excellent first in the series. I really enjoyed the characters, they are flushed out to perfection. Take a chance and enjoy the ride.”

★★★★★ “Good read! Really enjoyed this book. I thought it was very good, especially for the first in series. Good plot, good characters and fun to read.”

★★★★★ “A good premise with a fast paced story that I didn’t want to put down.”

Welcome To Dead House Complete Series Boxed Set

“Why does the ghost have his head in the oven?” I groaned at the sight of Joey’s bony ass sticking out of the appliance. He hadn’t even opened the door.

Grab all three books of the Welcome to Dead House series in one GIANT boxed set to join the adventures of Tamara Garvey, Chloe and Joey, an angsty ghost with a sense of humor!

Never Dead:

Ex-burlesque dancer and aspiring author Tamara Garvey just had her world turned upside down.

Her best friend died and leaves her as guardian to a teenager. Now, not only is Tamara struggling with her new role but she is also charged with caring for the family home, the Ridaught Plantation known by the locals as the Dead House.

To her surprise, the place is already occupied by an angsty ghost named Joey who has a penchant for wearing her clothes and a fascination for paranormal movies and television shows. Tamara and Joey develop an unexpected friendship but questions remain about how and when he got there.

In an attempt to fit in with the suspicious small town residents, Tamara turns on the charm and decides to host a community wide Halloween party, right at the historic home.

Everything turns out great until the dead begin to show up too.

Can Tamara solve the secret of the Ridaught Plantation before it’s too late?

Can she protect Chloe from the dead who are assembling?

Or will they also become ghostly residents of the Dead House?

Always Dead:

Ghosts always knew when you saw them. One did not stumble upon a ghost. If you saw them, they wanted you to see them…

Tamara Garvey lands her first book deal but her friend’s reactions aren’t what she expected. They are less than supportive—even her dead best friend brushes off this momentous achievement.

Question is, why?

Tamara expected her life to improve, but the Dead House has a few paranormal surprises for her. Her ghostly writing is attracting disturbing spiritual activity, putting her and her family at risk.

You know it’s bad when Joey is hiding in strange places. Then Chloe tries to communicate with her late mother and learns what true terror is. Someone or something is determined to keep them apart—forever.

Things get even more troubling when Deputy Kevin Patrick enlists their help in a heartbreaking murder case. Can Tamara and Chloe make contact with the lost soul? Will the angry new residents at the Dead House force them to abandon Chloe’s inheritance?

Dead At Midnight:

What do you do when the family curse kicks in and Chloe finds herself in a paranormal fight for her life?​

Tamara decides to get to the bottom of it. She hopes to set Chloe free but can’t do it alone. A talented curse breaker, with a secretive past of her own, joins their forces and the outcome is not what anyone expected.

Joey makes peace with the dead, even though he’s dead too. Will his act of forgiveness take him away from the Dead House forever? Will he cross over and leave this new family behind?

If you enjoy paranormal mysteries, check out this series from the Queen of Southern Gothic, M.L. Bullock. Fans rave about the series:

★★★★★ “An incredible book. Spookie, mysterious and humorous all rolled into one. Love Joey. Love this series and I want more.”

★★★★★ “This entire series was captivating.”

★★★★★ “If you are looking for a really great ghost story with wonderfully eccentric characters, this is the series for you. But be sure to start with book 1. The characters grow, evolve, and pull at your heart strings.”


FREE through 2/14

At what cost victory?

Milo Volkohne, orphan, criminal, conscript, and unwilling warlock could tell you but you might not like the answer.

It is 1936 and the Great War still rages on, with no armistice in 1918 when the Russian Empire crumbled in the fire and blood of stillborn revolution.

The hellish no man’s land has spread like a blight over Europe as grim, unyielding leaders promise a resolve of iron and no mercy, no peace, no hope.

It would take a miracle to save humanity, but as Milo would tell you: be careful what you wish for.

Plunging into a world of sorcery, treachery, and madness the world’s first wizard will bargain with monsters, human or otherwise, fight for his life, and dare to hope that he’s selling his soul for something worthwhile.

But is any price too high to end the War to end all Wars?

Get your copy and enter the darkened world where so far, no one has won World War I and now dark monsters are choosing sides.

A Brief History of Jazz Rock

Jazz rock flourished from 1968 to 1974, offering a distinctively cool and innovative hybrid sound that captivated a generation—and beyond.

Superstar bands like Blood, Sweat and Tears and Chicago have earned their place in popular consciousness, but the movement included many other powerful, innovative groups such as Tower of Power and Malo.

Author Mike Baron explores the history of this music fusion, its rise and fall in popularity. He offers highlights—and his own unique insights from a front-row seat in jazz rock—into what made the era so special.

A Brief History of Jazz Rock is a sax-meets-Strat bible that dares to inspire a Renaissance—to cultivate a new generation of musicians who might mix brass with bass, and help return forgotten bands like If and Dreams to their place on the main stage.

Daggers and Demons

When the gods left, they closed all their heavens and hells …

But they never took their dead.

Theo thought that saving Orion and ending Typhon would make her safer. Little did she know she was a pawn for something much bigger and someone far more sinister.

Humans have always been the pawns of gods …

In the Heart of Atlas, Theo fulfilled a destiny … just not her own. It turns out that even the gods have destinies. Nasty ones that don’t play well with human life.

A new kind of apocalypse has begun.

An apocalypse that’s not in any of the books. Theo, Simon and Garfunkel have one chance to stop this new kind of end … and almost no chance to survive it.

Over 120,000 words of octane-fueled magic and mayhem fill this tome.

How to Lose Your Dragon

An immortal warrior. A missing dragon. A serious death wish?

My name is Li Xiang, but my friends call me Damian. I’m a three hundred year old warrior from China that’s shacked up in the Pacific Northwest, living the dream. I’ve seen it all, but now I’m done. Life is so last season.

But death is hard to come by when you’ve been cursed with immortality and an insane amount of luck that somehow pulls you back from the brink. All I want is to move on to the afterlife, but my previous attempts were less than stellar.

And now I have a bigger problem. My best friend in the world, Mei, has gone missing without a trace. She’s a dragon, and when she’s not serving me the world’s best Manhattan, she’s avoiding the rest of her clan.

Her father calls her an outcast ‘cause she hangs out with us mere humans. (Me. He totally means me.) Even so, he’s threatened war with the human realm if she’s not found on the double.

And while I’m not fond of life personally, I have several friends that feel differently. Watching them die would be a super bummer.

Plus, Mei might just be the only person that can end my immortal curse.

Not Alone: The Awakening


We were watching the sky. They were already here.

The pulse hits without warning

In one harrowingly destructive instant, a mysterious seismic pulse in the Scottish Highlands rips away all semblance of global security.

Complacency grew in the years since Dan McCarthy brought humanity into contact with intelligent aliens, but those days are gone.

When peace is shattered, fear takes over.

The stakes rise without mercy

As the pulse’s chaos spreads, it becomes painfully clear that Dan’s teenage daughter Piper — a child born like no other — might hold humanity’s only hope of averting total disaster.

The danger to Earth is imminent. The danger to Piper McCarthy hardly bears thinking about.

And this threat isn’t coming from the stars.

This time, it’s been here all along…

New discoveries, new conspiracies, and new threats like nothing you’ve ever imagined —— dive into NOT ALONE: THE AWAKENING today!

Half-Bloods Rising

~Start book #1 for only 0.99 for a limited time! ~

“This book is Forgotten Realms meets Game of Thrones! Twisted, dark, but heroic. This is my new favorite author!”

War calls the elves of Urlas to battle. But Kealin, a young half-elf training to be a Sacred Blade, and his three siblings, are forbidden to go. They are not ready, or so they’re told. But Kealin’s lineage has a dark secret and the High Council of Urlas fears what he may become…

Kealin is about to learn that secret and in the catacysm emerging, Urlas will wish they had embraced it.

When the soothsayer of Urlas tells Kealin that doom comes for all that left for the war, he and his siblings set off on what may be a one way journey to the edge of the world. Darkness is upon them and a specter that dwells between the borders of the living realms has been waiting for them.

The Rogue Elf awakens… but is it too late to save those he loves?


Centauri Prime was an epic failure, especially for a battle they supposedly won. 

Melborn, the human-colonized planet of the inner system wanted a combat unit that could win and win quickly. Terror Command was born, TerroCom and they needed a place to train. A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one spaceport can’t hold.

When the Company Man’s father, the Sagittarian Conglomerate Chairman of the Board gets involved, nothing goes as planned for anyone other than him.

Fans of Firefly, Bonanza, and Tombstone will love this space opera / western and all the characters that make the story great. Join us on the latest journey through Darklanding.

Mystery & Thriller Special Deals

The Silencer Series Box Set Books 1-4

Get the first 4 books in this USA Today Bestselling Series…

“Mike Ryan creates a vivid and indelible character in Michael Recker. The Silencer Series builds in tension and momentum throughout, each book taking the reader deeper into Recker’s mind as he goes rogue, saving the city from the criminal underworld.”— Brian Hutchison, Film/TV/Broadway Actor & Award-Winning Narrator

This set contains the first four books in The Silencer Series, including:
The Silencer
Fully Loaded
Hard Target

The Silencer:
CIA Black Ops agent John Smith is on his latest assignment in London. Little does he know–it’ll be his last. Barely surviving an attack on his life, Smith lays low for six months until he returns to the United States. His flight is strangely diverted to Philadelphia where he meets a mysterious stranger who knows all about his past and recruits him for a job.

Needing a new identity, Smith becomes Michael Recker. He then tries to prevent bad things happening to innocent people while also interacting with the city’s different crime factions. All the while, Recker plans his revenge on the mysterious Agent 17, who committed an act so heinous that Recker will never forget it.

Fully Loaded:
After being ambushed, Recker goes missing for several days and is presumed dead. Once he returns, he seeks retribution on the men responsible and turns to an unlikely source to help him get his revenge. As he embarks on his plot for revenge, he must not only carefully navigate around Mia’s growing feelings for him, but also his own feelings for her.

While still not forgetting his main goal of helping the innocent, Recker also further cements his relationship with Tyrell by helping him with a family problem. Though he still keeps Mia at a distance, they can’t help but become closer as Recker investigates the disappearance of one of her closest friends. As Recker embarks on his deadly rampage, Jones worries about The Silencer’s growing reputation amongst the public and government agencies.

Hard Target:
Recker finally reaches his boiling point and confronts Jones about his lack of progress in finding Agent 17. The professor, feeling guilty about not locating him, admits to a secret he’s been hiding. As Recker is trying to find Agent 17, Mia launches her own investigation into her friend’s death, frustrated that the killer still hasn’t been brought to justice. Her lack of experience causes a major mistake–one that may cost the life of both her and Jones. Recker must not only find Agent 17, but save the lives of his friends before it’s too late.

After the circumstances of Agent 17’s death, the CIA turns to a specialist to help track down the man they think is responsible–John Smith. Though Recker knows Centurion is coming, he doesn’t change how he operates and winds up on police surveillance cameras. Feeling the walls closing in, Jones wants to pack up and move to a new city, though Recker has reservations about leaving. It all boils down to a final confrontation between Recker and his former employers–one he may not survive.

The Harry Starke Series: Books 4 -6

Harry Starke: Books 4, 5 and 6.

Howard writes in a style that is reminiscent of J.A Jance and Lee Child, while Starke also reminds me of Spenser and Travis McGee.

Three sizzling crime novels packed full of murder, mystery, mind-bending action, heart-stopping suspense and rib-tickling humor. Blair Howard’s unique stories, his wickedly woven plots and his no-nonsense style of writing will keep you turning the pages all night long.

You can’t read just one. So grab your copy and join Harry Starke on the hunt for justice today.

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