Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Can you believe it’s the last Wednesday of the first month of 2021? This month has just sped past for me – mostly. Yesterday it definitely was a lot slower, but that’s because 14.5 inches of snow came down where I live. By the time the storm was over, 14.8 inches on top of the inch that was there from Saturday.

There’s a lot of snow out there. The last time I saw that was in 2018, but it came down over several storms, not one huge storm. Apparently, there was a storm in 2012 as well, but I didn’t have a driveway I had to deal with then. Now I do. Guess I’ll be hiring someone to dig me out later this week.

I will say, it’s really pretty when you don’t have to shovel it or drive in it.

All that to say, it’s a really great time to stay home, under a nice big warm blanket or quilt and read a book or two or three (depending on how fast you read). The only thing that would make reading better for me is a fireplace.

We’ve got a handful of great books to share with you this week. We hope you check them out and enjoy them!

Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Deuces Wild Complete Series Boxed Set

Five great books – the complete set – at a boxed set price! Adventure with the rangers today!

When Nickie accidentally activates her special functions and finds herself with a stolen ship full of hostile Skaine, she has no choice but to figure out what to do with the cards she has been dealt.

A by-product of her activation, her internal computer system also finds her Aunt Tabitha’s diary in her memory banks. In these accounts, Nickie finds a long-desired link back to her favorite aunt, whose recounted stories help them both to accept the trauma they’ve survived.

The Deuces Wild Complete Series Boxed Set Includes all five books in the series:

  1. Beyond the Frontiers
  2. Rampage
  3. Labyrinth
  4. Birthright
  5. Resolution

Join Nickie, and The Kurtherian Gambit’s original Ranger 2, Tabitha, on these rip-roaring, bar brawling adventures to save the frontier from slavery, arms dealing and the ‘Skaine’ of the universe.

Live Free or Die Complete Series Boxed Set

Ryder has been held against her will for twenty years … Now it’s time for some payback!

Two hundred years ago the earth was destroyed by the World’s Worst Day Ever. Keeping his head down for the last few centuries, a mutated vampire has taken advantage of the new post-apocalyptic normal.

Get the complete story with this three book boxed set!

Madness Unleashed:

Now, Ryder is provided an opportunity to escape his tyrannical rule… But she won’t stand for simply disappearing, it’s time for justice.

Taking one mutated vampire down should be no problem, right?


Throw in a newly developed herd of zombies, and Ryder is facing a full recipe for disaster.

Get ready to enjoy the ride!

Madness Rising:

There is the improbable, and then there is the impossible.

Ryder had gone from the impossible to the highly improbable with Massimo and Leandro.

But can she do better?

While the vegetarian vampire, werewolf and bearded mountain man are willing to support her, Ryder needs an army to do better than throwing away the lives of herself and her new friends attacking Afana.

Will Massimo and Leandro be able to help her out, one more time?

Justice will be served, one way or another. The question is merely will Ryder be alive to see it happen?

Escaping Madness:

Time for justice to be served!

Ryder doesn’t know if she can kill Afana and liberate the bunker.

One thing she does know is that the Merry Gang will do the impossible to free the hostage, or die trying.

Unfortunately for the Gang, there is a fate worse than death: The Madness.

Will Ryder and the Merry Gang survive the Madness?

Will Afana finally meet justice?

Will the captives find freedom?

** As noted in other series set in the Kurtherian Universe, there IS cursing in this book, occasionally, it’s funny, too. **

Ravaged Land

***Not on sale, but new release
available in Kindle Unlimited!***


Continuing the #1 Bestselling LitRPG Saga begun in Barrow King. 

THE REALMS FACE ANNIHILATION, and their greatest defender has gone missing.

When Gryph is torn from the Realms by the Light, an ancient secret society sworn to end the threat of the High God Aluran, he has one mission.

Get back to the Realms, at any cost.

The Light offer Gryph a quest. “Help us resurrect the Source and together we can free all the peoples of the Realms.”

But things are not what they seem and Gryph soon discovers that even in the Light, shadows fester.

Shadows that could doom the Realms to eternal darkness.

To save his sister, his friends, and the people of the Realms, Gryph must win the war of the gods.

Ravaged Land is the seventh book in the #1 Bestselling Epic LitRPG Saga The Realms.

WARNING: Welcome to your new favorite genre.

LitRPG/GameLit books feature adventures in a fantasy setting or sci-fi world that combines the progression and gaming elements from tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Pathfinder with epic RPG video games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and MMO’s like World of Warcraft. It features leveling up, crunchy stats, a rpg character sheet and skill progression. If this is your first LitRPG or GameLit, then welcome to the dark side of awesome. The Realms will take you back to the days when D&D books were new, and The Elder Scrolls were a glint in the programmer’s eye.

Embrace the adventure, portal to a new world and prepare to lose sleep! You have been warned!

The Realms is a non harem LitRPG series that contains action, violence, and some swears, but no sex and is appropriate for teens and adults.

The Realms – An Epic LitRPG/GameLit Fantasy Series. Suggested Reading Order.

  • Barrow King
  • The Lost City
  • Killing Time
  • Dead Must Die (A Side Quest)
  • Scourge of Souls
  • The Forsaken God
  • Chaos Rising
  • Ravaged Land
  • Source Forge (Coming Soon)

Mystery & Thriller Special Deals

Season of the Wolf

Season of the Wolf is a heart-stopping supernatural thriller about the nature of evil, the evils of nature, and the epic struggle between a small town’s residents and impossible creatures from the dawn of history.

In the mountains around the small town of Silver Gap, Colorado, bark beetles—aided by a warming climate—are decimating the pine forests. That environmental degradation has brought Alex Converse, wealthy heir and would-be documentary filmmaker, to town. And his arrival coincides with another—the reappearance of wolves, long thought to be extinct in the state.

But these are no ordinary wolves. They’re big, cunning, ferocious, and very, very hungry. As the town grapples with that danger, an even more terrifying predator emerges, one without fur and fangs…one wearing a human face.

The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset Two

***Book 12 of the series, ALL SOULS’ DAY, is out NOW***

For lovers of intelligent crime fiction, three more heart-racing European adventures in one boxset.

Beatrice Stubbs of Scotland Yard: detective inspector, metaphor mixer and stubborn survivor.Battling crime by day and her own demons by night, the question is always the same.

Justice or the law?

“If you’ve not yet read Beatrice Stubbs, I envy you. What a treat you have in store.”

Cold Pressed: “Two things people fear the most? Change and death.”

Santorini. Turquoise seas, ancient ruins and beautiful sunsets. And a woman thrown from a cliff. The violent death shocks fellow passengers of the Empress Louise, a grand cruise liner packed with British tourists. DI Beatrice Stubbs flies to Greece to assist. When another lady is killed in her cabin, terror spreads like contagion. Murder is aboard and someone has Beatrice in his sights. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Human Rites: “Judgement is in the eye of the beholder.”

Adrian Harvey has a stalker. Someone is stealing his post, vandalising his shop and making allegations to the police. And who is that nun? When DI Beatrice Stubbs is dispatched to Germany to investigate art theft, Adrian seizes the chance to flee the city. Yet the stalker is still on his heels. Adrian runs from danger to the remote island of Sylt. But danger follows and Adrian has run too far.

Bad Apples: “Some people are just rotten to the core.”

A police conference in Portugal is hardly a dangerous assignment, so Beatrice Stubbs invites family and friends for a holiday. It should be the perfect work-life balance. Until one of her colleagues is murdered. An eclectic alliance of international detectives forms to find the assassin. But are they really on the same side? Meanwhile, tensions rise at the holiday villa. A clash of egos sours the atmosphere and when a five-year-old child disappears, their idyll turns hellish. Trust can be a fatal mistake.

If you enjoy Alexander McCall Smith, Jacqueline Winspear and David Hewson, you’ll love Boxset Two.

Discover Beatrice Stubbs – detective inspector, metaphor mixer and stubborn survivor!

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