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It’s almost Christmas, and since it’s so close, let me wish you a very Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday season.

I also hope you have all your shopping done and anything being shipped to you arrived early or on time.

I hope you like science fiction because this week is packed full of science fiction boxed sets and novels as well as a couple of thrillers. There’s also a bunch of free books available that we’re sharing with you through various promotions. Be sure to check them out!

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What is a holiday tradition you do every year? Normally we get together on Christmas day and have soups for the family and extended family. Due to COVID and the number of vulnerable people, we’re skipping getting together this year to help protect everyone.

Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Metal Legion Complete Series Omnibus

Victory or death! Fight to survive.

The complete set in one package – as much military science fiction adventure as your heart can handle. Aliens. Galactic conquest. Grunts. And firepower. Humanity learns that it’s not the biggest or the baddest in the universe, but that doesn’t stop them.

Scorpion’s Fury:

Who kicks off the battle? Cannon fodder. Soften up the enemy. The Metal Legion. Old mechs crewed by former prisoners with nowhere else to go. They carry the burden. They bear the pain.

But they don’t want to die. “Never fight fair when fighting for your life” The motto of the Metal Legion. They fight to win.

The mechs stand tall, or crawl, or run, or scamper. A dozen different designs, held together by rough welds and sheer willpower. And the soldiers within, like Xi Bao who refuses to give up.

Taking her armor underground, she finds the enemy, in numbers far greater than she was told. Knee deep in the war, her crew gives their old mech new vigor for one last chance at glory.

Victory or death! More ammo. More missiles. More beds in the hospital.

All 8 books included in this GIANT omnibus:

  1. Scorpion’s Fury
  2. Frozen Fire
  3. Hellfire
  4. Lunar Assault
  5. Watery Grave
  6. Cry Havoc
  7. Search & Destroy
  8. End of War

Metal Legion – climb the ramp and come along for the ride. It’ll be bumpy and hot, but fire the mains and full speed ahead. Read Metal Legion today.

Superdreadnought: The Complete Series

Alone and unafraid. Sometimes you prevent war by hunting down your enemies.

Grab the first 6 books of the action-packed Space Opera today!

Superdreadnought 1:

Integrated with a superdreadnought, the artificial intelligence known as Reynolds takes his ship across the universe in search of the elusive Kurtherians. He comes to a revelation. He’s better in the company of living creatures.

He needs a crew. He needs information. And he needs to continue his search and destroy mission.

Needing a crew and getting a crew are two completely different things. Reynolds is out of his element as he tries to reach out and make friends. Through it all, he has his vessel, the superdreadnought, the most powerful warship in the galaxy.

Or so he believes.

Superdreadnought 2:

The superdreadnought takes the fight to Grindlevik 3. Battles in space, battles of wits, battles of ideologies – Reynolds in cyberspace, the crew on the ground. Everyone is engaged.

The crew of the superdreadnought deploys on foot to win the hearts and minds of the native populations. The Grindlovians and the Telluride. Two races. One destiny.

And an interloper who is making everyone take notice.

Integrated with a superdreadnought, the artificial intelligence known as Reynolds has recruited a humanoid crew to help search the universe for the elusive Kurtherians. His mission continues, and no one stands in his way.

Superdreadnought 3:

The superdreadnought gates into the middle of a battle. Whose side do they take?

Krokus 4. The system’s nexus of intelligent life. Who are the Krokans? Who are the Orau? Are there any good guys to protect?

It’s a dog’s breakfast from the word go. Reynolds is positioned to keep the sides from killing each other while he and the crew try to figure out what is going on. With a healthy dose of skepticism, they dig deep trying to find the truth. Underwater. In the vacuum of space. On another planet. Clues and answers can be found by only the most diligent.

All while fighting for their lives.

It’s business as usual for the superdreadnought and his crew.

Superdreadnought 4:

The superdreadnought is hunting the cultists.

The chase takes the ship and crew to Muultar, a planet tortured by three raging stars. Why would anyone live in such a place?

But they do, and the Phraim-‘Eh cult has found fertile recruiting ground. Their plan is nothing short of taking over the whole planet.

How are they doing it? And who are those other aliens in the system, the ones who take issue with Reynolds? They seem more powerful than the superdreadnought.

Are they the long-lost Kurtherians, and Muultar is ground zero?

Once again, Superdreadnought Reynolds is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Don’t miss out on the action of Superdreadnought 5 and Superdreadnought 6! Both included in this fantastic boxed set!


In this book is cursing. Amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this books is not for you.

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Superdreadnought tells an entirely new story in the Age of Expansion…when the Etheric Empire is fast becoming the Etheric Federation, with all of the trials and tribulations that come with bringing together different peoples, systems, and ideals.

Krimson Empire Complete Omnibus Edition

The Federation will make you pay for your crimes, even fake ones.

They put Quinn in jail and then took away her kids. Escaping was no longer enough. She was going to become the Federation’s worst nightmare.

Tony, a spy from a rival star system who is the scion of a galactic crime family. Quinn, falsely accused former military betrayed by her husband. A conspiracy that intertwines their lives.

The Federation shouldn’t have tried to make her a scapegoat.

Quinn’s escape starts today. Tomorrow, her new life begins.

Get Krimson Empire, the complete series, over 800 pages in one collection, right now.


Suppose your descendants – people of the future – reach back in time to ask for your help. Would you go?

24th Century humanity has created a Utopia. No more War. Disease. Prejudice. Crime. But no heroes! And suddenly they need gritty, brave heroes, fast. So they reach out across time… for you.

Would you go?

And what if only teens can survive the trip?

In the first Out of Time novel, Nebula Award winning author Nancy Kress takes you on an adventure, with a 10th Century Viking girl, a New Jersey high school basketball star and a young thief from Shakespeare’s London who are yanked into a future of both promise and peril and asked achieve what adults of that time cannot… rescue a lost star-colony. But even if they succeed, will they ever make it back home?

The Quintessence: Crucible Book 1 – Awakened

Cultivation. Progression. Ascension. 

From the #1 Bestselling Author of Barrow King

On the world of Crucible, where humanity’s spiritual artists train to fight in a war of universal proportions, Aryc Tal Venn has the potential to be one of the gods.

But when he accidentally unleashes heretical powers during his Challenge, he is forced to flee his home or face the wrath of the Inquisition.

With his sister by his side, Aryc begins a quest to uncover the truth of his own existence.

Only to discover a terrible secret.

A secret with the power to destroy humanity.

Will Aryc master his unnatural powers in time to save the people of Crucible or will he be the harbinger of humanity’s destruction?

Awakened – Book One of The Quintessence: Crucible is the first novel in a new epic LitRPG cultivation universe brought to you by C.M. Carney, author of the #1 Bestselling LitRPG Saga The Realms.

The book is chock full of Qi cycling, measurable power progression, immortal gods, intriguing characters, deadly mysteries and universe shattering threats. It is perfect for all fans of progression fantasy, including lovers of  LitRPG/GameLit, western cultivation, wuxia, and xianxia.


And if you like audiobooks, you can get it at a discounted price when you purchase the ebook for 99 cents!


Rebel is set in the same universe as the United Federation Marine Corps series, and while the Marines make an appearance, this book is not about Ryck Lysander or the Corps.

Michiko MacCailín is a member of the First Families, more concerned with her privileged lifestyle of ballet, spending time with friends, and planning her wedding than of the injustices suffered by the indentured workers of the all-powerful Propitious Interstellar Fabrication, Inc., the charter holder of the planet. When her activist fiancé is murdered at a protest rally, she blames the company and embarks on a personal mission of vengeance.

Michi has some initial, if minor success, but when the company requests that the Federation send in the Marine Corps to quell the unrest, the stakes immediately get higher. Undeterred, Michi is not going to let the Marines keep her from extracting her revenge.

WARNING: This book contains some graphic violence that may not be suitable for all readers.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Rebel is set in the same universe as the first three books in The United Federation Marine Corps series, and a few of the characters in those three books make brief appearances in this one. However, this is a decidedly different book, examining what it might be like on the other side of a Federation Marine deployment. The battle scenes are limited, and the violence is much more visceral and personal. This is a darker, deeper book and not your typical “Space Marine” story.

Rebel will tie into future volumes of the series that will put the focus back on the Marines, but it is a departure from the first three volumes.

Free Yourself

Three parallel worlds. One supernova. An imperiled multiverse. Will Laney survive the treacherous journey home before she is deleted from existence?

“Would you risk everything to get home?”

Laney Carter needs to go home. Except the journey back will be as dangerous as staying.

Thanks to her genius scientist “alternate self”, she’s been stuck on a parallel world, tormented by her alter egos, being hunted by secret organizations. Her life in constant peril.

Laney has to trust a radical theory to cure her bizarre condition and return to her original dimension before the forces threatened by her existence catch up to her.

What would she be willing to sacrifice to go back to her normal teenage life?

Everything? Her life? Her heart? The destruction of the multiverse?

It’s a race against time and fate to defy the odds on this unique, fast-paced sci-fi adventure.

Free Yourself is Book 3 in S. Breaker’s YA Sci-fi/Dystopian/Romance series “Selfless”.

Mystery & Thriller Special Deals

Show No Mercy


When the deadly duo witnesses a catastrophic terrorist attack, they don’t stand idly by. They run into the fray, engaging the enemy and stumble upon a message the killers leave behind.

Graypoole has resurrected.

It’s an impossible development. Dane knows Graypoole, a terrorist who targeted capitalists, is dead – killed by a black ops team. But as he and Nina follow the evidence, they learn Graypoole’s son has taken over his father’s organization. And Junior wants revenge. One incident of mass murder, and killing the men who murdered his father, isn’t enough. He’s planning a bigger attack for an encore, and thousands of lives are at risk.

Only Steve Dane and Nina Talikova stand in his way. If they fail, the blood of innocents is on their hands.

Character Witness

A shared cubicle in a strip-mall law office wasn’t the kind of career Kathleen Cotter dreamed of, but all that changes when her uncle, legendary criminal defense attorney Gerry O’Doul, invites her to join his Beverly Hills firm.

But O’Doul is old, his offices are on the wrong end of 90210, and his glory days are over. Just when it looks like another dead end for Kathleen, a new client walks through the door with a simple request: prove her upstanding ex-husband didn’t kill himself so she can get his insurance money.

Promising Jerry O’Doul to see this one case through Kathleen finds herself drawn into a web of lies, corruption, scandal and murder. To save her own life Kathleen Cotter can sell-out or take on the powers that be. Either way, she’ll find that on the right side of Beverly Hills life is cheap and character is a four-letter word.

“A riveting legal whodunit…”– USA Today

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