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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

The Bad Company Complete Series Omnibus

Grab this full series omnibus collection of The Bad Company series today!

Humanity’s greatest export—Justice.

Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea.

Here comes the Bad Company.

The Bad Company, book 1 – 

Colonel Terry Henry Walton takes his warriors into battle, for a price, in this first installment of The Bad Company. He believes in the moral high ground and is happy getting paid for his role in securing it.

Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, Terry, Char, and their people—humans, Werewolves, Weretigers, and Vampires—form the core of the Bad Company’s Direct Action Branch, a private conflict solution enterprise.

Join them as they fight their way across Tissikinnon Four where none of the warring parties were what they expected.

Book 2, Blockade –

When the Bad Company learns of a human colony blockaded by aliens, they take the upgraded War Axe into battle. Once again, nothing is as it seems, but this time, they find a single enemy, evil to its core.

Ending that threat is a cause they are willing to die for. What would you do?

Book 3, Price of Freedom – 

*** Price of Freedom is a 2018 Dragon Award Finalist ***

On Earth, parents told stories about the devil to frighten children. But devils exist and from time to time, they find their way here. 

Terry and Char, take the Bad Company’s Direct Action Branch into combat to rid a world beyond the borders of a new incursion. All it will cost is the inhabitants’ most advanced technology, a miniaturized power supply that will revolutionize the Etheric Federation.

Nathan wants it, badly enough that he’s made the mission non-negotiable. Terry’s hands are tied as he takes the team into the hot zone.

Join Terry and Char as the War Axe delivers the team to a planet well outside of Federation space where they have to convince the local aliens that the Bad Company is from the government and they’re there to help.

Join the Bad Company as they fight an enemy from their worst nightmares.

This 7 book series omnibus includes:

  1. The Bad Company
  2. Blockade
  3. Price of Freedom
  4. Liberation
  5. Destroyer
  6. Discovery
  7. Overwhelming Force

Terry. Char. The last chapter. Read it now.

This is the final series with Terry and Char as main characters. If you haven’t followed Terry and Char’s adventures, you can start here, or you can go all the way back to when they first met in Nomad Found, Book 1 of the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles.

Go forth and conquer, just like Terry and Char.


*NOTE: If cursing is a problem, then this might not be for you.

Judge, Jury, & Executioner Boxed Set (Books 5-8)

Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate.

She’s a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty.

Get books 5 – 8 in the Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller together for you in one exciting boxed set!

Slave Trade:

No respect for life. Or the law.

It’s the trade. In sentience. Run by the Corranites, creatures that have always traded in intelligent alien life.

Bought and sold. Nothing more than property.

Rivka is having none of it. With an eye toward taking the entire supply line down, she launches into the greater galaxy. All the way to the heart of the Federation.

It’s bigger than anyone knows. She calls all her friends and finds that she has woefully few. With a snarl and a mandate, she dives head first into the firepit of the Slave Trade.

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.


Safety takes a back seat to profit. Until it crosses the line.

Shipyard deaths. Labor complaints. Fear. Intimidation. Rivka gets called in to sort things out, investigate the safety issues, mediate the dispute.

What she finds isn’t a negotiation at all. She puts on her Magistrate hat and gets to work sorting out crimes made to look like accidents. Her biggest challenge is finding out who is honest.

Rivka ends up in a court of law, prosecutor and defender, fighting both sides of a new and intricate legal question. When fists and firepower have to give way to intellect and reason, Rivka and her team must rise to the challenge.

The Art of Smuggling:

Why would anyone steal art? Who can you sell it to?

The High Chancellor puts Rivka on the trail of serial art thieves. Dismantle the ring. Recover the art. Put the thieves behind bars, thieves who stay one step ahead.

Insiders? Or maybe outsiders with inside knowledge? No suspects. No clues. Rivka has to use all the resources at her command – her gift, her people, her ship, and tools that no one else has access to. Rivka has to chase the criminals across the galaxy to exotic planets with their own challenges when it comes to solving the crime. The big question is can Rivka find the criminals before they disappear forever? It’s not rocket science.

It’s a whole new challenge; it’s the art of smuggling.


Two races. One war. Perpetual hatred. And the Magistrate crash lands right in the middle of it.

Rivka and her crew take a much-deserved vacation, but find themselves on a jungle planet, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Part by design, but mostly not. Isn’t that what a good vacation is supposed to be, disconnected from the rigors of everyday life? Until no one can hear your calls for help.

The team has to resolve Yindle and Yangor’s dispute before they can find a way home. A vacation turned into a case morphed into a fight for survival.

The crew meets new challenges head on because they have no choice. Rivka’s time off isn’t what anyone expected, not even the Magistrate. In Red’s immortal words, “Your vacations suck.”

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

Get it today.

Judge, Jury, & Executioner is a stand-alone series in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe. No previous books need to be read. Just lock in your seat-belt, grab your favorite drink and be ready for your socks to be blown off.


*** This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, perhaps this book isn’t for you.

The Nightwalker Complete 8-Book Omnibus

He is the Nightwalker. One man alone. Embracing honor in a world with none.

Get the entire 8-book series from the indominable Frank Roderus and Craig Martelle

Book 1:

Darkness is his friend.

A world destroyed by nuclear war. “Civilization” rebuilt with iron fists. Jim Wolfe emerges from his hiding place years afterward, stronger, able to see in the dark, hampered by the daylight.

He only wants to get home. Did his wife and little boy survive? He has to find his way, walking through dens of villainy and despair, through the corrupt and the criminal.

With enemies of peace closing in on each side, how far can Wolfe make it?

Book 2:

The Alstons have a beef with Jim Wolfe and they want to settle it in the only way they know.

The Nightwalker only wants to get home. He is alone and running for his life. He tries to avoid humanity, but strangers stand out in a paranoid world.

In the Red Zone, no one is safe from the wilders. In the Clear Area, a corrupt Federal Command makes it even more dangerous.

Wolfe runs until he can run no more.

Book 3:

Paradise. Everyone has a different definition. Jim Wolfe stumbles across a town of that name. They have electricity, music, hot running water, and all the comforts of a home from the before time.

He feels something is off despite the warm welcome they give him.

Skeptical as always, this town isn’t Wolfe’s definition of Paradise. His Lurleen and JoJo aren’t there. He digs into the dark shadows where only he can see the truth.

Book 4:

Wolfe’s trials get harder. A broken leg. A heavy snowfall. Alone in the mountains.

The Nightwalker keeps his perspective and his focus. His family is waiting for him. At least the answer of whether they are alive or dead is out there, a long ways away.

Wolfe will always have his honor and willingness to help. And that’s how he ended up with the dog, and how he ends up with a young girl, too.

Together they continue his journey. As long as it takes, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Through the Red Zone which isn’t so toxic anymore to the Clear Area which is, but in a different way. 

Book 5:

Wolfe can no longer abide by the Federal Command.

With a change of attitude and reliance on his strengths, he takes the fight to them. He owns the night. He is stronger and faster than the soldiers. He has a sense of honor, the likes of which they’ll never know.

He wants to continue home so he can find out once and for all Lurleen’s and JoJo’s fate. When he meets the good people of Ashland, he knows that he has to help them. It’ll be a delay, but it’s something he must do.

The Nightwalker finally takes the fight to FedCom only to find his enemies are there, waiting.

Book 6:

The gathering of souls, the Sacred Survivors.

Little Rock Arkansas is the home to those who made it through, led by a mystic, a guru, a charismatic soul.

Jim Wolfe only wants to pass, but the Survivors want more than he is willing to give.

Which sets up the showdown between the Nightwalker and the followers of the one.

Book 7:

So close. Did his family survive or not? Only five hundred miles across the Gulf and he would have his answer.

Mobile is thriving. But is it right or just another cult?

Jim and Jennifer have to decide whether to settle in to recover or continue on. The decision is made harder when life gives them lemonade.

The Gulf of Mexico calls, and Jim has to listen. He finds a fishing boat that needs a hand. It’s time for him to learn a new skill, but when Jim Wolfe decides to do something, he gives it one hundred percent.

The Light’s Last Hope

Could anyone stop the Dark One’s wrath?

As Jeremy wails against the cold, iron bars of his dark prison, his friends are out there dying. And it’s all his fault.

If only he’d been faster, maybe he could be out there with them, fighting the darkness, instead of playing the part of the Dark One’s favorite pet.

Meanwhile, Teryn, Talon, and the others discuss how best to take on Fhyrr and his minions, hopefully freeing Jeremy in the process. But their last battle hadn’t gone so well, leaving one member of the group dead and another barely clinging to life.

As the team goes their separate ways to chase after the remaining artifacts, a desperate plan is hatched. One that might just turn the tides of darkness.

But will it be enough? Can they save the world if they have to do it all alone?

The Voodoo Legacy Complete Series

Five books and more than 1400 pages of Voodoo, Vampires, Valor, and Villainy fill this magic academy fantasy boxset.

Being possessed has its advantages… 

Annabelle Mulledy survived a Voodoo attack on her family as a child—but it left her possessed by the spirit of a nearly 200 year-old-girl. This girl, however, came with strange abilities bestowed upon her in the after life. When Kalfu, an evil Loa, discovers Annabelle he hopes to use her abilities to his advantage—to escape the spiritual realm and take a corporeal form. When Ogoun, the Loa of War, intervenes he recruits Annabelle to join him as a student at the Voodoo Academy. Will Annabelle master the arts, and fend off Kalfu’s spiritual assaults? Or, is she ultimately a puppet in a battle between Voodoo demigods?

Theophilus Monroe’s Annabelle Mulledy is a snarky badass heroine with attitude. Monroe draws on the legend and myth of Voodoo lore in a way that neither caricatures the arts as “demonic” nor glosses over the dark side of the Voodoo tradition. With dark magic, dragons, vampires, and a slow burn academy romance the Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy complete series has something for everybody.

If you enjoy magic academy fantasy books and occult urban fantasy, especially books with a dark twist, then you will love Theophilus Monroe’s Voodoo Legacy.  Fans of authors like Michael Anderle, Martha Carr, Linsey Hall, or Ramy Vance will love this compelling coming of age urban fantasy epic. Pick up your copy today!

Mystery & Thriller Special Deals

Social Medium

All In A Day’s Haunting

I’d come to terms with what Sadie Hatch did to me five years ago, setting me up to take the fall for her blackmail scheme the way she did. I’d had time, my six months behind bars, to come to terms with my innocence, and subsequent loss of said naiveté. There’d been a time I’d held a grudge, but that time was long gone.

The fact she was dead helped. Did it make me a bad person I wasn’t sorry? Sometimes I wondered. Then again, other times? This life—and the afterlife—had a funny way of evening out the scales of justice. I’d seen it happen often enough to know judging myself for what I was thinking at any given minute was a waste of energy better used in other endeavors.

Medium and paranormal debunker Alice Moore has found romantic bliss for the first time, but her happy heart does nothing to pay the bills. When a fellow ghost hunter hires her and boyfriend Denver Hatch to investigate the haunting of a Florida plantation house, she reluctantly agrees. Roman Ellis isn’t her favorite person in the world, but the money he’s offering is too much to turn down. If only she’d listened to her instincts… when she stumbles over a freshly dead body—the long ago departed more her forte—she’s suddenly in the middle of a murder investigation and her record makes her a suspect. Can she uncover the killer and prove her innocence?

In this spin-off series to the award-winning Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries, medium and paranormal blogger/debunker Alice Moore travels the US uncovering truth, fraud and murder!

Deep Freeze

A former screen diva’s biggest fan is about to become her worst nightmare in this psychological thriller by the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

When she wakes up, she’s very cold. Colder than she’s ever been in her life. She can’t move or speak. And then she sees him—the one who took her. And before she dies, she wishes she could scream.

Former movie star Jenna Hughes left Hollywood for a remote farm in Oregon to escape the confines of fame. But someone has followed her—an obsessed fan whose letters are shockingly personal and deeply disturbing. And while Jenna’s already shaken up by what she’s seen on paper, she’d be terrified if she knew what Sheriff Shane Carter is investigating. It’s a grizzly case that started with the discovery of a dead woman in the woods. Now two more women are missing, one of whom bears a striking resemblance to Jenna.

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