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We’re back with even more great deals on great for you. Not only do we have 3 box sets this week, but also a series sale to celebrate the launch of the third book in a series (the first two books are discounted, the third is full price, but is also in Kindle Unlimited).

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

The Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick Boxed Set

The Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick is now completed and YOU can get it all in one giant boxed set now!

I was innocent, and they called me a monster.

Maybe a monster is exactly what the earth needs.

Escape the Deep:

My name is Sara Slick, and I was an average teenager. I worked hard. Followed the rules. Took care of my family. But normal dissolved the night that the hidden world of The Far showed up to accuse my dad of heinous crimes against the magical community.

To protect the ones I loved, I took the blame and the sentence of ten lifetimes in The Deep.

No human had ever been sent to this paranormal prison.

They didn’t think I’d last the night.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

I survived by becoming the kind of human the magical world feared. Now, a decade later, I need to escape from hell before the home I sacrificed everything for meets its end at the hands of a maniacal, master wizard and his army of fanatics.

What’s one army against the heinous Sara Slick?

Kill The Wild:

A dead body. A strange cult. A terrified people.

Sounds like the perfect place for the Heinous Sara Slick.

OK, so I escaped from magical prison, saved my home town, made some friends, and managed not to die in the process. Not too bad for the Heinous Sara Slick.

But now what?

Hobbes, mastermind of all things evil, has gone into hiding, and all my leads have dried up. With the Philosopher’s Guild hot on my tail, the smart choice would be to lay low, bide my time, and take things easy.

Or, I could investigate a brutal murder deep in the woods of rural Apalachia.

Dead bodies keep turning up outside a small secluded community. And these bodies look weird. Like, giving-off-major-Farsider-vibes weird.

So, of course Ally and I are going to investigate. Who doesn’t love a road trip? The trick is solving these murders before getting my friend killed in the process. I can deal with Farsiders, but sometimes there are worse things than monsters living in the wild.

Fight The Peace:

International intrigue. Deadly assassins. Tacos!

Just an average day for the Heinous Sara Slick.

When a daring rescue uncovers new intel into the Harbingers’ next plan, we do what we do best: rush in fists raised to stop the bad guys.

But this is no backyard brawl. A coalition of world leaders have assembled to sign a peace treaty, and Hobbes has marked them as his next target. The fate of the world is at stake, and I’m the only one who can save it.

As long as I can get past the TSA.

You know what they say, to make an omelette, you need to break a few eggs.

And to save the world, sometimes you need to fight the peace.

Invade The Heights:

The end of the world is near.

There’s danger upon us.

And only the Heinous Sara Slick can stop it.

This is it, the moment I’ve been dreading since I escaped the Deep. Hobbes has unleashed his war upon the world, and the world wasn’t ready.

Angry Farsiders are attacking without mercy, Rand and the Philosopher’s Guild are out for blood, and the Near is in flames.

The good news is I have a new ally.

The bad news is, it is one of my many sworn enemies.

But beggars can’t be choosers, and I’ll need all the help I can get if I’m going to pull off my most dangerous mission yet.

I have to Invade the Heights.

Unfortunately, invading the heights will be the easiest thing I do today.

Penny and Boots Complete Series Omnibus

Not everyone can see the ancient beings from myth and legend as they slip through the veil.

Penny Hingston can’t just see them… she’s best friends with one.

Get your copy of the completed Penny and Boots Omnibus today!

Snakes and Shadows:

Perhaps that’s how Penny and Boots landed a recruitment letter for the Academy of Myth and Legend.

Who’s Boots? She’s a serpent. Not just any serpent — she’s a Rainbow Serpent, an ancient Australian Dreamtime legend come to life. It’s actually not so unusual these days. Mythical creatures are tumbling through the Veil every two seconds. The Academy not only teaches its students how to fight the bad ones, but to protect the good ones as well.

That’s why Penny joined. She’s only there to make sure Boots stays safe. Once she figures out a plan, she’s out. At least, that’s what she’s trying to convince herself — and her new friends, including Cisco. It’s only a coincidence that Penny blushes when he talks to her, really!

Darklanding Complete First Season

A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one Spaceport can’t hold. 

Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space. Sheriff Thaddeus Fry, a veteran from the war on Centauri Prime, is assigned as the Sheriff of Darklanding. It could be a do-nothing job, or it could get him killed.

With a cast of characters that includes a company man, aliens, miners, a French bartender, too many outlaws, and the town madame, there will never be a boring day on Darklanding.

The complete series, all twelve books in one package.

Fans of Firefly, Bonanza, and Tombstone will love this new series. Make Thaddeus Fry your favorite sheriff. Join us today.

Animal Soldiers

A genetically enhanced leopard. He serves in the Federation Compact Army for one purpose. To go where it is too dangerous to send “real” soldiers.

Hannibal is one of a four-animal team. A human warrant officer controls them because their free will has been bred, trained, and cut out them. They need orders to follow. Except Hannibal feels the call of the wild. It’s starting to clash with his programming. He is reverting, but has to hide it unless he wants to be executed, his brain dissected to see what went wrong.

The gods of war smile upon the enemy, bringing Hannibal’s internal struggle into the light as he must rise above his programming if he is to lead his fellow animals through the battle. Survive, even if it means they are signing their own death warrants.

Written by a veteran combat Marine, the battle scenes are realistic and will take you on a wild ride through small unit combat. Pick it up today.

Void Wraith Origins Series Sale!

The first two books in the series below are 99 cents to celebrate the release of book 3, which is $3.99! Click the image above to go the series page or the individual links below to get each book!

Dryker’s Folly

Before the Void Wraith. Before the Eradication.

One man had a chance to stop it all, and failed…

Captain Dryker is a washed up vet mining on the fringes of the Kuiper belt. He loads rocks into the Folly’s railgun, and fires them back to his corporate overlords on Earth. Boring, just the way he likes it. Until one day it isn’t.

An alien signal bursts from Pluto, which as it turns out is neither a planet, nor a planetoid body. It is an ancient defense satellite activated because it detected the return of the Vuka Spectra. The Void Wraith.

Dryker is the closest ship on the scene, but not the only one vying for the prize. Hostile aliens have emerged from our sun using something called a Helios Gate. The savage Tigris have come not just for the satellite, but to conquer Earth.

Dryker’s only hope is finding something, anything, within the installation to counter the alien’s superior technology and save mankind.

The prequel to the Void Wraith Saga. Learn how it all began…

Dryker’s Stand

Humanity’s First Interstellar War

Earth has had a year to recover from their first clash with the savage Tigris. A year they have put to incredible use. Over thirty vessels have been outfitted with the new Helios Drives, which allow them to enter our sun and emerge elsewhere in the galaxy, as the cats did when they attacked us.

For the first time we can take the fight to them.

Commander Dryker, now of the U.F.C, serves as first officer aboard the very first vessel to be retrofitted, the UFC Johnston. His mission…explore the six target worlds where they believe ancient Primo tech can be recovered. Without it mankind is doomed to a protracted war of attrition with a superior foe.

Meanwhile, Pride Leonis has never been in so precarious a position. Mighty Fizgig must aid the man she most hates in his rise to power, or risk her people’s ultimate destruction. Doing so will cost her everything, but make her a legend in the eyes of her people.

Unbeknownst to either the insidious Void Wraith are quietly returning, and preparing the next Eradication.

Book 2 in the Prequel Series. Check out the Void Wraith Saga for the complete story of the war with the Void Wraith…

Dryker’s Fall
(Not on sale, but new release, previous two books are 99 cents)

Humanity’s End is Upon Us

The Tigris have declared a Sacred Hunt against Earth. During the last battle Dryker’s daring plan turned back their vanguard, but now the entire fleet has arrived.

Thousands of Tigris vessels converge upon our world, with only a few dozen battleships, and our remaining orbital defense platforms to shield us.

Captain Dryker is placed under the command of the sadistic Doctor Reid, and sent to reactivate an ancient Void Wraith factory. Within this factory slumbers an army of Void Wraith, and a fleet of harvesters. But if he succeeds those forces will not work for Earth.

They will begin the Eradication, and wipe out everything.

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