Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Happy almost Turkey Day – well at least if you’re in the U.S. Tomorrow’s the big day. If you didn’t take your turkey out to defrost, you MIGHT be a little late (unless you are celebrating on Friday or Saturday or something else).

What is your favorite holiday dish. Mine is one my mom made called pink fluff. It’s really orange fluff but when it comes down to it, it looks mostly pink. It’s a combination of cottage cheese, with powdered jello mixed in, then add fruit cocktail, some crushed pineapple and cool whip to it. You can really make it any flavor, but she used orange. I’m making that this week, but reducing the recipe by half – otherwise, I’ll be tired of it in a few days.

We have a bunch of great books for you this week! So if you’re looking for some books to tide you over this holiday season, we’ve got plenty to chose from.

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Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Judge, Jury, & Executioner Boxed Set (Books 1 – 4)

Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate. 

She’s a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty.

The first 4 books in the Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller are here together for you in one boxed set!

You Have Been Judged, Book 1

Could she look herself in the mirror after meting out justice? She’s about to find out. Rivka heads to space to be the Judge, Jury, & Executioner. Criminals have nowhere to go.

You Have Been Judged…

Destroy The Corrupt, Book 2

No one runs a racket and gets away with it.

Not in the Federation and not when it steals business from The Bad Company. Punish the interlopers! But justice must be served. Is it a racket? Or are they just better at business?

Send in the Magistrate to investigate and apply the law. What will Rivka uncover? What justice will she deliver?

Keep pulling the threads. See what unravels. They keep leading her…

Somewhere. She knows she has to follow. Even if it smells like a trap.

Serial Killer, Book 3

Alien ambassadors are dying.

The locals are in over their heads. Or are they turning a blind eye?

The Magistrates band together to learn about the law, each other, and even themselves. They still need outside help to solve the case. Who do they call?

And Barnabas stops by to refuel and spin a tale. More training for the Magistrates.

But duty takes them away. Another Ambassador is brutally murdered. Rivka takes her team to find the perp and end the violence.

Very little is as it seems.

Your Life is Forfeit, Book 4

Red has a price on his head. Rivka is determined to find those who put it there.

Criminals commit crimes. Career criminals do it in secret. They are good at hiding.

Rivka’s latest case has her hunting fugitives. Red is on a mission to find them and make them pay for what they’ve done.

Her search leads her through dark warrens of political intrigue and ecological disasters. All the while, Rivka is swinging the scales of justice, judging the guilty, and delivering punishment.

Villainy and scum have toe-holds throughout the galaxy, but Rivka doesn’t mind stepping on their toes even when she’s not judging them. She considers it her job because no one is above the law.

Is Rivka’s search sanctioned or has she gone rogue? Will the Federation back her play?

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

Judge, Jury, & Executioner is a stand-alone series in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe. No previous books need to be read. Just lock in your seat-belt, grab your favorite drink and be ready for your socks to be blown off.


*** This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, perhaps this book isn’t for you.

Free Trader Complete Omnibus

With a vision of a world free from war, one man and a cat set out to make their fortune.

The most lucrative? Trading in tech of the ancients. If he can find it. If he can determine its value. If he can bring the tech to willing buyers.

But then everything changes. It becomes bigger than Braden and the Golden Warrior. Other sentient creatures join him on his quest.

He only wanted free trade. But there needed to be peace. And that became his mission.

All nine books of the Free Trader in one collection.

  • 1: The Free Trader of Warren Deep
  • 2: The Free Trader of Planet Vii
  • 3: Adventures on RV Traveler
  • 4: Battle for the Amazon
  • 5: Free the North!
  • 6: Free Trader on the High Seas
  • 7: Southern Discontent
  • 8: The Great Cat Rebellion
  • 9: Return to the Traveler

Join Braden, the Golden Warrior, Micah, Aadi, Skirill, and the rest on a grand adventure across the length and breadth of Planet Vii.

It’s a series sale! Get the Earth Magic Rises series at 71% off.

Click on the image above to be taken to the US series page to easily purchase all three books, or click on the links below to get them in your local international store!

Free: Bones of the Witch 

99 cents: Ashes of the Wise

$2.99: Heart of the Fae

Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1


Lou Prophet’s life as a bounty hunter has taught him one rule: You don’t stop riding till the job is finished. Prophet is repeatedly caught in bloody crossfires and he is determined to show the outlaws that justice doesn’t always wear a badge.

Join the bounty hunter as he searches for a gorgeous showgirl, chases down a brutal gang, protects his partner at all costs, escorts a Russian noblewoman on an Arizona trail and captures stage-robbers!

“A storyteller who knows the West.”—Bill Brooks

Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1 includes – The Devil and Lou Prophet, Riding With the Devil’s Mistress, The Devil Gets His Due, Staring Down the Devil, and The Devil’s Lair.

Shotgun Justice


In the Confederate army, Billy Blue saw his share of dying and did his share of killing. Now, all he wants is a cowboy’s life of open sky and endless horizon as he works a cattle drive to Kansas, tracking rustlers.

But a demon gunman from Hell’s Half Acre and the notorious rustler “Cherokee Bill” aren’t about to let the young rider through the Territory without a fight. And when Billy Blue fights, it’s war all over again…

Devil’s Dance


When Military Intelligence team Army Ranger Sergeant Steve Wolf with a Private Military Company known as the Vipers, he subsequently finds himself blamed for the deaths of some Iraqi civilians after a botched raid in Baghdad.

Upon his release from prison four years later Wolf’s friend and mentor, former Green Beret Jim McNamara, invites him into the bounty hunting business. Wolf reluctantly agrees and the pair cross paths with some undesirable characters as they head down south of the border to apprehend a wanted fugitive. Unbeknownst to Wolf, his old enemies from Iraq, the Vipers, are also in Mexico on the trail of the same fugitive, who is in possession of a priceless stolen artifact being sought by a very rich and unscrupulous man. The trail leads them all to El Meco, the abandoned Mayan ruins, where Wolf finds himself suddenly battling alone against a small army of vicious foes.

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