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For the first day of the Bountiful Book Giveaway LMBPN has selected: Shield Maiden. Shield Maiden will be FREE from November 23- 27, 2020.

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Every time a shot rings out a Valkyrie earns her wings. Mila is earning hers the hard way hunting down the monsters that have taken her sister.

It was supposed to be a simple scouting mission.

But the trail is leading her to an unexpected discovery. What if the things that go bump in the night start to slither out into the light?

An ancient horror, full of malice and nightmares, is coming to the Idaho Wilderness.

She should probably run, but Valkyries don’t back down from a fight, no matter the risk.

Besides, there are lives at stake, and it’s a Valkyries job to choose the dead. The Dwarf King would be proud.


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