Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

hope this week finds you well! I started reading Battle Ground by Jim Butcher last weekend but didn’t get far into it. Too much other stuff going on that prevented me from sitting down and reading it all in one go. 

The biggest thing is getting yard work done so I can decorate for Halloween. I have a friend that’s doing a lot of the work, but I’m helping out where I can. Of course, once that’s all done, the leaves will start falling and it will be time to do that work. Go figure!

There are a lot of great books on sale this week! A bunch of box sets for 99 cents if that’s what you enjoy! Be sure to check them out below and if you enjoy them, try and leave a review. It does help the authors out.

Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

The Witches of Pressler Street Complete BoxSet

Get this entire 8-Book series in one GIANT boxed set now!

Witches are being murdered in Austin. But how do you put the monster back in the vault?

The three witches of Pressler Street are the city’s only hope but they are running out of time.

A deadly creature has been locked away for millennia in plain sight. But big sister, Laura accidentally set the creature free and no one remembers how to put it back.

Find the witch-killer and stop its path of destruction on Austin. But what spell to use? Can the sisters figure it out?

Better hurry! He’s gunning for the Hadstrom sisters first. Time to come together and finally learn how to blend their unique powers into something new.

Can the sisters come together to save their fellow witches and save themselves?

From the best selling author of The Leira Chronicles:

  1. The Magic Legacy
  2. Making Magic
  3. Spellbound Magic
  4. Magic Trinity
  5. Magic United
  6. Magic Underground
  7. Magic Unbound
  8. Magic Reclaimed

Nomad Found


Armageddon. The end of the modern world. Many saved themselves. Others tried to save what was left. Most failed.

Colonel Terry Henry became the Nomad and disappeared.

After twenty years, he returned. It was time to drag humanity back to civilization.

The first woman he meets offers him water. Maybe there is hope. But then the refuse of humanity comes to take it away. Terry delivers the brutal justice this new world understands.

Terry had lost everything and thought there was nothing left to live for – until now. His mission is nothing less than saving the world from itself.

Terry won’t rest until justice is served.

There is swearing in this book, but in the time before the world’s worst day ever, Terry served in the Marine Corps, and that part will stay with him forever.

Join the Nomad in his journey across the wasteland that used to be America.

Marines: From Now to the Far Future

Colonel Jonathan Brazee, USMC (Ret), is a USA Today bestselling writer with 75+ published works. Authors should write what they know, and the colonel knows Marines. From Iraq in 2006 to centuries in the future, these are the first books in six series that cover what it means to be a combat Marine. Being a Marine is more than a time or place; it is a way of life.

1. The Few
Gunny Jacob McCardle is the commander of the Marine Detachment at the US Embassy, New Delhi, and when the president of the US arrives, the embassy is attacked by a mob of nationalists. With the Indian government seemingly unwilling to take action and with an ambitious vice-president seizing this as an opportunity to move up to the White House, it is up to Gunny McCardle and his small band of Marines to keep the president alive. Faced with tremendous odds, Gunny has to lead his Marines in an almost impossible task.

2. Prisoner of Fallujah
Cpl Nicholas Xenakis was born to be a Marine, but when his wife gave him the “me or the Corps” ultimatum, he joined the local reserve battery for one last pump. Although no longer a grunt, Nick figured at least he was back in the fight. But when his convoy was hit in Fallujah, Nick faced the most life-threatening situation a Marine in Iraq could face, and he would have to face it alone.

3. Semper Lycanus
PFC Aiden Kaas has enlisted in the Corps for all the wrong reasons. Now deployed to Iraq, he just wants to put in his time and serve out his enlistment. However, after being bitten by a seemingly rabid mujahideen, he starts suffering from a strange illness, one with consequences beyond his wildest imaginings. As the disease ravages his body and exposes him to dangers far darker than active combat, Aiden must come to grips with what it is he has become.

4. Recruit
Centuries from now, Ryck Lysander enlists in the United Federation Marine Corps, hoping to make a better future for himself. From bootcamp brawls to skirmishes with galactic pirates, Ryck’s new life presents him with unimaginable adventures and forces him to prove his mettle as he forges his new identity and fights to earn his place as one of the Brotherhood of Marines.

United Federation Marine Lance Corporal Tamara Veal catches the attention of recruiters who nominate her to serve as a Single Combat Specialist to fight the alien Klethos. Called Gladiators, they are genetically modified human champions who meet Klethos d’relle in combat. Win, and the planet remains human; lose, and not only do they lose their lives, but the world as well. With the Klethos much more advanced and militarily powerful, able to defeat humanity in an all-out war, the challenge ring is the only way to retain at least some of the worlds of man.

LCPL Veal, who has found a home in the Corps, has to decide whether to accept the nomination. She would have to leave her fellow Marines and undergo extreme genetic modification that will leave her almost unrecognizable from the woman she was before. Becoming a gladiator will enable her to serve humanity to a far greater extent than anything else she could do, but at a tremendous personal cost.

6. Legacy Marines
Esther and Noah are the twin children of General Ryck Lysander, Commandant of the Marine Corps, leader of the Evolution and Chairman of the Federation. Told that their parents have been assassinated, both are devastated. Cut adrift, they each decide to enlist in the Corps—but for different reasons. Esther feels it is her duty to carry on the family legacy, confident that she can excel and reach the top. Noah simply wants to earn his father’s pride, even if it is too late.
As children of General Lysander, they are not “normal” recruits. Seniors and peers are well aware of their background, and the twins can’t escape the public eye. From under their father’s heavy shadow, the two must discover their personal path in the Corps, even when that seems to pull them apart from each other.

GoneGod World

Welcome to the One Spire Inn, the only hotel in town that accepts fairy tale monsters as guests.

Can a retired monster-hunter and an inebriated fallen angel keep these new guests in line?

Jean-Luc Matthias promised to help these wayward mythical creatures… a promise he plans on keeping even if it figuratively or (the more probable option) literally kills him. Too bad he’s a man of his word.

But preparing fae, succubi, poltergeists, and twice-fallen angels for mortal life is just the start of his problems.

A powerful demon is terrorizing the city. And what’s worse, the creature’s bloody deeds are exhuming Jean-Luc’s past.

A past that could destroy everything he’s built.

But if the creature isn’t stopped, it might just trigger the apocalypse. Again.

Now Jean-Luc has a choice to make: Stay quiet and hope the storm blows over, or dust off his slayer instincts, thus risking everything and everyone.

Go up and click Read Now or Download for FREE to enter a universe unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

“Mythology, satire, and brutal honesty. Vance delivers a knockout punch of fun and fearlessness in every last one of his books. Not only does he make you laugh, he makes you think. That’s a rare combination that few authors ever achieve, and Vance does it splendidly.” — John P. Logsdon, author of the Paranormal Police Department series.

The GoneGod World is a unique setting of myths, magic and mischief. But what is the GoneGod World?

Four years ago, the gods left. All of them. Their last message to humanity was “Thank you for believing in us, but it is not enough. We’re leaving. Good luck.”

At first no one took them seriously. Until, that is, all the denizens of all the heavens and hells started showing up on people’s doorsteps.

Creatures from every religion, mythology, folklore or fairytale now live among us, mortal and homeless. Trouble is, after eons of living forever, elves, dragons, dwarves, oni-demons, even friggin’ Medusa aren’t very good at being mortal.

Welcome to the GoneGod World…where not only are myths real, but they can kill you, too.

Mystery & Thriller Special Deals

The Complete Detective Sophie Allen Box Set




A young woman’s body is discovered on a deserted footpath in a Dorset seaside town late on a cold November night. She has been stabbed through the heart. It seems like a simple case for DCI Sophie Allen and her team to solve. But not when the victim’s mother is found strangled the next morning.

A young man’s mutilated body is found on top of the Agglestone, a well-known local landmark on Studland Heath.

Two women go away for the weekend, but only one comes back alive. Was it just the music they were into? And who was the man the victim met at the festival?

A devastating family secret unearthed. Sisters with a murderous rivalry.

Retired couple Sylvia and Ted Armitage attend the wrong funeral. It’s an honest mistake. But one month on, their bodies are found in their car, abandoned in the depths of a tranquil nature reserve.

A young man’s body is spotted in the stormy Dorset sea. Did he lose his footing and fall in? Or is there a more sinister cause of death?

An undercover detective disappears. A retired prison guard is found dead. Drugs and contraband phones are out of control in the local prisons. How are they getting in?

Detective Sophie Allen’s daughter discovers the body of a reclusive tramp out in the woods. Sophie and her team try to piece together something about his life, but progress is slow. NO ONE IS QUITE WHAT THEY SEEM.


IF YOU LIKE ANGELA MARSONS, RACHEL ABBOTT, COLIN DEXTER, RUTH RENDELL, OR MARK BILLINGHAM you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer.

DCI Sopie Allen is head of the recently formed Violent Crime Unit in Dorset. A beautiful English county which includes a stunning section of the coastline, but whose beauty belies darkness beneath the surface. She is 42 as the series starts, and lives with her husband and younger daughter in Wareham. Her elder daughter is studying in London. Sophie has a law degree and a master’s in criminal psychology. Her brilliant mind conceals some dark secrets from her past.

Honor And Blood: The MacLachlan Thrillers


One of the deadliest men alive, Mack MacLachlan is a security contractor for the intelligence community. Mack MacLachlan has spent the past 25 years as the conceivably deniable fixer for the US Intelligence Community. When the US needs something fixed quietly and permanently, somebody calls MacLachlan.

From kidnappings to tearing down business empires, MacLachlan longs to fade away from the danger and into retirement…but that’s not happening anytime soon.

Honor and Blood includes: Honor Above All, Unsanctioned and Highlands Blood.

Western Special Deals

Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1


Lou Prophet’s life as a bounty hunter has taught him one rule: You don’t stop riding till the job is finished. Prophet is repeatedly caught in bloody crossfires and he is determined to show the outlaws that justice doesn’t always wear a badge.

Join the bounty hunter as he searches for a gorgeous showgirl, chases down a brutal gang, protects his partner at all costs, escorts a Russian noblewoman on an Arizona trail and captures stage-robbers!

“A storyteller who knows the West.”—Bill Brooks

Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1 includes – The Devil and Lou Prophet, Riding With the Devil’s Mistress, The Devil Gets His Due, Staring Down the Devil, and The Devil’s Lair.

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