For the fourth day of Back to School, LMBPN brings you Hawthorn Academy: Year One for free! Hawthorn Academy: Year One will be free from September 15 to September 19!

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If ultimate power corrupts, how does one learn to be incorruptible?

I’m Aliyah Morgenstern. All of my life, I grew up on tales of my great-grandfather’s magic bringing light and healing to the world.

Then, I bonded with my dragonet Ember on my sixteenth birthday, which means I’ll be scary powerful someday.

There’s one problem.

Mom’s kept secrets that everyone at my new school seems to know.

Turns out, I’ve got an infamously criminal uncle and now everyone’s waiting for me to do something evil.

After my first horrible day at school I’m convinced I’m going to do something evil.

My biggest challenge this year isn’t history, math, Gym, or even the dreaded Magiscience Lab. No, it’s keeping a devastating secret from almost everyone, including my own family.

I’m an extramagus.

Is evil really my destiny, or can I fight it somehow?

Get your copy and jump into the fight for Aliyah’s future!

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