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With no knowledge of her family background, this girl is more dangerous than anyone can imagine!

Mia Jennings isn’t a normal girl. She knows there’s something different about her because she keeps seeing things. That would be fine but she just wants to be normal.

But what is normal?

When Mia heads to China for a Wushu tournament, she discovers more to her lineage than anyone could have imagined.

Some believe she’s an easy taret, a nobody, someone who will just lay down and die. They couldn’t be more mistaken.

Now, Mia’s on a journey to learn about her powers. She’s not keen on the idea, but her attitude might just help her survive the challenges thrown her way. Factor in a fae bounty hunter and a cute boy supporting her, she just migth have enough friends on her side to learn how to use her natural gifts and discover the truth about who she is.

They wanted a fight? Mia’s gonna give them one.

But, can she fight hard and last long enough to learn what she needs to survive in her new world?

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