Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Did you have a good Labor Day weekend? I got some yard work done, while being devoured by mosquitoes on Friday and Monday evening. By devoured, one leg I think has 30 bites on it alone. We won’t say how many I smacked to death on my arms. Mosquitoes love me. Don’t know why, but wish they’d leave me alone!

I finally finished reading Peace Talks this weekend too, just in time for Battle Grounds to come out at the end of the month. Jim Butcher did a great job of setting the next book up. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. If you haven’t seen the book trailers for either of these books, you should go check them out on YouTube. Well worth it!

We have a TON of books for you this week. We start off the email with a huge series sale where the first 9 books in a series are 99 cents each because book 10 launched this week. So if you’re into epic sci-fi, be sure to check it out. We also have some epic fantasy, romance and mystery and thrillers for you to enjoy! Lots of fun reads for everyone!

Enjoy and happy reading!

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

You Have Been Judged

Free through 9/10!

Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate. 

She’s a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty.

Could she look herself in the mirror after meting out justice? She’s about to find out. Rivka heads to space to be the Judge, Jury, & Executioner. Criminals have nowhere to go.

You Have Been Judged…

Get it now.

Judge, Jury, & Executioner is a stand-alone series in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe. No previous books need to be read. Just lock in your seat-belt, grab your favorite drink and be ready for your socks to be blown off.

Destroy The Corrupt

No one runs a racket and gets away with it.

Not in the Federation and not when it steals business from The Bad Company. Punish the interlopers! But justice must be served. Is it a racket? Or are they just better at business?

Send in the Magistrate to investigate and apply the law. What will Rivka uncover? What justice will she deliver?

Keep pulling the threads. See what unravels. They keep leading her…

Somewhere. She knows she has to follow. Even if it smells like a trap.

Criminals can run, but the Magistrates can run faster. Fear and fury, fire up the blasters and protect the business!

You’ll love following Rivka’s adventures where no one is above the law.

You have been judged and now the corrupt must die.

Serial Killer

Alien ambassadors are dying.

The locals are in over their heads. Or are they turning a blind eye?

The Magistrates band together to learn about the law, each other, and even themselves. They still need outside help to solve the case. Who do they call?

And Barnabas stops by to refuel and spin a tale. More training for the Magistrates.

But duty takes them away. Another Ambassador is brutally murdered. Rivka takes her team to find the perp and end the violence.

Very little is as it seems.

Who are the good guys? Rivka is determined to set things right, no matter who is standing in her way.

What will the Magistrate uncover? What justice will she deliver?

You’ll love following Rivka’s adventures where no one is above the law. Everyone lies, but why? You have been judged.

Your Life Is Forfeit

Red has a price on his head. Rivka is determined to find those who put it there.

Criminals commit crimes. Career criminals do it in secret. They are good at hiding.

Rivka’s latest case has her hunting fugitives. Red is on a mission to find them and make them pay for what they’ve done.

Her search leads her through dark warrens of political intrigue and ecological disasters. All the while, Rivka is swinging the scales of justice, judging the guilty, and delivering punishment.

Villainy and scum have toe-holds throughout the galaxy, but Rivka doesn’t mind stepping on their toes even when she’s not judging them. She considers it her job because no one is above the law.

Is Rivka’s search sanctioned or has she gone rogue? Will the Federation back her play?

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

Slave Trade

No respect for life. Or the law.

It’s the trade. In sentience. Run by the Corranites, creatures that have always traded in intelligent alien life.

Bought and sold. Nothing more than property.

Rivka is having none of it. With an eye toward taking the entire supply line down, she launches into the greater galaxy. All the way to the heart of the Federation.

It’s bigger than anyone knows. She calls all her friends and finds that she has woefully few. With a snarl and a mandate, she dives head first into the firepit of the Slave Trade.

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.


Safety takes a back seat to profit. Until it crosses the line.

Shipyard deaths. Labor complaints. Fear. Intimidation. Rivka gets called in to sort things out, investigate the safety issues, mediate the dispute.

What she finds isn’t a negotiation at all. She puts on her Magistrate hat and gets to work sorting out crimes made to look like accidents. Her biggest challenge is finding out who is honest.

Rivka ends up in a court of law, prosecutor and defender, fighting both sides of a new and intricate legal question. When fists and firepower have to give way to intellect and reason, Rivka and her team must rise to the challenge.

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

The Art of Smuggling

Why would anyone steal art? Who can you sell it to?

The High Chancellor puts Rivka on the trail of serial art thieves. Dismantle the ring. Recover the art. Put the thieves behind bars, thieves who stay one step ahead.

Insiders? Or maybe outsiders with inside knowledge? No suspects. No clues. Rivka has to use all the resources at her command – her gift, her people, her ship, and tools that no one else has access to. Rivka has to chase the criminals across the galaxy to exotic planets with their own challenges when it comes to solving the crime. The big question is can Rivka find the criminals before they disappear forever? It’s not rocket science. It’s a whole new challenge; it’s the art of smuggling.


Two races. One war. Perpetual hatred. And the Magistrate crash lands right in the middle of it.

Rivka and her crew take a much-deserved vacation, but find themselves on a jungle planet, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Part by design, but mostly not. Isn’t that what a good vacation is supposed to be, disconnected from the rigors of everyday life? Until no one can hear your calls for help.

The team has to resolve Yindle and Yangor’s dispute before they can find a way home. A vacation turned into a case morphed into a fight for survival.

The crew meets new challenges head on because they have no choice. Rivka’s time off isn’t what anyone expected, not even the Magistrate. In Red’s immortal words, “Your vacations suck.”

Rise of the AI

The Singularity enters the Federation. Its citizens are AIs.

And no one knows how to treat them. From collaborations to master-slave, every relationship is different, when they shouldn’t be. The AIs fight back, but on a level none of the other members understand.

The fight starts slowly, but when the realization of what’s happening hits too close to home, more extraordinary measures are called for. What is the legal framework in which everyone can coexist peacefully? Who better to build it than Rivka and the Magistrates?

But only if they can survive.

Tales of the Feisty Druid Omnibus (Books 1-7)

She missed the war, but she’ll be damned if she loses her chance for revenge.

Ten years after fleeing Arcadia to save her life, Arryn is all grown up. She spent the past decade in the Dark Forest with the druids, training in warrior combat and battle magic.

Now that Arcadia is safe and Arryn is more than capable of taking care of herself, she decides to go back in order to search for her father. The only problem is that the city she once called home isn’t safe at all.

Arryn knows she has to do what she was raised to do: fight.

She won’t rest until the wicked are dead and the innocents are finally able to rise from the darkness.

NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, we don’t suggest reading this book.

This Boxed Set includes the first seven books in the Tales Of The Fiesty Druid Series

The Arcadian Druid

The Undying Illusionist

The Frozen Wasteland

The Deceiver

The Lost

The Damned

Into The Maelstrom

Werewolf of Marines: Semper Lycanus

Private First Class Aiden Kaas has enlisted in the Marines for all the wrong reasons. Now deployed to Iraq at the age of 19, he just wants to put in his time and serve out his enlistment. However, after being bitten by a seemingly rabid mujahideen, he finds himself suffering from a strange illness, one with consequences beyond his wildest imaginings. As the disease ravages his body and exposes him to dangers far darker than active combat, Aiden discovers what it means to come of age, and how he must come to grips with what it is he has become…

WARNING: This book contains scenes of extreme violence and one scene of explicit sexual content.

Romance Special Deals

Her Best Match

Feisty, stubborn, and bored with life in Texas, Anne Best is about to get more than she bargained for.

The lovely widow heads off to the Big Apple for a job interview, expecting no more than a few days adventure in New York City, only to find herself with a new job working for the most infuriating man she’s ever met.

Billionaire Steven Gherring is one of New York’s Most Eligible Bachelors, and he has every intention of staying that way. But Gram has other ideas. She’s on a not-so-secret campaign to find a wife for her grandson.

As fearless as she is clumsy, Anne tackles every challenge (including her new boss) enthusiastically, with two lone exceptions… public speaking and recognizing her own feelings. Passions rise along with hemlines as Gram joins forces with Anne, a veteran matchmaker, to find the perfect match for Steven.

If you love sweet romance that will make you laugh and cry and leave you with a smile, you’ll love USA Today Bestselling Author Tamie Dearen’s books!

Humbling Her Cowboy: Western Romance

He’s a rich cowboy trying to help maintain his father’s ranching empire. She’s got a jaded view towards rich people like him. But when he offers to help her out, she may not be able to refuse…

The McLintoc Millers aren’t quite like their cousins to the north. Solomon, the second oldest of the six sons, had never really thought of why.

As the main heir of the Texas ranching empire, Solomon is focused on the family business. Growing, gaining and improving… that’s what it’s always been about.

But… all of that comes screeching to a halt when he runs into a vandal defacing his family’s property. A beautiful vandal.

Frenchie hasn’t had the easiest life. On the run since she was seventeen, she went from lower class right to impoverished and hasn’t really been able to get back up since. She’s seen the worst of the world, the darkness that lurks in so many people, and what happens when dollar bills are worth more than a person’s life.

When she meets a man who has it all, she’s sure she already has him pegged. But then, little by little, he begins to contradict all the rules she learned for survival.

Is he playing the long con, or is it possible that someone like him would even care about someone like her…

Author’s Note:
Miller Brothers of Texas is a spin-off series of my best-selling series Brothers of Miller Ranch. Fans have liked the Miller brothers so much I decided we couldn’t give them up just yet! This new series is all about their cousins in Texas who own a Texan ranching empire. This series will take you on a journey with six handsome brothers who end up helping their father realize there’s more to ranching than just a profit. Each book is 60,000 sweet words long! Download a Miller Brothers of Texas novel today and come on this sweet cowboy journey with me!

Mystery & Thriller Special Deals

Displacement: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery 

When Sylvia Wilcox takes a leave of absence from the police force to investigate the untimely death of her husband, another mystery-the murder of several students from the local colleges-grabs her attention. The murder of the young men indicates that a serial killer may be roaming the backwoods of southeastern Michigan. Amid Sylvia’s grief and search for answers surrounding the loss of her husband, she finds herself simultaneously involved in a dangerous case that threatens to reveal the college town’s dark secrets.

Who She Was: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery 

A grieving husband walks into Sylvia Wilcox’s private detective agency on Christmas Eve and asks her to solve his wife’s murder. The husband, Carson Stark, can’t understand why his wife, Liza, was in one of Detroit’s worst neighborhoods, or why anyone would want to kill her. The police suspect infidelity, but a review of the case files and information leading up to Liza’s murder fails to produce any evidence of disloyalty on Liza’s part. As Sylvia works diligently to follow up on any and all leads, she is continuously met with roadblocks thrown up by secrets and lies from Liza’s mysterious past.

The Julian Mercer Series Vol. 1: Condemned, Betrayal, and Subversion

An unstable vigilante is on the hunt for justice…and revenge.

His business card reads security specialist, but Julian Mercer can do just about anything. He faces hitmen, kidnappers, and private military contractors in these three action-packed, page-turning thrillers.

While visiting Chicago, Julian stumbles upon the scene of a botched assassination. A man is bleeding out in an alleyway while his fiancee screams for help. Jumping into action, Mercer searches for the shooter. But he’s too late. The attacker has disappeared. This wasn’t a mugging. It was a hit. And since the first attempt failed, the shooter will try again.

Julian vows to protect the couple. After all, security is his job. But the woman doesn’t want a bodyguard. She wants Julian to find and kill the person responsible for nearly murdering her fiancé. Julian understands the burning desire for revenge all to well. And since he never got justice for his own wife’s murder, he won’t let anyone else suffer the same fate.

Violence and mayhem decimate the city as Julian and his team race to stop the killer. Until they remove the threat, lives hang in the balance. With limited options, Julian may have to sacrifice himself or what little is left of his soul in order to keep his promise. Just how far will the security specialist go to make the city safe again?

A programmer’s wife is abducted from her home under suspicious circumstances. The only clues are a missing kitchen knife and some blurry security cam footage. It is up to Julian Mercer and his team to identify the kidnapper and negotiate the woman’s release. However, things don’t go as planned.

The kidnapper is methodical and careful. He only wants one thing in exchange for the woman, but obtaining it will be nearly impossible. Forced to make some hard decisions, Mercer and his team must split up, but it’s uncertain if they’ll succeed or if someone will betray them.

A tropical getaway turns deadly when a senator and his family are taken hostage by a group of highly trained mercenaries. The United States government wants this handled quietly, so they hire Mercer and his team to resolve the crisis situation. But the K&R specialists aren’t the only ones tasked with providing a solution. The island’s police force and the appearance of an American spy further complicate the negotiation, making a positive recovery even less likely.

While everyone else’s priority is finding a way to control the situation and inherent fallout, Mercer is focused on rescuing the captured family. This is the deadliest game of chicken Mercer has ever played, and the stakes are higher than ever.

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