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School will be back in session soon enough, if it isn’t already and we know funds are tight.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Dawn of Destiny

When the greatest horrors exist in the mind, how do you deal with a man who puts them there?

Julianne is the strongest mystic of her generation. Her mental magic might even be getting stronger… it’s hard to tell when her practice time is eaten up by paperwork and leading her people.

That is, until a rogue mystic cult shows up, trying to drag Julianne into their plot for world domination.

Crossing the dangerous Madlands and issuing a slap down to the bad guys is just the kind of trip she needs – some quiet solitude and the chance to kick some ass. If only her smartass companions had stayed at home…

School of Necessary Magic Full Boxed Set – Alison Brownstone

With great power comes greater mayhem…

Alison is a teen Drow with a past that’s been erased by the murder of her mother and the betrayal of her father.

Well, someone’s going to have to train the girl to use her powers wisely.

Good thing there’s a boarding school created to do just that.

High school is hard. Facing mountains of homework, that cute wizard, mean girl cliques, and mastering magic alone is nearly unbearable.

Enter her new best friend, Izzy. Izzy has a past that could get someone killed.

Too bad she can’t remember a thing.

She’s a teenager with no idea who she is or what the power is growing inside her.

Becoming fast friends is a no brainer. Better to tackle the trials and tests awaiting them together.

Especially when they involve dark magic, malevolent forces, and a lost dragon egg.

Welcome to the School of Necessary Magic. Not since Hogwarts has learning been this magical…or dangerous.

For the first time ever, you can get the entire Alison Brownstone School of Necessary Magic in one giant boxed set! All 8 books are included for one low price.

Dark is Her Nature
Bright is Her Sight
Wary is Her Love
Strong is Her Hope
Wicked is Her Smile
Strange is Her Life
Determined is Her Path
Epic is Her Future

Dragon Approved Complete Series Boxed Set

Dragonriders are all that stand between Middang3ard and total annihilation.

But their numbers are dwindling. 

Grab the entire series in one GIANT boxed set today!

With every passing day, more and more Dragonriders are falling under the scourge of the Dark One.

The forces of humanity and their allies are desperate. They need a new hero to step up and turn the tide.

Myrddin, the resistance’s leader, thinks he might have found that someone…on Earth, of all places.

Word has just come from the east that the Dark One is launching his largest assault yet, but there is still time to stop him. If, that is, they can find someone good enough to take him on. 

Alex Bound just might be the rider they need.

But a human has never been accepted as a Dragonrider. 

Let alone a blind human…

Alex isn’t someone to step away from a fight.

Not now, not ever, and she has no plans to start—even if she needs to ride a real dragon to make it happen.

Included in the completed 13 book Dragon Approved series is:

  1. The First Human Rider
  2. Ascent to the Nest
  3. Defense of the Nest
  4. Nest Under Siege
  5. First Mission
  6. The Descent
  7. Sacrifices
  8. Love and Aliens
  9. An Alien Affair
  10. Dragons in Space
  11. The Beginning of the End
  12. Death of the Mind
  13. Boundless

Void Magi

Amanda’s fight against the ancient, ruinous powers, comes to an end.

Amanda’s gambit paid off, but now the Crux are unleashed.
The vast Crux armada descends upon the Nexus, rampaging through human space, burning entire planets to ashes.

With her new allies, Amanda leads her small team against the might of the Crux in a desperate attempt to end the war and save humanity.

As the murderous Magi and Dragons of the Crux close in on Earth, Amanda must make a final stand against creatures of unimaginable power.
Loyalties are tested, friends die, and traitors are revealed.

This war will change everything, and the universe of the Magi will never be the same again as Amanda makes her final stand against the evil of the Crux.

Read the thrilling finale of the Star Magi Saga today.

Clean Romance Special Deals

Cowboy Ranch

A detective’s daughter. A rugged rancher. Can they track down cattle rustlers and lasso love?

Callie Houston needs a break from misery. But when her car breaks down on her way to a rodeo, she finds herself stranded in small-town Montana. Praying that God has a plan for her misfortune, she’s flattered when two handsome brothers offer their ranch for the night.

Luke Manning isn’t sure he’s ready to settle down. But when he and his brother stumble across a woman down on her luck, neither hesitates to compete for the beauty’s affection. But if he wants to win her heart, he must prove he’s different from the shallow men of her past.

As she works with Luke to hunt down a band of cattle thieves, Callie realizes she’s falling hard for the kind-hearted cowboy. But when Luke discovers the out-of-towner making plans to head home to Minnesota, he scrambles to convince her to stay.

Will the unlikely couple embrace God’s design and discover everlasting love?

Cowboy Ranch is the second book in the sweet Triple J Ranch cowboy Christian romance series. If you like selfless generosity, affectionate characters, and trusting the divine, you’ll adore Jenna Hendrick’s joyous story.

Buy Cowboy Ranch to see what God has in store for these two today!

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