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The month is almost over, but Christmas in July definitely isn’t! Not only do we have four exciting regular books for you, we also have 6 Christmas themed books.

So if you’re binge watching some Christmas in July Hallmark movies, you can also binge read some Christmas books! I promise, I won’t tell anyone about it!

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Metamorphosis Online Complete Series Boxed Set

Turns out, punching zombie bears is fun. Who knew?

Enter the world of Metamorphosis Online,a fully immersive video game where players compete for spots in the Global Top 10—ranks that actually pay you to play the game.

Gracie doesn’t play the game to make money…at first.

You Need A Bigger Sword:

Broke, single, and working a crappy job as a blackjack dealer, Gracie’s just blowing off steam and having fun.

Can playing a new type of immersive game help her overcome real-life issues, or will it cause more problems?

Before she knows it, Gracie has intervened in a generations-long war between the kobolds and the fae and started a ragtag guild, and her weird math abilities make themselves known in a way that most could not have imagined.

Can she deal with being pitted against the game developers?

For the first time Gracie can remember, she has something worth fighting for.


Salem, Massachusetts is having problems, and high school student Jessica Palmer’s life is about to become strange beyond belief.

Those cops frightened to death in the cemetery? Yes, they really were.

When a young, good-looking demon-hunting witch Chad Hollingsworth comes into town to help stop the problems, he has to ask Jessica’s mom and grandmother for help.

The challenge? Her mom wants nothing to do with her family legacy, and her grandmother’s reputation as a looney old witch who talks to cats …

Is it that far from the truth?

Now Jessica has to learn enough of the concealed magical world to decide if she wants to be involved.

Then again, that world may not allow her the option of choosing. Can she survive her new reality?

Jessica comes from Witch Royalty, and plenty of enemies want her dead before she gets a chance to learn anything about her past. Get your copy to find out how one young woman learns, makes mistakes, and juggles life with opportunities that challenge her future.

School For Reluctant Witches

Take the best blend of action/adventure, urban fantasy, and witch magick, add in a dash of murder and mayhem, some New Orleans flavor, and you’re left with a fun, rollicking read you won’t want to put down.

Mystere LeJeune isn’t only a witch–she’s THE witch. Her family’s magick roots weave deep into the rich soil and boggy swamps of the New Orleans paranormal community. It’s no surprise that the LeJeune Book of Shadows is coveted by many–even those stupid enough to try to take it from her.

Gift of Ashes

Death is no escape from the grasp of a malevolent necromancer. 

Five hundred years ago, Angelo was burned at the stake and reborn as a phoenix. That’s when his true suffering began. For more than a century, he has born the brand of necromancer Rutherford Bromley. Bound by magical ties even death can’t escape, Angelo is a slave to the mad man’s vile whims. It falls to him to find victims Bromley can harvest organs from. If he fails, he pays with his own flesh.

Curse worker Wes is the first person to recognize the necromancer’s brand for what it is. Desperate to be free, Angelo eagerly partners with Wes in search of a spell that will kill Bromley once and for all.

But Bromley anticipates their attack, and Angelo’s chance at escape goes up in flames. Left smoldering in his hatred, Angelo now seeks more than freedom.

He longs for fiery revenge and vows to claim it, no matter the cost.

Note: This book is set during Gift of Shadows and may contain spoilers.

Christmas in July Special Deals

Switch on Christmas

Switch on Christmas ebook cover

Step into the cozy little town of Hale Valley where life is easygoing, the season is always of perpetual hope, and romance is never far away.

It’s five weeks to Christmas and we take a peek into a slice in the life of the employees of the local Westfield Mall in the beautiful small town of Hale Valley as they endeavor to solve a pressing holiday dilemma, and perhaps in the process, bring some hearts together.

Switch on Christmas is the prequel to Sara Breaker’s upcoming Hale Valley Sweet Romance series.

Tennessee Tinsel

What’s not to love about a tender Tennessee Christmas tradition?

Jillian and her twin brother, along with her parents, love to spend the holidays in their favorite little Tennessee town in the mountains. But this year when her mom booked the cabin, she invited some extra guests and Jillian’s arch rival.

Jax McKay. The super sexy, wanna-be cowboy is home for the holidays from Montana. When Jillian’s mom invites her brothers best friend, Jax, and his family to their cabin, Jillian can’t believe her bad luck.

Making matters worse, Jillian and Jax are the only ones who make it to the cabin before the snow storm strikes. With no way of telling how long they’ll be stuck together, alone, Jillian fears they may come to blows.

Or will the new and disturbing feelings she finds herself denying for him be enough to squash their rivalry and land the cowboy a place in her heart?

Make a way for this witty and comical story to find a place in your heart this Christmas season!

An Extreme Medical Services Christmas

A magical Christmas tale with supernatural paramedic Dean Flynn.

Bryce, a Christmas elf, fell from his shelf. His leg is broken and he can’t give his report to Santa in time for Christmas Eve.

Lucky for him, Extreme Medical Services paramedic to the supernatural Dean Flynn is on the job. With a few of his friends along for the ride, Dean responds to the call for help.

Will he help Bryce in time to meet the “Big Guy” and his sleigh? Find out in this heartwarming Christmas tale.

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

Miss Claus ebook cover

Santa Claus isn’t who, or what, you think he is!

Santa Claus is an Arctic Wolf Shifter, and the mantle has always passed down to his sons. But this Santa didn’t have any boys, he has 4 girls!

His eldest daughter is supposed to marry the son of the pack’s Beta wolf, Rock. But she has refused. Lizzy wants to marry for love, not pack standing.

Lizzy is pulled to Los Angeles by the Christmas Magic looking for adventure and possibly her future Santa. What she finds instead shocks her and her family.

When Lizzie learns of an attempted take-over of Christmas and all things Santa, she and her family jump into action to defend the legacy of Santa Claus!

Will she settle for the man Santa tells her to mate with? Or will she trust her heart and Christmas Magic instead?

Santa Meets Mrs. Claus

How does Santa find his Mrs. Claus? It’s not like he can “Swipe Left” and meet the perfect girl!

Ever wonder why no one has seen Santa Claus? One of the reasons is that he’s an Arctic Wolf Shifter!

Get your copy and find out these answers while you enjoy a bit of Christmas excitement as a rival pack makes a play for Santa’s job!

If you enjoy a sweet romance with a paranormal flair, then this is the book for you! The romance is clean, but the action is fast! Come and join the new Santa Family!

The Sno-Globe

Snow Globe ebook cover

It’s a modern-day weird little love story like Jack and the Beanstalk, sort of…

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