Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Modern medicine is an amazing thing, folks.

Shortly after I finished setting up last week’s email, I started not feeling well. Thought it was food poisoning or something. Nope! My body had other plans and I had a very unplanned and unexpected appendectomy Wednesday afternoon.

Not even 24 hours later, I was sent home and have been at home recovering. You’d think I’d have a lot of time reading, but no, I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping. I can’t complain though – it’s better than being stuck in the hospital recovering and I can catch up on reading when I’m not dozing off shortly after I start reading.

There are a few free books this week – some end being free at end of week so if you’re interested in them, be sure to pick them up quick! There are also a few contests to win Amazon gift cards below all the books! Figure everyone can use a little extra cash right about now, right? Be sure to check those out!

I hope you had a fun, safe and Happy 4th of July if you celebrate it and hope the summer is treating you well! As always, if you’ve read any books you really enjoyed recently, drop us a line and tell us about them!

Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals


Free through FRIDAY, July 10!

It was just one fight, but it changed Kaiden Jericho’s life forever.

He was in a gang but was trying to change his future when a board member of the elite advanced academy NEXUS made a snap decision and offered him a chance.

Then fate, or an unbalanced genius, offered him another.

The Nexus Academy is for the elite trainees from Earth, and now trials from our alien allies, as they teach the future generation how to fight, lead, hack, spy, and many other talents and tactics.

Hired by companies, governments and NGOs, these graduates work to pay off the massive debt their training at the academy accumulates.

You don’t become the best of the best by staying alive. With the Animus, you are closer to perfection with each death you suffer.

Kaiden Jericho would rather skip the death part, thank you very much.

Join Kaiden as he learns about Nexus, the Animus and the opportunities that one fight has brought him. Never has helping someone benefitted him so much.

The future is looking bright…except for the pain.

Precious Galaxy Complete Boxed Set

A new evil lurks in the darkness

After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears.

After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears.

Bailey and Lewis, complete strangers, find themselves suddenly onboard the damaged ship. Lewis hasn’t worked a case in years, not since the final one broke his spirit and his bank account. The last thing Bailey remembers is preparing to take down a fugitive on Onyx Station.

Mysteries are harder to solve when there’s no evidence left behind.

Bailey and Lewis don’t know how they got onboard Ricky Bobby or why. However, they quickly learn that whatever was responsible for the explosion and disappearance of the crew is still on the ship.

Monsters are real and what this one can do changes everything.

The new team bands together to discover what happened and how to fight the monster lurking in the bottom of the battlecruiser.

All 4 books are included:

  1. Corruption
  2. Investigation
  3. Determination
  4. Obliteration

Experience this exciting mystery sci-fi saga and the latest addition to the expanded Kurtherian Gambit Universe.

Accidental Thief

Stuck in the Game, A LitRPG Adventure

Hal can’t catch a break.

What can he do to turn his luck around?

Wandering through a flea market, a strange woman starts to talk his ear off. She won’t let him leave. He doesn’t want any of her junk, that is, until she pulls out a bootleg copy of a new game. Maybe he can forget his troubles for a few hours?

What happens next, turns Hal’s life upside down.

You’ll love this epic LitRPG fantasy series, because every game needs a winner.

Play along with Hal as he becomes an Accidental Thief.

Romance Special Deals

A Ghost for Christmas

Be careful what you wish for…

Mele Keahi thought she was going for a vacation at her aunt’s – just what she needed after a breakup and a lifetime of heartbreak since her mother disappeared. What she wasn’t expecting was finding a new guy… or that dead body on the doorstep! Could her sweet aunt really be involved? Or was it someone else near and dear to her? And then there was the handsome ghost from her Hawaiian childhood. Not what she’d bargained for–but sometimes you just have to deal with what the cat dragged in. Will she figure that out before the murderer finds a way to silence her forever?

Yummy recipes for Hawaiian style cooking in each book–Chicken Hekka in this one.

The books in this series have minor themes that run through them all, but each story can stand on its own.

Never Doubt a Duke

Governess or duchess?

After spending the last ten years following her late husband on campaign, the irrepressible Jane Kimball finds herself badly in need of a position to support herself. Marriage holds no appeal; she’s not likely to find a husband like her Jimmy again. But when Miss Thorn of the Fortune Employment Agency offers her a post with the Duke of Wey, Jane feels drawn to help the lonely widower with his three daughters. He may seem a bit aloof, but Miss Thorn’s cat Fortune approved of him. Why should Jane doubt a duke?

Alaric, Duke of Wey, commands his staff, his tenants, and the halls of Parliament, managing vast holdings in England and across the seas. Why is it he cannot manage his own daughters? As an old danger rears its head, he comes to rely on Jane’s practical nature and outspoken ways to navigate the waters of fatherhood. And when necessity dictates he take a wife, thoughts turn to an unlikely governess who might make the perfect bride.

If you like sweet, witty Regency romances, then you’ll love Regina Scott’s first book in her Fortune’s Brides series.

“Wow. I knew I’d enjoy Never Doubt a Duke, just because Regina Scott wrote it. I didn’t expect to love it. I loved the characters. I loved how she set up what will hopefully be an amazing new series. I loved how it was dramatic and fun and romantic.” — Hott Book Reviews

Start falling in love today. Fortune’s Brides: Only a matchmaking cat can hunt true love.

Second Chance Ranch

She was destroyed when he left. He regrets the pain he caused. Can God help them mend their broken hearts?

Montana veterinarian Elizabeth Manning is living the life of her dreams. Dating the hottest guy in town, healing animals, and helping the homeless makes her feel she’s doing God’s work. So when the boy who broke her heart returns after ten years, she refuses to dig up her buried feelings.

Logan Hayes kicks himself for leaving Elizabeth so abruptly. Forced home to run his sick father’s store, his passion for his old flame has never been stronger. And he’s desperate to show her how he has grown to win her back.

Arguing with her boyfriend over her charitable activities, Elizabeth wonders if he’s really the man God intended for her. If Logan wants to rekindle her devotion, he’ll have to confess the painful truth behind his abandonment.

Will Elizabeth and Logan find their way to forgiveness and into each other’s arms?

Second Chance Ranch is the first book in the touching Triple J Ranch contemporary Christian cowboy romance series. If you like no-nonsense cowgirls, clean stories, and heartwarming attractions, then you’ll adore Jenna Hendricks’s wholesome tale.

All the books in the Triple J Ranch are standalone novels set in a small Montana town. While they can be read in any order, you might enjoy starting with Second Chance Ranch, or Finding Love in Montana.

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