Happy Wednesday, fellow reading addicts!

Do you ever know it’s just going to be one of those weeks? For me, at least, it’s one of THOSE weeks. I would like to say that I am handling it with an abundance of grace, determination and go-get-it attitude, I at least have two of those things but not an abundance of them. Go figure.

But I am determined to make it a better week. There’s still plenty of time, and coffee, to make that happen.

There is a TON of books to check out this week. One of the selections below isn’t a universal link, but we believe it should still take you to the series page for your country – we’re not entirely positive if it will work.

There’s also a lot of free books as well as books free in Kindle Unlimited to check out toward the end of this message. And if you haven’t entered the contest for the $50 Amazon Gift Card, you still have time.

Enjoy and happy reading!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Deals

Rise of Magic Complete 2-ARC Omnibus

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” Arthur C. Clarke

She didn’t mean to use magic.

She didn’t even know she HAD magic.

She just wanted to save her brother, who was dying in her arms.

Accused of using illegal magic, and sentenced to a cruel death at the hands of the Arcadian Guards, Hannah has no choice but to trust in the aid of a strange old wizard who offers her the gift of unimaginable power.

But power has consequences, and soon Hannah is at the center of a city-wide war to take back the future that was stolen from them. Can she control the power that courses through her? Can she unite a team of heroes from different walks of life? Can she bring justice to Arcadia?

Death Becomes Her

Free Through June 19
There is more in our world than you know.

Deep in the darkness of a government building, one man needs to find the perfect solution to a vampire’s request that the government satisfy the debt of honor owed him.

If he falls short, the failure will be paid in the blood of the military.

He needs three uniquely qualified individuals.

He can find only one.

One woman, dying, might be the ace-in-the-hole he needs to appease the Vampire.

But then, she might also be the one person needed to save humanity.

The Bad Company Books 1-7

Series sale! Get the books 1-7 at 99 cents each!

In celebration of the 8th and last book in the series releasing, each of the first 7 books in The Bad Company series is 99 cents!

Humanity’s greatest export—Justice.

Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea.

Here comes the Bad Company.

Colonel Terry Henry Walton takes his warriors into battle, for a price, in this first installment of The Bad Company. He believes in the moral high ground and is happy getting paid for his role in securing it.

Join them as they fight their way across Tissikinnon Four where none of the warring parties were what they expected.

PLEASE NOTE: Inside this book is cursing, amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this book is not for you.​ ​

Werewolf of Marines: Semper Lycanus

Private First Class Aiden Kaas has enlisted in the Marines for all the wrong reasons. Now deployed to Iraq at the age of 19, he just wants to put in his time and serve out his enlistment. However, after being bitten by a seemingly rabid mujahideen, he finds himself suffering from a strange illness, one with consequences beyond his wildest imaginings. As the disease ravages his body and exposes him to dangers far darker than active combat, Aiden discovers what it means to come of age, and how he must come to grips with what it is he has become…

WARNING: This book contains scenes of extreme violence and one scene of explicit sexual content.

Magi Academy

I was weeks from graduating, I didn’t want to start over in a new school.
Especially not a school of Magic!

Katy’s college life was going great and nearly finished. Then her Magic manifested and she put a student in the hospital.

Whisked away to the first Academy of Aetheric Arts, Katy is introduced to a hidden world of Mystical wonders. Deep in the Spirit World, Katy is surrounded by a new generation of Magi. She must learn to survive in this new school, and master her new abilities.

Fire & Flood

At Mount Olympus Academy, a little learning is a dangerous thing…

Revenge. That’s why I decided to join the assassination class at Mount Olympus Academy. A monster killed my father and grandmother – and I’m going to make them pay.

But first I have to learn how.

I’m Edie. Once I was just a normal girl with asthma and a bad back. Now, though, I’m at a school taught by Greek gods. My classmates are vampires, witches, and shifters. We’re all training to fight in the war between the gods and monsters.


Descend into the Twilight a world of illegal street races and genetically engineered animal companions, where the only thing more dangerous than the competition is the girl in its midst.

Hero Regan wants her freedom, but first she has an AI to hack and a race to win. Between the traps and the other racers, winning a Twilight race isn’t as easy as it sounds, and now with the police on her tail and something funky happening with her telepathy, the finish line may be out of reach.

Race is the first novella in an action-packed YA sci-fi series perfect for fans of The Hunger Games.



In the Kingdom of Sterling, the only thing more powerful than betrayal is magic.

OverRuled is the first book in a fast-paced YA high fantasy series that fans say has plenty of suspenseful twists and lots of adventure. If you like secrets, magic, and a mystery that’s dying to be solved, OverRuled NEEDS to be on your TBR list!

Only Nova and Jade can bring down the Queen. Will the girls survive a realm where treachery and magic reign?

Romance Special Deals

Falling For You

Fans of Robyn Carr will love this small-town, feel-good romance!

After six years of focusing on her career, Natalie Armstrong craves the peace and tranquility that only Sapphire Bay can give her. But returning to her grandparents’ cottage isn’t as easy as she imagined. No one told her about her houseguest or the unexpected changes in the small town she calls home…

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